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More and more people are now getting the services of personal trainers to help them achieve their weight goals.
Because personal trainers are always on the move, TrainFu developers design their application primarily for mobile platforms.  You can use TrainFu to quickly make workout plans and programs for your clients. In creating programs, you have the option to make your own instructions or use its hundreds of built-in exercises.
FitSW is a useful tool that can help trainers monitor their clients’ progress and motivate them to do their regular exercise even outside the training sessions.
Other modules that you can find in this application include Graphical Progress Tracking, Nutrition & Diet, and Weekly Scheduling. Dietio is a useful personal trainer software application which can help in the day-to-day management of your clients. Dietio has a unique feature called “Motivational Tool” which allows you to give a monthly incentive to the top scorer. If you are looking for intuitive and easy-to-use personal trainer software that is loaded with many useful features, GymPro might just be for you. With their given information, you can then make a diet plan and workout programs for them to follow.
Managing allows you to spend more time with your clients and become more involved in their goals.
Another efficient tool for managing your clients’ workout routines and progress is the DayToDay Training Pro.
It also has a built-in messaging system that will let you keep in touch with clients easily.
With its 40 assessment templates and more than 500 exercise instructions complete with pictures and explanation of procedure, Lumon Fit may be considered as one of the most comprehensive personal trainer app software applications.
Based on the result of a client assessment, this software automatically generates exercise suggestions, precautions, and detailed progress reports of clients within seconds.

LUMON FIT also helps you create and schedule all your appointments so that you can be more organized in dealing with clients. The Training Notebook is the top-of-the-line fitness training application that will help you organize and effectively manage your business and clients. All the personal trainer software listed here are among the most popular applications in the market.
This interesting blog post about personal trainer software is shared by  Vagueware – a website that gives unbiased review and important information about software and programs that will make your life easier, more efficient, and more profitable! By Jane GolbyWe provide digital news from Technology , Social Media, Travel, Lifestyle era and connect users through major social media channels like Twitter , Facebook and Google+. I never try any of these apps but I’m interested in LUMON FIt because it has so many exercise instructions that I could use and it also provide pictures and explanation of the procedure. If you are a personal trainer with a number of clients to manage, you may find it helpful to use a personal trainer software that can prepare workout plans and schedule your appointment among others. It will save your existing template so that you will not have to make new plans for every new client.
Your clients can then access their programs through their app and they will know exactly what exercises to do in a particular day. You can use the Workout Management module to create workout plans complete with client weight date and important notes. It has a reliable client management tool that lets you keep a record of your clients’ personal information, health data and goals. You can add your own exercise instruction, customize previous programs, or use its built-in exercise programs. Furthermore, this application will also be useful for scheduling clients and keeping track of payments made.
With this application, you can create workout exercises for clients and track their progress at any time.

Using this application, you can manage clients’ personal data, perform physical evaluations for tracking performance, and make or customize workout routines. It sends an email to both the trainer and the client if the latter forgets to weigh in at specific scheduled time or fails to meet his or her weekly milestone at the end of the week. As for your clients, they can use this application to create groups with specific weight goals and then you will be able to see the progress of each group by simply viewing the group report. It has client management tools that allow you to monitor your client’s progress in their weight loss program. Moreover, it contains video libraries and workout logs that can help you when preparing workout plans for clients.
Included in its long list of capabilities is client database management, preparation of workout and training programs, and progress monitoring. You can store a maximum of five preset timers which will play music in the background while the timer is on. Clients can then make changes to their weight so that you can monitor if there is any progress to their weight loss program. This software enables you to create exercise and diet plans for clients for more effective weight loss. However, since it is still under development, it may not have all the features that other comprehensive applications offer.

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