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Because of the sheer size of our forum, we've been forced to limit selling and trading to members who've met a couple of criteria. After several years of being out of the hobby, I have decided to resurrect and rebuild my shallow reef of past N-R TOTM "fame" in 2011. Thanks for reading and if you have any requests, questions, or want to pop in to say hello, feel free.
N-R has changed some much from when I used to be an active member there more than 10 years ago. Do you feel there the corals or the system itself could do better without the filter floss? So with that in mind, wouldnt most of the mulm be caught in the floss and not really be feeding the corals and also not being removed by the skimmer? In regards to filter floss: The ZeoLite reactor is placed downstream from the skimmer and the floss meaning when I pump the reactor the mulm goes directly into the display via the return pump for some time before coming back down into the sump to be caught and skimmed away. The skimmer is still pulling thick bacterial sludge and all of the corals have insane polyp extension so I have been relatively happy with this configuration. Fairly messy with wires right now primarily because of the Ad Hoc Quarantine tank to the right (not pictured). Sump housing Vertex Omega 130 Skimmer, Vertex Zeolite Reactor, Titanium Heater, Live Rock, ATO and Return Pump.
These steel shelves have begun to rust over time, they are not stainless, the structural integrity seems uncompromised but some day I will likely have to swap them up, I have ball valves and threaded junctions throughout the plumbing upstairs so to turn things off and swap things out will be easy.
Overflow line pours down through this tower, first filter floss sitting on egg crate, then a mesh bag of carbon.
Alimentele imbogatite cu fitosteroli, compusi naturali prezenti in oleaginoase si cereale, sunt intr-adevar benefici pentru sanatatea inimii? Gigantul farmaceutic Novartis a anuntat semnarea unui acord de colaborare pe trei ani cu firma Synthetic Genomics Vaccines Inc.
Lipsa somnului timp de 24 de ore are efecte uimitoaare, potrivit cercetatorilor britanici si germani. Erdemes gyertya langnal picit megegetni (olvasztani) az anyag szelet, igy megakadalyozzuk az anyag foszlast, es nem kell varrogeppel elszegnunk az anyagot. Mi asztalteritot vasaroltunk, mert annak mar el volt szegve a szele, igy megkimeltuk magunkat a varrastol.

Korulbelul az anyag felenel fogjuk, es emeljuk meg addig ameg a szek uloreszehez nem erunk. Az Ombrello atfogo online szolgaltatasokat, kampanyokat kinal, amelyek epitik a markates eladast generalnak. Cerca nei forum -- visita la pagina di ricerca per cercare nel contenuto di tutto il forum.
Plumbing is drilled into a basement fish room house all filtration and allows for expandability etc. Rebuilding this thing and posting again on a few forums I am overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of people messaging me stating my original build was the inspiration for their setup.
Its an unfinished basement in a home that just turned 101 yrs old so theres not really anything I can do to make it clean. The upper right portion close to the sump will be used to hold a plumbed in frag tank soon. It looks really ugly right now with all the plugs and whatnot but they are encrusting quickly and hopefully all that will be gone in a couple months. We moved offices a while ago and didn't get it set back up, but having the reef back at home is making me want to get things going in that glass box again as well. Fogjuk meg a teritot es helyezzuk ra a szekre ugy, hogy a szek elejen es hatuljan beallitjuk az anyaghosszat a padlotol 2-3 cm-re.
I would much rather have no piles of detritus or uneaten food gathering in my sump, than any other filtration method. You can see the angled pipe on the vertex Zeo reactor, I couldn't fit the reactor in a separate chamber than the skimmer but I wanted to make sure the mulm and output makes it into the display to feed to corals so I angled the output line over the baffle and into the next chamber. Parteneriatul dintre cele doua companii, sustinut de un premiu al Autoritatii americane Biomedicale de Cercetare si Dezvoltare Avansate (BARDA), ar putea duce intr-un final la o mai buna gestionare a focarelor de gripa sezoniera si pandemica. I plan on documenting the rebuild and keeping things up to date here as I would like to become a bigger contributor to the Reef Central Community. I have a growing list of high end SPS frags, Two Black Ice Snowflake Clowns and a Purple Tang and a few inverts for now.
Because this is elevated above the sump I can just use a gravity fed top off, this seems a bit safer to me.
Potrivit intelegerii cu Synthetic Genomics Vaccines, Novartis va folosi tehnologia companiei la accelerarea productiei de seminte ale tulpinilor virale necesare la fabricarea vaccinurilor.

The RODI line on the left is clipped onto the edge of the tank so I can just turn on the tap and refill it. Semintele acestor tulpini reprezinta punctul de plecare al culturilor virale si constituie baza cultivarii unor cantitati mai mari de virusuri, din care ulterior sunt dezvoltate vaccinurile.In prezent, producatorii de vaccinuri apeleaza la Organizatia Mondiala a Sanatatii (OMS) pentru identificarea si distribuirea mostrelor de virus din care vor fi create vaccinurile sezoniere sau pandemice. If you look closely you can see black e-tape lines on this tank so I can quickly identify 5,10 and 15 gallon water levels making everything easier for salt mixing water changing etc. Water changes are easy as I just syphon out into buckets and pump fresh water from below with the maxi jet. Noua tehnologie ar putea reduce timpul de fabricare a vaccinurilor cu pana la doua luni, fapt deosebit de important in special in cazul unei pandemii de gripa. I plan on swapping this out for an APEX and eliminating all of the power bars and cable tangles eventually.
Venter, fondatorul si directorul executiv al SGVI, spune ca „Synthetic Genomics Vaccines Inc. Novartis planuieste efectuarea unor studii clinice de amploare pentru a testa vaccinurile fabricate prin intermediul noii tehnologii. Compania subliniaza insa ca va demara pocedurile de autorizare inainte de folosirea comerciala a medicamentelor astfel obtinute.
In prezent, JCVI lucreaza la un program de obtinere a secventelor genetice pentru o diversitate de virusuri, inclusiv cei gripali.Novartis colaboreaza cu JCVI de mai bine de un deceniu la aplicarea descoperirilor stiintifice din domeniul genomicii pentru dezvoltarea de noi vaccinuri care sa previna aparitia bolilor. Ultimul proiect comun al celor doua societati a introdus genomica in cercetarea vaccinelor, punand bazele unei tehnologii cunoscuta azi sub denumirea de vaccinologie inversa.
Genomica sintetica presupune generarea asistata de calculator a genomilor si construirea acestora in laborator, prin intermediul unor tehnici chimice.
Odata ce genomul unor seminte de tulpini virale este sintetizat si plasat in celule corespunzatoare, poate fi produs materialul esential de fabricare a vaccinului antigripal. Aceasta tehnologie promite sa creeze un proces rapid si flexibil de producere a vaccinurilor, util in special atunci cand apar tulpini virale noi.

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