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Our aim is to create fitter, healthier lifestlyes via individualised health, fitness and wellness solutions. Personal Training, Group Training and Wellness Coaching programs offer you a choice of life-changing options. Our fitness studio is conveniently located on Canning Highway in Bicton, within the City of Melville. Many employers and employees now believe wellness programme is essential to keep their mind active.
EzFit Singapore knows the importance of fitness which plays a vital role in a company’s production. Lack of sleep, smoking, drinking or any other health problem can make workers inactive while working. EzFit, Corporate Wellness Program is the most inclusive and inexpensive corporate wellness solution available.

We provide quality personal and group training options that are delivered by Perth's leading personal trainers. By providing these services job satisfaction and improvement in company’s production will be attained. These may include nutritional talks from our partnered nutritionist, a salsa or a yoga class or even training up for the Marathon for the whole company. Click here to contact us for more information on the personalised fitness services we currently provide. Spending some money in health care eventually ends in reduction of absentees in the company, ultimately a better, more profitable business.
EzFit Singapore corporate wellness program is affordable it is also valuable, convenient and educational. EzFit Singapore wellness programme are designed to board both small and large business needs as well as a variety of different budget options.

Another advantage in wellness programme is, it will provide companionship with your co-worker. So in order to ensure the success of your company contribute a small amount for the welfare of your employees through an effective fitness programme.
We offer variety of information to your workers regarding fitness education, health tips etc. Social support is an important thing in working places; fitness programme will help the workers to maintain good relationship. Depending on each company’s offers guidance for the workers will be provided by the fitness programme.

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