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The dark side is that this led athletes to reject their original dream sport in the same way an elite country club prospect whose membership is rejected later fulminates against all that the club stands for. This all led to isolation and often a lot of myopia and sporting Know-Nothingism (history buffs can look that up). Over many decades the use of weight training by almost all sport disciplines has gradually, by association, given weightlifting some respect and dignity. More positively, with the rise in popularity of the Olympic type lifts via CrossFit and the incorporation of the lifts into various sport-training programs many new alliances have been made. Eventually a new generation of progressive coaches and sport administrators will bring about better, more integrated relationship with the rest of the sport community.
Don’t get me wrong, you can take components of each sport above to develop certain skills, but aiming for a snatch PR, a 1RM in the back squat, and owning the iron cross might not be the best uses of time for fighters preparing to step into the cage. Before you decide to add Olympic lifting into your program, build yourself up to a respectable deadlift, front squat and overhead squat first.
Honestly, if I see another video of a fighter performing high rep Olympic lifts, I might throw up in my mouth. The two deadlift stances I usually prescribe to fighters are conventional and narrow stance sumo. I’ve found that squatting 1.5x bodyweight for 3-5 reps seems to be the sweet spot for most of my athletes. There are some videos of GSP training gymnastics floating around the internet these days and people will question whether or not they should add this type of training into their program.
Drills like front levers, handstands and basic ring work can be excellent for fighters, as long these skills are taught correctly.
Honestly, the best thing to do if you’re training for a fight or you train fighters, is to surround yourself with a good team.
Old images of fat men in Roman sandals and animal skins left us with an image similar to professional wrestling but without the dignity (indeed, the old-time lifters might have been wrestling on the side to make ends meet).
In this way some lifters who came to the sport in similar circumstances come to disdain the more mainstream sports, especially team sports. This attitude may have had some validity with champions, but even barely post-novice lifters assumed that the champ’s edge rubbed off on them. To many, weightlifting was a refuge for un-athletic wannabes, to the detriment of everyone on both sides. This has forced many such persons from other sports to approach the Olympic lifting coaches to learn the finer points of their techniques. I cannot wait to see how it improves all sports in the future with regard to the Olympic lifts and their acceptance, knowledge, and diffusion among all sport disciplines. He started weight training in 1963 at age 14, moving over to the Olympic-lifts in 1966, and continues training to this day. Good Olympic lifters have excellent strength and mobility, and they’ve spent years working on their technique.

This is very attainable and I have yet to see any contraindications from pulling that type of weight. Some go heavier and others stay lighter, but at MMA Fight Prep and Skill of Strength we always focus on quality of movement and never chase numbers. There is nothing wrong with it at all, but I have always found myself choosing dumbells over the barbell.
This gets athletes used to “opening up” their hips and will also give you a good idea of how the athletes are respond to sprinting. I recently had a Cirque Du Soleil performer train at my gym, and his skill was literally jaw-dropping.
If the team knows what they are doing, they will be honest with you and tell you what to focus on.
Throughout his ten-plus years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Perry has trained clients of all ages and abilities, including elite athletes represented in the UFC, NCAA, NFL, MLB, MLS, Bellator MMA, CES MMA and several other New England MMA promotions.
You’ll receive our latest articles, videos and notifications of upcoming workshops and events. Soon after taking up the sport a new lifter will find out that he is in a pariah sport, one with little to do with others. And, as everyone knew, weight training would make you muscle-bound (coaches and doctors could confirm this, of course).
The Ben Johnson affair was embarrassing to everyone in Canada, but it did take a lot of pressure off of lifters previously assumed to be the only athletes who abused drugs. With fifteen weight categories a strong weightlifting team can contribute a high proportion of hardware to a games team. The weightlifting community must now realize that they have potential competitors in the teaching of the lifts. They have broken the lifts down, practiced their weaknesses and ironed out technique flaws.
Just be sure that you are using a stance that works for you and does not leave you with any back pain, movement deficiencies, or ridiculous DOMS. From my experience, teaching athletes how to utilize tension early is a vital skill and sets them up nicely to achieve that 2x bodyweight deadlift. When athletes wrestle and train BJJ a lot, it’s important to be careful how much you load them up with the barbell. If you can prove to me that a true 1RM on the back squat will help a fighter win, I’m all ears. The barbell doesn’t give you as many options on how to press, and it may piss off some shoulders. The last thing you need is an athlete with a torn hamstring because you implemented sprints too early. He mentioned that he grew up in gymnastics, competed in high school and college and now makes a living with his skill set.

There is nothing wrong with implementing basic drills into the program, just remember to keep the goal the goal. Even its sister sports of bodybuilding and powerlifting are seen as major irritations, if not enemies. And anyway, strength wasn’t needed for any sport, even football, as long as you were fast or had good technique.
This is always a welcome opportunity but it also spreads the word and lowers the heretofore high fences.
Due to the popularity of the Olympics nowadays, many national, state, and provincial multi-sport games have made their appearances, giving young athletes (and not-so-young masters) a feel of being in the big show.
To be a good Olympic lifter, you need to spend years with the bar and complete thousands of reps. I’m not saying they cannot train heavy, but you need to understand that their spine in general takes a beating and some athletes may not be able to tolerate compression in certain parts of their spine. I prefer pressing with dumbbells, kettlebells and the swiss bar as those options seem to be a bit more “shoulder friendly” than the bench press.
If my athlete has 2-4 extra hours a week to train, I’d prefer him to work on his MMA weakness versus trying to add 10 more pounds to his snatch.
He is a 2-time Olympian, 8-time National Champion, and the American Record Holder in the Clean and Jerk in that sport. Like clockwork, every four years World Cup soccer players would be scoffed at, weightlifters not realizing that these were the best players in the world who had won out in a Darwinian struggle over multi-millions of other soccer players in the world. If weightlifting does not accept the new environment they will be in danger of having others gradually take over the instruction of these lifts. With more than 15 years of utilizing and application of elite level training programs, Chad shares this knowledge with top level CrossFit competitors all over the United States as well as our own athletes. They tried out for their school teams and painfully learned that their boyhood ambitions were bigger than their genetic abilities.
This has inevitably led to meetings, networking, and a cross-fertilization of ideas as many different sports must gather to organize these events.
Sure the lifts are complex appearing to some, especially ourselves, but they are not beyond the ability (and professional aptitude) of anyone capable of earning a BPE to analyze, understand and then teach the movements. Coach Chad also has had the privilege of assisting the Again Faster Competition team as a guest coach.
Somehow weightlifting eventually was discovered and then employed as a sort of athletic ego-balm. His experience in adapting elite level Olympic Weightlifting to high repetition CrossFit workouts is indeed a must for any athlete working toward competition.

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