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For each meal, I pick one choice per category (protein, carbs etc.) to equal about 50g protein and 60-100g carbs.
Healthy Add-ons: Fresh Fruit (Banana, Apple, Mango, Avocado, Kiwi, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries etc. Organic or homegrown greens mix (Kale, Swiss Chard, Arugula, Spinach) with unsalted sunflower seeds and organic dressing. Bulking for increased muscle size can be problematic with many using their off-season as an excuse to gorge upon seemingly unlimited quantities of food. So, what’s the best approach for bodybuilders who want to literally have their cake and eat it too? For the larger lifter, one who at 15-20% body fat could be considered far from competition shape, a disciplined training and eating schedule is especially important. Weight training may include the full spectrum of compound and isolation movements, though overall volume may be reduced to two sets per exercise rather than the usual 3-4 (to encourage faster recovery and lean muscle gains). For those who tend to more readily accumulate body fat, off-season training must be hard, heavy, and feature sufficient endurance work to keep unwanted weight at bay. In contrast to competition training, off-season cardio can be reduced, but not substantially.
Increasing adipose (fat) may only compound unwanted weight gain and make cutting an arduous task for an off-season bodybuilder who logs in at around 15% body fat. For someone carrying an excess amount of body fat to begin with such a high caloric intake is clearly not recommended.
If 500 above maintenance per day is not cutting it, perhaps increase to 1000 – this will usually result in a combination of fat and muscle, so monitor the process carefully to ensure you fat ratio does not significantly supersede your muscle gains.
Excessive muscular size requires significant energy to maintain, so our bodies are constantly fighting to achieve an equilibrium upon which to comfortably perform our daily tasks. The real key here is to eat more of the right foods rather than achieving your surplus with less, though more calorie-dense, junk foods.
By all means enjoy a few cheat meals, but be sure to achieve the majority of your daily calories from cleaner sources. With clean bulking we can consume higher fat foods so long as these are all natural and are also high in quality proteins and carbs.
The ever-popular bulking season is upon us where we allow ourselves to bulk up and add a little fat in order to maximize our muscle gains.

The trick here is to know exactly how many calories make up your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which tells him how many calories he needs to consume daily to maintain his current weight. We know that carbohydrates and proteins both contain 4 calories per gram while fats contain 9 calories per gram. Remember that he wants to split his macros evenly throughout the day, so if he sticks to these numbers, he will be clean bulking his way to a leaner, meaner 218 in 6 months. The best bodybuilding workouts, supplement reviews and nutrition tips straight to your inbox. I created this routine for guys who want to build muscle mass and get stronger as quickly and efficiently as possible. Bonus: Download my Muscle Building Workout Plan and get a proven step-by-step dumbbell based routine to quickly pack on mass and get stronger. 2-3 times a week I'll eat out to change things up and save time to do more things like gaming and working on new music. Building up before cutting down is a mandatory part of a serious bodybuilder’s training evolution. Indeed, reining in the waistline is of paramount concern for pre-contest and off-season lifters alike; unsightly belly flab is, after all, never appealing, nor healthy. Though twice-weekly body part training may be common pre-contest, the off-season may see us switch to one muscle group per week for one week, then back to twice-weekly training and so on (again to encourage recovery and growth). Like most other off-season variables, it is important to find a balance where muscle mass can be built while fat levels are maintained at 12-15% (usually 3-4 x 30 minute sessions per week work well for the endomorphic or otherwise larger and bulkier off-season physique competitor). Yet these athletes must still become muscularly larger and stronger and a caloric surplus will certainly help in this regard. Some off-season bodybuilders double, triple or even quadruple this figure in the hopes of gaining the mass advantage. Our body considers massive muscles to be burdensome, consuming excessive amounts of fuel to maintain; a diet high in the wrong kind of calories may more readily stockpile calories as fat (a more efficient fuel source) versus muscle. Diligently monitor your caloric intake – each week subtract or add additional calories based on your muscle to fat ratio (which may also be assessed weekly) until you arrive at a figure which allows you to maintain a desirable body fat percentage while gradually building pure muscle.
With 20 years in the personal training trenches, the insights he has gained through practical experience, alongside degrees in psychology and sports science, have enabled him to go beyond the surface to provide educational articles that have informed thousands of health and fitness devotees the world over.
After all, we are heading into the winter months where we can hide a little extra fat under extra layers of clothing while bulking.

This is a whole other post that we will get to soon as well, but let’s say for the sake of rounding ease that he needs 3,000 calories per day to maintain his weight, he now knows that he needs to consume 3,350 calories per day to add 1 lb.
As always, check with your doctor if you’re unsure that you can perform this routine safely. You are upping the weight (like described above) and if you do hit failure, then you lower the weight.
While I am NOT recommending that you eat an entire bag of Doritos, or a half gallon if ice cream in one sitting, it is ok to have small portions of junk food each day. Snack in between meals with almonds, whole milk, and small portions of healthy carbs (fruits, veggies, etc.).
One can be as shredded as a skinned rabbit but without adequate, evenly distributed muscle size, a physique will not make enough of an impact  to warrant the coveted final call-outs.
The problem about bulking is that the majority of people bulking are dirty bulking when they need to be clean bulking. If you allow yourself to eat everything under the sun, your diet is considered a dirty one and you will have to work that much harder to take the excess fat off when you enter your cutting phase. Rather than adding calories at will, this lifter may need to switch their focus to a slightly elevated caloric surplus while emphasizing the inclusion of foods that will provide more pure muscle gains than unwanted weight. Make no mistake about it though, bulking will lead to excess fat gains, but the difference is how much you have to deal with at a later date. While it may not sound like a lot of lean muscle to add, you really should be striving for 2-3 lbs. Over those 10 days, he will need to consume an extra 350 calories per day to use those calories for muscle. Extended cutting periods will no doubt cut into muscle gains, so you want to keep these lengths of times to a minimum. Besides simply measuring body fat, an easy indication to see if you are adding lean muscle mass is to make sure that you are breaking PRs as you put on weight.

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