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We apologies but prices you see are subject to change at any time, as we are in the process of updating our price lists due to the change in VAT. The TRUTH is, you’re better off making your own weight gainer shake from scratch rather than relying on a store-bought weight gainer. As you know there are a TON of food choices today… This makes it confusing when we have a specific goal to GAIN WEIGHT. Contrary to what some people believe you can NOT just eat a bunch of random food and successfully gain weight. And in order to gain this muscle, there are certain foods that you should eat, and certain foods that you should AVOID. I got an email today from Gabriel Lopez who has be using the Weight Gain Blueprint program for the past few months.
Just got an exciting email from a Weight Gain Blueprint user named Gabriel Garay who gained 40 pounds using the program.
So I got an email out of the blue from someone who saw the program and wanted to interview me about building muscle. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which are very important for the body. Eating healthy fat is an important part of the muscle gain diet plan because it ensures that the person who is working out is getting the nutrition he or she needs. Processed foods on the other hand contain chemicals and they are not a good idea if you want to see muscle gain. Although weight-loss strategies are ubiquitous in the fitness industry, not every person in the world has that goal.
If you're a hardgainer yourself, you've probably already heard the golden rule of weight gain: Eat up.
The reason you keep hearing the same advice is because putting on some pounds is really a simple matter of consuming more calories than you burn. We want to give you the tools so you can eat just enough calories to put on some muscle, but not enough to put on a lot of excess fat. Be aware, though, that increasing the calories you eat in order to increase your muscle mass will also bring some extra fat mass.
To figure out how many calories you'll need to put on some weight, use this calculator to determine your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). If you don't notice any changes, feel free to increase to 750 or even 1000 extra calories per day. The biggest issue people have when trying to put on muscle is the sheer amount of food they have to consume. That said, it's also important that you let go of the mindset that you need to eat 2-4 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Fats and oils, nuts and seeds, avocado, red meat, whole eggs, full-fat dairy, and oily fish are great choices for getting a lot of calories without having to fill your stomach to the brim. Carbohydrates can offer the same calorie count per gram as protein, but they are less satiating. Fat is a smart choice for your weight-gaining diet because it has twice the number of calories per gram than protein and carbs. An easy way to up your diet's fat content is to cook your meat and vegetables in olive, coconut, or other calorie-rich oils. As you plan your meals for weight gain, remember that you don't have to follow the no-salt, no-butter, no-flavor rules most competitive bodybuilders follow.
Eating in a calorie surplus is no easy feat, and if you're serious about packing on the pounds, you're going to have to eat every 2-3 hours.
Once you have your nutrition figured out, you can make some tweaks to your exercise regimen. Hypertrophy-based protocols require 3-4 sets using a moderate weight—around 70-80 percent of your one-rep max. Any resistance-training protocol will help you build muscle, especially if you're supporting lifting weights with a lot of calories. Yes, increasing your rest periods will increase your gym time, so you may need to limit the number of exercises you perform during your workouts.
The great thing about having all those extra calories in your body is you will feel great in the gym.
Eating, training, and supplementing should make up the backbone of your weight-gaining endeavors, but these other helpful tips can make the whole process more efficient. Skipping out on shut-eye can also increase cortisol levels in your body over time.8 Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by your adrenal glands that can stimulate muscle breakdown.
Now, we're not telling you to forgo all the things you learned in your nutrition class about sugar.
So don't think drinking a gallon of Coke every day will provide anything other than a gut—and eventually, type 2 diabetes. One of the tricks for losing weight is to put food on small dishes so it looks like you're eating more than you are. Log your food, your workouts, your weight, changes you see in the mirror, and how you feel. If you have no way of measuring progress, it can be almost impossible to know if you're moving forward, backward, or just spinning your wheels. Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is very fast acting and therefore makes it possible for the compound to be out of the body much more quickly.
Durabolin, as it is often called, is one of the most popular steroids being used amongst bodybuilders today.
Our products have been exported to Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, UK, France, Russia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay and many other countries.. We pay much attention to after-sale service: Any questions or problems after receiving the product, please feel free to contact us. USage : 19-Norandrostenedione (4-estrene-3,17-dione, NOR) is a precursor of the anabolic steroid nandrolone. 1-Dehydroepiandrosterone (1-DHEA) is a hormone alternative to standard DHEA supplements that is more geared for men who wish to look and feel their best.
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WANT TO GAIN WEIGHT AND BUILD GOOD BODY Not rated yet I am 24 yr old, my weight 117 pounds, i am very slim. The B pull up Not rated yetThe B Pull up, more correctly called the V-Pull up works out your abs, arms and chest all in one.
Strength training and muscle building are confusing topics because they are not one size fits all.
Protein and carbohydrates are the key nutrients in weight gaining and achieving a ‘toned’ look.
What you eat is very important because it shapes the manner in which your muscles repair and recover after a grueling workout session.
Vegetarians can have dairy products such as cottage cheese, milk and curd for getting a good amount of protein in their diet.
Whole foods promote good health and provide natural nutrients essential for the body to gain muscle. In fact, questions about the best ways to gain weight pop up more often than you might think.
But, really, the simplest way we can explain how to gain weight is exactly what you've heard over and over: eat lots of food, train heavy, and supplement smart.

Now, we all know at least one person who has made the mistake of eating a lot more than necessary, not exercising, and packing on lots and lots of excess fat. If you notice weight gain happening too quickly, then lower your calories down to 200 or 300 extra per day. You're definitely going to have to eat a lot of calories, but there are a few tricks you can utilize to decrease the volume of food you have to chew and swallow. No scientific evidence suggests that eating all that extra protein will increase muscle mass—plus, that kind of diet can get pretty expensive.
While they may be a great source for vitamins and minerals, all that extra water can leave you feeling full and lessen the chance you'll be going back for seconds. This will require you to do a little planning ahead, but easy snacks to take on the go include trail mix, granola, peanut butter sandwiches, protein shakes, and bagels. Really, any resistance-training protocol will help you build muscle, especially if you're supporting lifting weights with a lot of calories. But if you want to put on some noticeable muscle mass, stick with strength and hypertrophy protocols.
We think big lifts like the squat, bench press, deadlift, row, and shoulder press are the best for packing on the most mass. Weight gainers often come loaded with protein, carbs, and fat so you can increase your calorie intake without having to work very hard. So, if you're already drinking a pre- and post-workout shake, or even drinking BCAAs during your workouts, adding some carbs to them can't hurt. One of the best ways to keep that from happening is to spend more hours with your head on a pillow.
If you're an in-season bodybuilder, it's common practice to stay away from restaurants that won't serve plain chicken breast and vegetables.
You'll get a lot of food and a lot of calories that taste way better than the food you'd cook at home, unless you really know what you're doing in the kitchen.
Same with your glasswear: Put away those 8-ounce glasses and pull out those 12- or 16-ounce tumblers and fill 'em up! It is the most abundant circulating steroid hormone in humans, in whom it is produced in the adrenal glands, the gonads, and the brain, where it functions predominantly as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the androgen and estrogen sex steroids.
Until 2005 19-Norandrostenedione was available without prescription in United States, where it was marketed as a prohormone, but it is now classified as a Schedule III drug. According to scientific information 1-ene hormones like 1-DHEA may in fact be preferred to standard DHEA (5-DHEA) for men who wish to use the anti-aging benefits. Countless people have used Weight Training tips to Build Muscle and transform their bodies.
Let Sean Nalewanyj take you by the hand and teach you exactly how to pack on pound after pound of lean, solid muscle weight in the shortest period of time possible. Remember Muscle fibers do not grow in numbers{ hyperplasia} but grow in size {hypertrophy}.We do not have to train 7 days a week and 3 hours per day !! What you have to do is grab onto a bar as if you were …Click here to write your own. These types of programs are designed based upon individual needs and must be tailored to each person. A good daily diet is important and should be supplemented at least 3 times per day with a nutritious drink (between meals). Whether you are a professional bodybuilder, a sports person or a health enthusiast, if you want to gain muscle, you need to follow a carefully regimented diet plan. Apart from carbohydrates, protein is the next best source of energy for the body.  Proteins exert a huge thermic effect because of which they are critical for losing fat and gaining muscle. Any good muscle gain diet plan should also allow for consumption of whey protein shakes at least twice in a day. It is vital to have fruits and vegetables consistently because the nutrients they provide help to increase the muscle mass and strength in the body and pave the way for good digestion and perfect health.
Following your workout, you should consume complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and brown rice because this will help you to replenish lost sources of energy and ensure that you are fit and ready for your next demanding workout. Skinny teenagers, underweight adults, and hardgainers of all stripes scour the Internet for ways to put on muscle. Don't waste your time trying to fill up on gummy bears or saltine crackers—they just don't provide enough calories or nutrients to be worth the effort. As you do, though, choose carbs that have lower fiber content so you don't fill up as quickly. If you're worried about coming up short on your micronutrients, we recommend a daily multivitamin. Not only do these extras make the food taste better so you'll want to eat more, they add ever-necessary calories. It might feel like your new job is to eat and train—that means you're on the right track.
More weight on the barbell generally equals more muscle.5 Taking a creatine supplement will also draw water into your cells, effectively making your muscles a little bigger. A combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6, ZMA is best taken before you call it lights out. But because you're in the calorie-surplus game, you can forget all those rules and order the butter-filled, sauce-laden meal of your dreams.
Users typically follow a dosage schedule of every other day when using this substance to keep blood levels elevated and stable.
The company is located in Xiaogan city, nearby national highways of No.107, marched with ShangHai city. However, DHEA also has a variety of potential biological effects in its own right, binding to an array of nuclear and cell surface receptors, and acting as a neurosteroid. It is also banned from use in many sports, including the Olympic Games, under the World Anti-Doping Code. Standard 5-DHEA found on many store shelves can have estrogenic side effects that men do not need nor want. Though I do not discuss things such as how to buy Phentermine, I do go into great detail about which products you should use and which you should not use.
Withoutdrugs, without special supplements and without spending countless hours in the gym!Get rid of Your Skinny Body right now. If you get this concept the rest of the article at the end of which you will have a complete Muscle Building Plan will fall into place."Master the Big 3 of Muscle Building Diet, Weight Training and the {Magical} Rest". Because there are no other variables!We will go together as to how to create a plan for you both for eating and training.
A Muscular Body is a Choice and not a Chance.Your efforts in the gym will only be compensated if you eat the right quantities of foods in the right proportions and at the right times. It is no surprise that people have so many questions when it comes to muscle and strength training.
The extra protein and carbohydrate (not fat and refined sugar) will enable your body to gain weight healthily. I’ve been working out since September 2011, but have seen a ton of results since starting your program. There are various kinds of foods you can take which contain a high amount of protein. Red meat such as pork, mutton and lamb contain a high amount of protein.
Certain vegetables such as spinach and parsley have a high concentration of folic acid which is also essential for good health. And remember, if you've been struggling to gain weight, it's highly unlikely that you'll put on 20 pounds of unwanted fat.

Keeping your heart rate lowered will help you protect those calories you're eating so you don't use them all when you train. Even leg extensions and leg curls can help increase strength and size, albeit not as much as compound movements.4 If you do both types of lifting, do the movements that target the largest muscle groups first, and save the isolation exercises for later in your workout. If you understand that going in, you'll be much less likely to get frustrated before your body has time to respond to the food and training.
Progesterone buildup is one side effect that some have trouble with although users report that the problem isn't as bad with this ester as it is with Deca.
Packing pictures and tacking code are provided in advance .Updated tracking information will be provided every other day. 19-Norandrostenedione is readily metabolized to nandrolone after oral administration, but its potency to transactivate the androgen receptor dependent reporter gene expression is 10 times lower as compared to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). With the knowledge of the best exercises we can outperform those bodybuilders who probably over train.The Weight Training Exercises section will take you by the hand and create a specific Personalized plan for you.
If you want to see massive growth in shortest amount of time possible then you have to discontinue all other forms of work you do which uses lot of energy.Do you perform athletic activities regularly? Majority fail due to lack of application.I have provided you with the best Muscle Building Tips, but its up to you to put them to work.
Weight Gain is ideal for those with a fast metabolism or lean physique who find it difficult to ‘bulk up’ with their normal calorie intake. There are several large-sized, medium-sized workshops and QA and research center with advanced equipments.At present, our main products are cinnamate series, anabolics series, L-carnitine,Melatonin, collagen and so on. The results will amaze you."The real fun is on the playing field - Go and have that killer workout now". How much weight lifting should I do to build bigger muscles?There are two main ideas out there about how to train to build muscle.
Most of the energy comes from carbohydrates and protein rather than fat (35% protein, 50% carbs, 4% fat).
Our products reach the advanced standard of domestic market, many of which reach the international standard, pass Kocher certificate and ISO9001.Our Staff will pursue high quality and perfect brand with untiring efforts, and inherit company spirit on " energy-saving, factual, enterprising, innovative ", follow the company management theory of "lives, services or soul of quality ",with the first-class products and high-quality service to meet market's demands. One group believes the key lies in high intensity workouts that are done for short periods of time. With a high intensity workout you would work out about three times a week and in each workout you work your muscles to failure. The other group believes in period training where you do light training days followed by medium training days and do one heavy training day a week, working out everyday. Performance and muscle fiber adaptations to creatine supplementation and heavy resistance training.
How can I build muscle without using weights?Using weights or machines is the fastest way to build muscle because you directly control how much weight you are using.
If you aren't worried about producing muscle fast then you can use body weight exercises, like push ups and squats, to work your muscles.3.
How long does it take to see results when building muscle?Most people who are doing muscle building or strength training are doing it to build visible muscle.
Endomorphs who have a bigger frame and rounder body will gain muscle rather fast, but they will need to burn off a lot of fat before they are visible.
Mesomorphs who have a naturally muscular body are going to see results the quickest and ectomorphs are going to have the hardest time with muscle growth.4. Can building muscle mass slow down weight loss?During the process of building muscle you will likely see weight loss stop or even see your weight increase. However, once you start building muscle it will actually help your weight loss efforts because muscle helps you burn calories faster.
Is it dangerous to take muscle building products if you have diabetes?People with diabetes need to carefully monitor their protein intake and many muscle building products contain large amounts of protein. For this reason, people with diabetes need to be very careful with any muscle building products.
They should discuss using them with their doctor to figure out how to safely incorporate them into their diet. How do I mix up my muscle building workouts?There are many ways that you can mix up your muscle building workouts. Mixing up your workouts will help you to avoid plateaus because you will keep your body guessing and your muscles reacting to the workouts.
Some ways to mix up a workout include changing exercises, increase the weight, using different lifting methods and varying the number of repetitions.7. How to make muscle building drinks?Protein power drinks are made using protein powder and other ingredients like fruit, milk or even plain water.
How long will it take for me to go from building muscle to burning fat during a workout?When you are working out you are burning calories, which essentially means you are burning fat. You can also try High intensity muscle building workouts if you have been volume training.9.
How much should you run to build lean muscle?Running to build muscle isn't about how long you run. If you are running distances and running for a long time then you actually will stunt muscle growth.10. How often a week should you do ab exercises when building lean muscle?A good guideline for training abs is to work them out two or three times a week.
Additionally, for a good workout that gets results your abs should be engaged during the whole workout.11.
Are full body workouts the best for building muscle?A full body workout is not necessarily better for building muscle, but in many cases it is the best option. A full body workout allows you to workout in a short period of time and also makes it easier to avoid over training or getting burnt out.12.
Is whole meal bread good for building muscle?Any type of whole grain or complex carb, including whole meal bread, is good for building muscle. What happens to fat when you start building muscle?The short answer is that nothing happens to fat when start building muscle. Some fat may be burnt as you start to increase your metabolism through building muscle, but generally it stays put, sitting on top of the muscles you are building unless you are also doing cardio exercise to burn the fat.14. What is the best muscle building sport?There are a few sports that are actually great for building muscles.
What is the best HGH product for building muscle?The best HGH product is one that is affordable, easy to use and are effective over a period of time.
Many different HGH products fit this description, so as long as you find one that is safe and meets these requirements then it should be a good choice. How do I build muscle over 50?If you have never worked out before or you have not really focused on weight lifting then the best advice is to start slow. If you want to lift weights, start with light weights and increase the weight as you become more fit. Don't do the same workout every time or your muscles will adjust and you won't get results.17. How do I build muscle over sixty?Over 60 your metabolism has slowed, the muscles weaken and building muscle becomes more difficult.

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