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Most people want to exercise and implement a fitness program, but they aren’t aware of good techniques, or they bore themselves with the same old fitness routine. My personal training approach is comprehensive taking the best of the IFPA, NESTA,ISSA and NASM , as I also heavily utilize the NASM OPT model. The industry’s first comprehensive training system based on scientific, evidence-based research, NASM’s exclusive Optimum Performance Training (OPT™) model is the gold standard when it comes to personal training. NASM’s OPT model has been extremely successful in helping clients reduce their body fat, increase lean muscle mass and strength, and improve performance and overall health. We are more than just personal training as we provide our clients with a complete service and tailored package. Focusing on integrated solutions for every fitness level, OPT is the NASM difference and it is used to develop ALL of NASM’s Certified Personal Trainer Certification and Specializations. All 4 nationally recognized organizations with highly respected and accredited personal trainer courses. A fitness trainer will sit down with you and construct a customized fitness program, built to fit your needs and time schedule.

The same exercise prescription goes into both bootcamp and personal training, the difference is simply speed of progression and privacy. There is obviously room to debate which personal training certifications are the best, however, passing the CPT exam from any of these certification bodies will no doubt show that you are competent enough to be a personal trainer.#5.
With our group of professional trainers we are Personal Training Adelaide and making changes to lives everywhere. I also hold a Doctoral degree in fitness training and medical fitness by the Fitness Institute of Technology. With a personal fitness trainer there to push you when you think that you’re body has had enough, and guide you into being in the best shape of your life, if you have the dedication, we guarantee results! ACEAmerican Council on ExerciseACE has been around for many years and are one of the more widely accepted personal trainer certifications available.ACE has a reputation for being a standard certification and many believe ACE certs require the least preparation.
Start you transformation today we specialize in Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Body Toning, Diets, Meals Plans and Workout plans to get the body looking amazing. We are the exclusive Anytime Fitness Personal Training partner offering you a service you can trust for your goals you desire.

ACSMAmerican College of Sports MedicineWhile the ACSM is often considered the most respected personal training certification, ACSM certifications tend to focus more on the clinical side of personal training.
Let me know in the comments!The Bottom LineIf you’re serious about pursuing a career in the personal training profession, certification from one of the major certification bodies is a must.
For many of you, getting one of these certifications is going to be easier than you think, however, even fitness savvy individuals should prepare for lots of reading and studying if they want to pass the test come exam day.
All in all though, one of these 5 certifications are a great starting point and with proper preparation you should have no problem getting certified.

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