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But, that closeness and personal connection is exactly what can cause both client and trainer to lose sight of the goal.
My married clients routinely argue over private issues in front of me – “Hello, I’m standing right here!” I’ve had some show up in their sleepwear (men and women), or worse, I’ve had to go in the house to actually wake them up!
We talk a lot about bad trainers here on the site – and gosh, there are a lot of bad ones out there – but sometimes clients aren’t exactly a picnic! With the Wexford University Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) self-directed online training program, you learn at home, at your own pace.
Book topics include the following: Networking, Sales, Marketing, Success Mindset, Publicity, Brand Building, Trends, Technology, Business Law Made Simple, Social Media, Online Marketing, and much more.
The Wexford University Personal Trainer Certification is approved and licensed by the state of California. Wexford requires each certified personal trainer (CPT) to complete 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a four year period. In the Halifax area, there is sure to be a studio within a short distance of your work or home. Simply enter your details below and we will send you your FREE report which contains some surprisingly simple tricks of the trade! I think being a personal trainer is a great career path for anyone with a real passion for health and fitness. I’ve been amazingly fortunate to have forged some great relationships throughout the years with people that have always been supportive and helped me out in times of need.

I see clients more often and spend more time getting to know them then some of their family members, including spouses.
I’ve seen it many times when a trainer is so comfortable that the session becomes really just a conversation and that’s not good. It’s hard to talk money with people who’ve become friends but I’ve had many clients who forget to pay me at the end of sessions. No set schedules, study when you want to; you have the freedom to take your time to ensure you completely understand each concept being taught.
Wexford Certified Personal Trainers learn cutting edge business and marketing strategies, entrepreneurship and brand building. The University was founded in 1999, and has been continuously approved by the State of California to offer certifications, undergraduate and graduate level degrees.
Each 0.1 CEU is worth one hour of study time or one contact hour in a live training format. I knew early on, at the age of 17, that this was the job for me and I’ve never wavered from that view ever since.
I hear all about family matters, what’s stressing them out, or a funny story that happened at work.
I’ve been asked my opinion on disciplining children, career choices, how to deal with a spouse and many other serious issues. One night I was out for dinner and ran into a female client that was having dinner with her husband.

Now I love my job and enjoy what I do, so I really try to stay focused and not get in a rut, but occasionally it even happens to me.
She was all dressed up and looked totally different from when I had seen her at our 7am sessions. Wexford graduates work in a wide range of health and fitness centers, gyms, spas and resorts around the world. Client’s can also become extremely comfortable, especially with canceling or showing up late.
Excellent trainers are part therapist, motivator, educator, confidant, and coach – all wrapped up in one. It becomes a very difficult scenario to deal with when you have emotional investment, not unlike any relationship. Think about it – who else do you spend 3-4 hours per week with in a one-on-one scenario besides a trainer? It was embarrassing to say the least, and I don’t think the husband found it particularly funny.
I’ve regularly been invited to parties, functions, and most events that include family members.

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