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This week I met some amazing experts on Twitter, so I decided to put together an expert roundup article on hypertrophy. Muscle hypertrophy is a phrase used when muscle cells increase and grow in size, as a result of some type of physical exercise, often weightlifting.
This first piece of content is a video featuring Steve Cook, doing an arm hypertrophy workout, which has only 30 seconds between the sets. And next up, just in case the name above didn’t give it away, we have hypertrophy chest training, this time courtesy of Gestur B.
Check out this great meta-analysis, from the King of Hypertrophy himself – Brad Schoenfeld. Next we’re going to look at blood flow restriction training, with the help of Scott Edmed. And now over to the Dynamic Duo -Chris and Eric Martinez – who have put together a great post on whether eating a pre-bed protein meal will lead to more muscle gain. Next up is Chad Waterbury over at T-Nation, who is pretty much telling you to toss out some of the rules, and follow the program he describes to gain both strength and size.
A subject of interest to many, is how much (if any) alcohol can we get away with drinking on a night out, without affecting our training progress too adversely.
Want to know how Omar Isuf plans to build bigger arms, then head over to the link below that will take you to his 5+ minutes video over at YouTube.
I hope you found some of these expert tips to be useful, and if you want to make any comments, or have any other recommendations on this subject, please comment below.
About JackieWhen I was younger, I trained as a gymnast at competition level in Ireland.
Welcome to Part Two of POSEDOWN the second of eight Cutting Edge Fitness blog instalments on how to perform the bodybuilding mandatory poses. Most people are more coordinated with their upper body than their lower body, so the first step we want to do right off the bat is set up the feet and the legs, after that everything else should fall together much easier.
Speed, agility, quickness, power, and high level performance are activities are prescribed on a sport specific basis. A combination of programs including, equipment based interval training (spinning, stationary cycling, treadmill, elliptical trainer), weight circuit training, and body weight high intensity drills focused on improving overall cardiovascular performance. Iron Trainer Las Vegas Personal Trainer working chest with the Cutting Edge Spherical Strength training technology created by Jea Jung owner of the World famous City Athletic Club which has been labeled by many in the fitness industry as the new Mecca of Bodybuilding. My (DON NIAM’S) call on the JBELLS after a high rep  intense chest training workout was the JBELLS keep a better isolation on the upper chest than standard dumbbells due to the ergonomic technology. After performing decline JBELL press, I felt a tight form that kept as much stress as possible on the lower and outer pectoral muscle.

Bicep curls, hammer curls and reverse curls blew out my biceps faster and stressed them harder and I can only attribute it to the once again sphere technology. I used Trainers in the past, but for detail and real results that you can see and feel, Don’s system worked for me.
I have been a professional motorcycle racer now for the last 9 years and competed in racing for 16 years. I have used many different physiotherapists for the various injuries I have picked up along the way so I have a fair idea of when I find a good one. This season was my most difficult yet as I crashed at the second round of the British Superbikes, picking up a compound fracture of my Femur.
I thought my season was over as I lay there on the grass and the next few days in hospital proved very difficult for me both physically and mentally. I was bike racing again 5 weeks after the crash so as you can imagine I was still in alot of pain and very uncomfortable on the bike, but after every session I made sure that I had treatment from Gemma to relax the muscles I had abused out on track and manipulate my leg, hips and back into line as I was compensating for the lack of strength in the injured leg. Without this treatment for sure I would not have been able to get back out on the bike each time.
After only a couple of race meetings back from injury I had enough strength and movement in my leg to enable me to be back at the sharp end and even winning races by the end of the season. Her work has help me relax and gain focus so I set off at 100% when the start lights go out, and not two laps in!!!!
I also saw massive improvements in my training away from the track once I started to see Gemma 4 times on a race weekend, this could have only been down to my muscles being at the optimum length so that my reaction time is quicker & I can produce movements more effectively.
Pump up your arms like they’ve never been before, in this workout which has eight sets, of eight reps for all exercises.
Co-authored with Alan Albert Aragon and James W Krieger, this study investigates the effects of protein timing on hypertrophy and muscle strength.
He looks session BF or involves, how it causes growth, and the advantages it has over heavy lifting. The article looks at the science behind muscle building, as well is why it’s possible to eat at night-time, what kind of protein you need to eat to get the right results and more besides. Head over there and just check out the Contents Menu to get an idea of what a huge amount of work has gone into this hypertrophy research. This meant intensive training 6 days a week, with a trainer who really knew how to push us past our limits. Squish and flex the bicep into the side of the pec, this will help make it appear bigger, and bring out some striations. This will force everything in the outside arm to flex, from your shoulders right down to your forearms.

When using free weights and performing chest fly being upper or flat (horizontal) position, dumbbells begin losing stress on the targeted area as the motion upward excels.
Once again the spherical design kept a tighter more balanced focus on the chest as opposed to the deltoids and triceps. He has a strong background in Fitness and has trained professional athletes such as NFL players and the Cleveland Browns defensive lineman. I remember when I forgot to go for treatment one day and was in tremendous pain by the next morning, only then did I realise how important the work Gemma was doing really was.
He opens the piece with a reference to a study which looks at evidence of the effects of alcohol on athletes, and goes on to investigate our hormonal response to alcohol and how it affects protein synthesis. I have also studied and qualified as an auricular acupuncturist and a hypnotherapist, although I am not currently practising, but intend to do so in the future. This will also help to bring out the rear delt, which will make the shoulder appear larger, and fuller. Of course without cables which keep continued stress on the chest all the way through the upward pull, JBELLS gave me a few extra inches of tension on the chest area.
So far the short abdominal training was just overall more fun holding the steel J shaped design which I turned into handles.
Don took me through training methods that taxed my body and sparked new muscle growth along with dropping body fat.
I followed the meal plan and worked out with Don 2 times per week along with my own cardio workouts. The Icelandic super mutant warms up with 440lb, or 200 KG, which he lifts as if it were a sweeping brush. I have lived in Spain since 2003, where I enjoy the health benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Based on physics and I am not an expert in that area, but the added weight at the end of the sphere as opposed to dumbbells which carry more weight on the left and right side as opposed to the JBELL which has added weight at the bottom due to the spherical construction forces a harder and more stressful pull. Don has been getting people in top physical condition for the better part of his life and is dedicated to his clients and a healthy lifestyle of fitness. He is an innovator and creator of exercise programs and developed Nitro Kick cutting edge kickboxing training which is on DVD and instant download.

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