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When you first start working out your body is more susceptible to developing the most amount of muscle mass.
When most people begin to workout they go from doing close to absolutely nothing to doing more work than their body is used to.
When people first begin to workout they normally get a gym membership and step foot in the gym without any kind of research. Furthermore, person B will be so happy about his accomplishments that he will continue to workout for years to come. Person A is the type of person who will be extremely discouraged by their lack of results and quit.
After your newbie gains phase is over you will have to work much harder year after year for diminishing progress. However, if you don’t commit to it 100% from the start, chances are you will never get to that point because you will have been discouraged long before that point. Remember back in gym class when your coach regularly doled out punishment by telling you to drop and give him 20? The concept of this intensity technique is to double the number of reps you do on a given set. You could work the half-rep into the lower half of the range of motiona€”which is usually a bit easiera€”or over the top half, where the muscle is fully contracted.

Adding the half-rep increases the muscle's time under tension by using a partial-rep technique. You can also perform the half-rep at the bottom of the movement, which tends to be the easier half, but try the top half if you want a tremendous pump.
If you wanted to focus on your pecs, perform the half-rep at the bottom of the move; if your focus is on the triceps, perform it at the top half. To adequately use this method with squats, you'll need to be able to take your squat low and make sure that your form is impeccable.
Machines are ideal to use with this technique because they control the movement path, which can be difficult to maintain as you become fatigued. Next-Level Living: Six Hard Truths For Advanced Lifters The rules change once you're no longer a beginner, but your desire to keep growing and improving only gets stronger! Beset by fatigue, you completed full reps, then half-reps, and finally quarter-reps in hopes that he'd count anything in which there was at least some movement. Today, training protocols are designed to increase intensity, and programs that intensify the burn are embraced, not shied away from. If you do the latter, you'll probably have to reduce the weight somewhat to account for the increased intensity. This technique is more effective for muscle gains than simply doubling the number of full-range reps, because that would entail reducing the weight.

You could also use this method to increase your bench power by adding the half-rep where your power is lacking. Most lifters find once they get past the top half of the squat, it becomes lighter, so that would be the obvious place for your half-reps.
In some instances, he'd make you repeat a rep, prolonging the agony as you staggered toward the finish line.
The gym currency is normally 5s, 10s, 25s, 35s and 45s, but let's throw in some halves every once in a while.
That's the philosophy behind the One-And-A-Half training technique, an advanced system that ramps up the stress of any given set.
If you want to use the One-And-A-Half technique with these moves, you'll need to make sure you fully extend at the bottom. This is especially useful when you hit a training plateau or are looking to accelerate gains. The bottom half is the easiest, so if you really want to test yourself, try adding the half-rep to the top portion.

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