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This Personal Trainer Aberdeen page gives you information about personal trainers throughout the city and Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the benefits of personal training and where to go to find a personal trainer.
Karen Ross is a personal trainer Aberdeen who works with people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels all of whom have benefited from personal training. I have published a book which tells the story of an Aberdonian military nurse who returns from Afghanistan and encounters The Grey Lady Ghost of the Cambridge Military Hospital. Having a regularly scheduled appointment with your personal trainer in Aberdeen is a great way to maintain your motivation.
Karen’s price structure can be somewhat flexible, and she currently charges ?25 for the initial consultation. Karen has been kind enough to provide AboutAberdeen with this fitness instructor Aberdeen information and hopes this has answered some of your queries, but if not then please don't hesitate to contact her directly using the contact details provided below.
There are many benefits of exercise and these include an increased sense of well being, improved muscle tone, reduced body fat and weight loss and psychological benefits which include improved self-image and self-esteem.
The benefits of personal training with experienced and qualified trainers is that he or she will be able to assess your current level of fitness, then consider your goals and then devise an individually tailored regime to help you achieve those goals quickly and safely. Do talk to other personal trainers and gather information about how each can help you before choosing who to train with. Do make sure your personal trainer Aberdeen does a fitness and health evaluation which should include any medical conditions which could affect the way you need to train. Your stamina levels will be assessed through your aerobic fitness and strength by an exertion test to see how you react to exercise. A body composition test can determine how much body fat you have by lightly pinching different areas of the body with a pair of callipers. Flexibility exercises such as asking you to touch your toes can determine your flexibility at the start of your training and throughout your time at personal training.

Mark Wallace is based at the Warehouse Health Club in Aberdeen and is a Premier International Training Graduate with a Level 3 Accreditation on the Register of Exercise Professionals. If you are a personal trainer in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire, organise personal training in Aberdeen or are a fitness instructor in Aberdeen or the North East of Scotland and would like free listing on this page then please Contact About Aberdeen. TRAIN SMARTER WITH NEW BOOTCAMP - every Saturday at 11am and Sunday at 12pm in Duthie Park. Personal Training is about motivation, getting results and getting them the way you want it! TRAIN SMARTER, Get Fit, Lean and Trim with bespoke training programs and nutritional plans designed specially for you!
8 or 12 weeks boxing program to help get you into shape.Ideal for anyone who had wants to try boxing for first time, to those who have upcoming fights, to anyone who just wants to get fit or want to get in shape for the summer. The novel reveals her origins and takes him to a pre-war Duthie Park, modern day Cruden Bay and back to the past to the Battle of Loos in World War One where he witnesses the Gordon Highlanders in action.
This enables her to assess your current state of health and define your fitness goals which can vary from person to person. Not only will you have someone else to report back to but you will also be taking part in a structured and realistic exercise programme specially designed to deliver maximum results in the minimum time. Consider the venue and or whether the fitness instructor can make home visits or if you prefer to get out and about and attend a gym or health and fitness centre. This enables your personal trainer to tailor a bespoke programme in line with your aims and goals and health status. This could be done on a treadmill machine and or asking you to perform exercises such as sit-ups or push-ups. He can offer one to one sessions or group fitness classes as well as client assessments and fitness testing.

His qualifications and expertise have seen him specialise in clients with a range of health and lifestyle issues which has included high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis and arthritis. I'm not just a Personal Trainer with a certificate, but a sports scientist, athlete and an extreme health and fitness enthusiast.
Burn hundreds of calories and get in shape by partaking in fun outdoor exercising with our self-motivated community! Tabaka FITNESS Aberdeen recognises that each client is individual and therefore requires a bespoke health and fitness programme to achieve the goals in the safe and effective manner. Nutrition plan also included.You will be set targets for the end of the 8 or 12 weeks and be given all the support, tools and encouragement to get you fit and reach your goal. This is the first in the series of Grey and Scarlet Novels by me, CG Buswell, and each book will feature a well known Aberdeen ghost and Aberdeenshire area as well as modern Scottish Infantry in action. Common fitness goal examples can include weight loss, reducing stress and anxiety, or simply just wanting to get fitter and look better.
Your fitness instructor will more than likely perform a lifestyle screening questionnaire which is a short form profiling your medical history.
Mark Wallace can also help with advanced fitness knowledge for weight loss, nutrition for weight management and weight loss, postural analysis and muscle imbalances and soft tissue repair and rehabilitation. Once decided upon, this gives Karen and you not only an agreed starting point but also a benchmark against which to measure your progress. When Karen learns about your goal she will then be able to develop and prescribe an individual exercise programme tailored specifically for your individual needs.

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