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Working out your macro nutrient requirements is one of the first measures and processes we recommend to all of our customers, in order to work out what you need to consume in order to achieve your goals. The stable of almost every bodybuilders diet, eggs are one of the cheapest source of protein available. Your average 100 grams of lean ground beef will contain up to 27 grams of protein, as well as a number of micro nutrients and vitamins. Filled with protein in the form of casein, this is an ideal food source to consume just before going to bed. Popular among vegetarians as a way to get protein without eating animals, almonds are also packed to the brim with monounsaturated fats, which are good for the heart and are important towards your diet. If you grew up watching Popeye, you knew the over-the-top connection between increasing muscle growth the moment you pop open a tin of spinach. A brilliant carbohydrate source for pre or post workout, bananas are a combination of three different types of sugars, all of which are fast acting and absorbed rapidly, to be used as a source of energy. Tom Bourlet is a complete gym addict, with an FA qualification in football coaching and 4 years experience in the sports industry. If you are trying to pack on some muscle mass, there are certain foods which will help you hit these targets much easier, whether it’s due to their high levels of protein or other muscle building nutrients.

Eggs are recognised as a complete protein, due to the fact that they contain all of the essential amino acids to an adequate level.
The high amount of zinc and iron in lean ground beef are absolutely critical, especially as these are often lacking from people’s diets.
The price for a whole chicken is much lower than buying the cut up sections, while the amount of protein will be plenty to keep you going for a couple of days (depending on your requirements). They are also very high in magnesium, a mineral which is important for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. However it is also very high in essential fatty acids, which hold a huge amount of important roles in the body. While they might have exaggerated the results for comic effect, there are a huge amount of benefits to eating spinach. They are also free of cholesterol and fat, they are nutrient dense and also contain some electrolytes, which require replenishing post workout.
They are very slow releasing, however an added benefit is they can be mixed with a protein shake (you wouldn’t want to throw rice or pasta into a protein shake!). A fitness fanatic, Tom enjoys helping pass on his knowledge and helping others as much as heading to the gym himself.
These are also great as they are highly versatile, meaning you can combine it with a number of other foods and make a number of different meals, keeping it interesting.
As you go to sleep, your body begins to fast as it has no access to food, meaning you enter a catabolic state, meaning it will turn to your muscles as a source of energy.

One of the most significant is its ability to help us fall asleep and improving the quality of sleep.
Our diets tend to be low in omega 3 fatty acids, so by consuming salmon once or twice a week, you will most likely be hitting your weekly recommended amount.
They taste great and you can experiment with different ingredients to make the perfect porridge.
They are also great as you can cook them the night before and then pack them in a bag to take to work to eat cold. You also might want to remove the skin, to keep some of the unwanted calories off, unless this works with your macro requirements.
Casein is a slow digesting source of protein, taking up to six hours to digest, meaning consuming just before bed normally limits the amount of muscle protein breakdown quite significantly, keeping a line of amino acids flowing to your muscles until breakfast time. When we are resting is when our muscles are repairing and growing, therefore you can see the connection between increasing rest and increasing muscle growth.

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