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There's already so much of information out there and probably you already are aware of few of these ways of maximizing muscle gain. It is a very common saying that fats end up making you fat and such hydrogenated fats must be always avoided.
In bodybuilding or any other high intensity sports training, the main principle is to train muscles to grow in size & strength through exercise, diet and rest. As far as alcohol intake is concerned, men and women are not equally affected by it in a similar manner. Spice up your diet with red chillies and you can loose few unwanted pounds around your waist. Swimming has always been known to be one of the best form of workout for both body and mind. As per a recent study conducted by Institute of Health Ageing at University College London, eating 40 percent less food could extend a persona€™s life by 20 years. I found it harder and harder to make tackles and get past people as I didn’t have the strength or size to do so. So in the late spring, when the rugby season finished up, I decided to do the hard yards in the gym for the summer months until rugby began again in winter. I was very positive and optimistic that I would be successful in my endeavor of building muscle fast as I was going to be very disciplined to my weights training… which I was!
Back then, when I was about to begin my off-season training, I caught wind that a lot of professional rugby players took protein shakes on a regular basis. Consequently, I went to the local supplement store and inquisitively asked the sales clerk “What protein shakes do most rugby players take?” He then handed me over this big paint pot like tub of protein with an impressive, eye-catching yellow and red label with 2500Cals in the center of it. Content, I bought it and left the store without realizing that 2500Cals was over my daily requirement of calories alone! Twenty minutes into my jog that I did at the start of my gym session (Mistake no.4) I ended spewing up a pink liquid all over the treadmill at the gym. This was a dyer mistake for me, especially because my high metabolism which burned energy extremely fast. For some reason though I had the mentality that carbohydrates would result in fat being stored which of course would not have been the case. Another reason why healthy fats would have been so important is the increase in testosterone I would have experience if I had ate more oily fish such as salmon or even taken a fish oil supplement every day. It is scientifically proven that a Diet with 30% of its calories made up with fat helps to increase testosterone which is a hugely beneficial thing if you’re trying to gain muscle mass fast.
Probably the biggest error in my quest to build muscle mass fast was not eating enough calories.

It is essential for everyone though to find their Calorie intake for maintenance of body weight. Personally, whenever I’m attempting to gain muscle mass I usually choose a period of 4-8 weeks where I just lift weights 3-4 times per week and do no cardio. If you are someone who is trying to keep their body fat down and just gain lean muscle mass then I would advise keeping the intensity really high in your weight lifting workout by incorporating lots of supersets in your workout and also keep the rest period between sets no longer than 40 seconds. Carbohydrates are difficult to gauge as they depend on the individuals body fat, weight, goals and level of activity. Fats should be kept at a relatively high level with a big emphasize on healthy fats such as polyunsaturates and mono-saturates. I'm up to 117 lbs this week but I don't think I've been eating enough for it to be either muscle or fat gain.
Join Date Dec 2008 Location United States Posts 83 Congrats on the progress it's always an awesome reward to see your hard work starting to pay off. Weight is back down to 115 after yesterday's rest from the gym so I'm going with the water retention theory. Workout - 30 minutes of step aerobics followed by a 30 minute boot camp style workout -- I can't remember exactly what we did, but off the top of my head there were push ups, jumping jacks, planks, squat jumps, bar bell bent over rows, weighted plie squats and some pilates back stuff. Dinner - a healthy version of butter chicken that uses yogurt instead of cream and butter for the sauce; served with brown rice and chickpeas. Workout - Body Step; was going to do a yoga class with my sister in the evening but we ended up going for a half hour walk around her neighbourhood instead. Dinner - my sister and I cooked a massive four course dinner of traditional Bulgarian food (her husband is Bulgarian so we decided to cook a few of his favourite recipes -- check 'em out ) I had shopska salad, 1 stuffed pepper, two pieces of Banitsa and some fried eggplant with yogurt sauce. I had a lot of misconceptions (as everyone who begins does!) on how to actually gain size and muscle mass.
Then when Monday morning (my gym day) arrived, I ate my breakfast, filled up 1 of 2 of my 1250Cal strawberry protein shake with full fat milk as indicated and drank it just BEFORE the gym…Big Mistake! This resulted in my body using the valuable proteins in my diet which was used to gain muscle mass. It also meant that I was fatigued a lot of the time and had very little energy for any activity. Both High and Low G.I Carbs at different times throughout the day were essential for me to be able to grow. Only saturated fats and trans fats eaten in excess are the real contributor of putting on fat.
In fact, I had no idea how many calories I was eating! What most people will tell you is to eat 500cals over your Calorie intake for maintenance of body weight. If you want get smaller eat fewer Calories than your daily intake of Calories for maintenance of Body weight.

That means no running, swimming, rowing and so on. I always find this works and would usually expect to gain anywhere from 3-6kgs of solid muscle mass.
The sessions should be short (no greater than an hour) including many heavy compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts etc. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We also learned a new move where you start out in a plank and jump into a squat, then back down into a plank and so on. We did the new release yesterday (four times a year, all Les Mills fitness classes come out with new music and choreography) which always makes for a fun class.
I did really well on the squat and lunge tracks yesterday - kept good form and felt strong and steady throughout (I used to especially suck at lunges); I'm also improving on biceps. Fats can even help to accelerate fat loss if consumed in the proper way in your diet to build muscle. At that time, for me, fats would have played an essential role in my diet.
However, I believe for hard gainers over 1000 cals is required and even more if you undertake other calorie burning activities. If you want to get bigger eat more Calories than your daily intake of Calories for maintenance of Body weight.
Obviously, I would put on a bit of body fat, may be a 1-2% increase but this usually goes pretty fast when I engage in Cardio again.
I really struggled through this workout (didn't sleep too well the night before) but I got through it. I'm still only using 5kg on the bar for biceps but it's getting easier to finish the track -- I'll probably be able to add soon.
Not only would they have been the best energy source, fat would also be used to transport fat-soluble vitamins — vitamins A, D, E and K — from the food I ate your my body. Instead of the usual clean and press, we do one clean and three presses, which gets your heart rate going a lot faster. Our instructor advised us to go lower than our usual weight for the back track, so I went down to 9kg. I used the same weights as usual for the rest and was shaking by the end of each track, especially the chest track, so that's good.

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