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A study was recently performed to investigate the effect of a 10-week combined resistance-plyometric training program on muscular strength, running economy, and VO2 max in female soccer players. There were 15 Division 1A female soccer players who participated in the study, but only 11 were included in the final analysis. The results from this study suggest a plyometric-agility training program may increase the VO2peak in female soccer players; however, the effect on running economy still remains unclear.
Joshua began lifting in high school, but really doesn’t consider his effective training to have begun until the last few years. Performance in long(er) distance running events is largely dependent on the amount of oxygen the body can take in, otherwise known as the oxygen uptake or VO2Max. Although not practiced by many runners, strength training is able to increase running efficiency. Although Core Stability Training on an unstable surface can be used to decrease risk of injury or help treat low back pain, until now, no evidence points towards that it helps improve running economy. Stretching makes the muscles allow more range of motion and can make the tendons less stiff.
Over the past 3 years PitchVision has been integrated into sport science research as part of Laurence Houghton’s PhD at The University of Western Australia. Laurence’s PhD involved the development of a prolonged, simulated batting innings (named BATEX) for testing and training in cricket. To ensure sport science in cricket gains ground with the extensive research already done in other team sports (particularly football). In light of the above, BATEX was designed to include six, 20 min, 5 over batting stages with running-between-the-wickets requirements reflective of typical scenarios that occur in matches (e.g. PitchVision technology was integrated with BATEX to allow field settings to match the requirements of the six batting scenarios. The running-between-the-wicket demands of BATEX were determined from extensive analysis of data from T20 and ODI World Cups and several Test match series. Further checks were done by using GPS tracking to ensure the movement patterns during BATEX reflected real matches. To allow a fair test, PitchVision was used to make sure that all batsmen received deliveries of similar line, length and speed during BATEX. The BATEX performance database, in particular, the running-between-the-wicket times, has been a valuable asset to ACE cricket academy (within The University of Western Australia). Academy players also receive a full report of their running-between-the-wicket times and physiological responses, and are ranked in relation to the BATEX performance database. The ACE cricket academy strength and conditioning program has also benefited from research on plyometric training from Laurence’s PhD.
BATEX was used to assess the effectiveness of an 8-week, lower body, preseason,  plyometric training program on running-between-the-wicket times (plyometric training involves explosive jumping exercises). Elements of this plyometric training program have now been integrated into the ACE cricket academy strength and conditioning program. The PhD research has seen the development of BATEX into an effective tool for assessing batting-specific fitness and for preparing ACE academy players to be able to combine the skill, concentration, and fitness demands required for a prolonged innings. Moreover, BATEX is now ready to be used in future scientific investigations that explore innovative ways to help you bat for longer!

If you liked this article and you want more advice, then you can get even more tips delivered to your email inbox every week from PitchVision Academy! While lower body plyometrics is effective for increasing speed, jumping height and strength, our previous article found that Olympic style weight lifting is even more effective (particularly for jumping height).
The added resistance to regular plyometric exercises is a great addition for intermediate trainees. Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation. A small improvement in your agility and speed can be the difference between you running beside your opponent and you overtaking your opponent. 3% to 5.5% may not sound large, but it is roughly the difference between a fast player and a very fast player. As you can see, the training program doesn’t require much equipment at all, with cones being the most useful.
While the results above were great, I would be letting you down if I didn’t mention this. Chances are that by training both weights and plyometrics, your results will exceed those you would have achieved with plyometrics alone. Resistance and plyometric training programs have demonstrated improvements in running economy in trained and untrained adults in the absence of improvements in max oxygen consumption.
Each participant performed a treadmill test at the end of competitive season, and after a 10-week training program to determine VO2 max and running economy. All of these increased despite there being a decrease in the maximal respiratory exchange ratio (2.9%). Joshua was always very strong for his bodyweight, but he didn’t just want to be strong, he wanted to look strong. An increasing number of people participate in large running events such as a Marathon, Half-Marathon or other distances. In addition to the increased strength, plyometric training also causes the tendons to be stiffer allowing them to store more energy.  This stored energy can be re-used for running forward, decreasing total energy expenditure and improving running economy. If range of motion is impaired, stretching can help increasing performance in any movement. As this research program draws to a close we’ve taken time out to review our journey with the sport science community and the resulting partnership with ACE cricket academy. The unique demands of cricket batting made it necessary to replicate the typical running patterns of a one-day hundred in a standardised research protocol.
By providing batsmen with feedback of shot placement in relation to the fielders (via a computer screen), a more realistic environment was created for testing and training.
This data allowed comparison between high- (1st and 2nd grade) and low- (3rd and 4th grade) grade cricketers. It was not surprising that better batsman more consistently and effectively executed shots when under physical stress, but it’s reassuring that BATEX was able to discriminate between playing level.
The ACE academy runs across 6 months (full-time program) during the Australian summer and typically has players between the ages of 18-21 (often from the UK). ACE cricket academy is world-class academy and their use of BATEX and partnership with PitchVision has ensured they stay at the forefront.

The players have the luxury of instant front- and side-on video feedback and are able to review their video online after each session. It was concluded that the plyometric training program increased jumps heights (10%) and had possible benefits on running-between-the-wicket times during BATEX. The email newsletter is packed with advice from world-class names like Nathan Bracken, Kevin Pietersen, Mark Garaway and many, many more. There is a general consensus in literature regarding the efficacy of strength-plyometric training to improve running economy, and there is a lack of evidence pertaining to studies on females, specifically female soccer athletes. At 140 pounds, no matter how strong he was for his age and weight, the size wasn’t there.
Aside from oxygen uptake (VO2max) running economy is one of the most important variables that influences how well you perform at running events. However, when you have been running for quite some time, increases in VO2Max will be quite small.
The body does not like to waste energy by running inefficiently and when you practice a lot for a longer period of time, you will automatically learn to run more efficiently.
The relative intensity of accelerating your body forward decreases, so the muscles are working less hard and can therefore maintain an efficient running technique for longer.
However, when range of motion is not impaired and stretching is done, tendons cannot store as much energy during landing than if they would be stiff and running economy suffers.
BATEX was then used to investigate possible factors that contribute to fatigue during prolonged innings. BATEX was then used to assess the physiological and biomechanical responses to prolonged batting. For example, high-grade batsmen had a greater percentage of good bat-ball contacts during BATEX (70%) when compared to low-grade batsmen (58%).
Do not use this information for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing of any medications or supplements.Please consult your healthcare provider before starting any supplement, diet or exercise program, before taking any medications or receiving treatment, particularly if you are currently under medical care. Every step you make with stronger legs is slightly longer so you need less steps to cover the same distance and lose less energy moving your legs. However, VO2Max is not the only variable that you can improve to increase your performance.
If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, do not take any supplements without first consulting and obtaining the approval of your healthcare provider. The plyometric training was conducted twice a week on different non-consecutive days from the resistance training. Take for example two athletes with an equal VO2max but one has a high running economy and the other has a lower running economy.
The one with a higher running economy will run faster while using the same amount of oxygen or he will be able to run just as fast and need less oxygen than his less efficient colleague.

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