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Exercises for the low back are a great way to help prevent recurrence of pain once you are no longer in pain.
Here are some examples of exercises you can do at home to help prevent low back pain in the future. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged low back pain chiropractor, low back pain exercises, low back pain exercises chiropractor. For information about exercises to help support back strength, check out "Back for More: Exercises that can help prevent low back pain or injury," by Jeff and Martha Ellis, in the November issue of FireRescue magazine. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reported that approximately 81,000 firefighters in the United States were injured during 2002 at a cost of $3–8 billion(1).
The high rate of low back injuries can be attributed to the high-risk activities that firefighters are expected to perform, such as operating charged hoselines, climbing ladders, breaking windows, ventilating structures, performing overhaul and lifting objects greater than 40 lbs.(4). The WFI consists of five major components: 1) medical evaluation, 2) fitness testing and exercise, 3) rehabilitation, 4) behavioral health promotion and 5) data collection.
The WFI does not include a test to assess back extension muscular endurance, which has been shown to be a good predictor of future low back pain and disability following a back injury(7).
In this article, we’ll describe the findings of a recent research study, which assessed the back muscle strength, endurance and flexibility characteristics of firefighters who participated in WFI-based periodic health evaluations.
The Study The study involved a group of professional firefighters from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFRD) who presented for initial WFI-based periodic health evaluations. The comprehensive periodic evaluation consisted of procedures described in the second edition of the WFI(5).
In addition to the WFI-based procedures, participants performed an isometric back extension muscle endurance test (Figure 1). Data management, analysis and interpretation procedures were conducted by investigators who were not involved with the assessments and did not have access to private health information. An isometric back extension endurance test was successfully implemented as a component of the WFI-based periodic health evaluation for firefighters at the SDFRD. In agreement with previous studies (3,5,6), this study found that low back pain is highly prevalent in firefighters. Perhaps the most important finding of this study is that a large majority of firefighters had isometric back extension endurance times that were below the recommended target times for healthy individuals(8). Although the underlying factors related to low back pain are likely multifaceted, deconditioned core trunk muscles are strongly associated with low back pain. Of these relationships, the relationship between back extension endurance and low back pain may be most compelling, particularly for the purpose of formulating effective back injury prevention programs for firefighters.
An isometric back extension endurance test can be efficiently incorporated into WFI-based fitness test batteries, and can provide useful information about the physical performance characteristics of firefighters’ back muscles. The Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table is built with an exceedingly strong steel frame with a scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish.
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It’s been documented that approximately 80 percent of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. For example, weak hamstrings allow the pelvis to rotate forward which contributes to lumbar lordosis – a painful postural condition. The other critical factor, says McGill, is to "groove optimal muscle-activation patterns." That is, teach the muscles that stabilize your spine to support your back during any activity, for maximum protection.
Incidence, Prevention and treatmentMark McCabe MSc (Sports Med) MISCP CSCSLow Back Pain (LBP) is an extremely common and often disabling injury throughout sport, activities of daily living and the workplace.
Research indicates that the majority of LBP episodes settle inside 6 weeks regardless of whether one attends extensive treatment to reduce symptoms (eg. However once the initial acute episode subsides the main focus should be on identifying the cause of the LBP, residual or pre-existing weakness and faulty movement patterns which may predispose to repeat injury. Prolonged sitting: Excessive load to the Lumbar Spine especially the disc leads to weakness and a large increase in compressive load to the spine. Pushing and pulling movements that are uncoordinated and don’t fully engage a proper connection between the upper and lower limbs. Primary goal is to retrain the musculature that surrounds the lumbar spine to perform its function of stabilising the spine.

Identify and treat any adjacent joints that have reduced mobility or control that may contribute to LBP.
Educate the client, educate the client and educate the client re: Safety, exercise selection and how to fix themselves.
At West End Chiropractic we see all types of low back conditions and one the most common denominator’s is overuse and poor biomechanics (posture).
Strengthening exercises for your core, back, and legs are great way to build muscular endurance and help fix muscle imbalance.
Most injuries to firefighters occur on the fireground, and many of these injuries are musculoskeletal-related.
These tasks are often accomplished while the body’s posture is ergonomically unsound or on unstable ground. The WFI provides guidance to fire departments on how to implement properly designed health, wellness and fitness programs to help firefighters become more physically able to safely carry out their work duties and common activities of daily living. Each of these components is comprehensive in nature, particularly the periodic medical evaluation. Because of this, a new WFI-based program has incorporated an isometric back extension endurance test with the standard elements of its WFI-based periodic health evaluations for firefighters being performed at a municipal fire-rescue department in the United States.
Exactly 793 (725 male, 68 female) firefighters—94 percent of the department’s firefighter workforce—participated in the voluntary periodic evaluation. These procedures included various health history and health-habit questionnaires, clinical laboratory tests, imaging, comprehensive medical evaluations and fitness tests. Similar versions of this test have been used by various clinicians and researchers for civilian populations(7,8). The addition of this test enhances the current battery of WFI tests for assessing physical fitness, and provides useful information for those designing preventive exercise programs for firefighters.
Although normative data on isometric back extension endurance in firefighters is not available, this finding suggests that firefighters should engage in exercise programs to improve back extension endurance and the functional capacity of related core muscles. For example, individuals with low back pain exhibit a loss of strength and endurance in trunk extensor muscles(9,10). Poor isometric back extension endurance has been linked to an increased risk for future low back pain episodes and a higher incidence of work disability due to chronic back disorders(7,14). Fire departments should consider adding this simple test to their wellness-fitness programs and periodic health evaluations. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Assistance to Firefighters Grant awarded to the City of San Diego, and 2) the Spine & Sport Foundation (aka, The Vert Mooney Research Foundation). National Institute of Standards and Technology: The Economic Consequences of Firefighter Injuries and Their Prevention. International Association of Fire Fighters, International Association of Fire Chiefs: The Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative, 2nd edition. It has a foam double-stitched, vinyl-covered backrest for a comfortable head and back when inverting.
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A recent EU commission study suggests that 67 million people in the EU are currently suffering from spinal pain currently (1). Massage, Mobilisations, Chiropractic or other) but many run a much higher risk of recurrence subsequently with further acute episodes affecting 44% of individuals within one year and a lifetime recurrence rate of 85%(4).One of the major reason for recurrences is weakness of the musculature that supports the lumbar spine like a corset. Starting points and level of end progression will vary according to the severity of the injury and the end goals of the client. All we require is that you understand that all evidence on reducing and preventing LBP indicates that improving fitness, movement patterns and strength offer the best results. If you have been struggling with low back pain for more than a day, contact a local medical provider who specializes in treating low back conditions. The musculoskeletal system’s primary functions include supporting the body, allowing motion and protecting vital organs.
The study protocol was reviewed and approved by a licensed institutional review board to ensure adequate protection for the participants. All medical evaluations and fitness tests were administered by trained personnel under the direct supervision of appropriately licensed healthcare providers, including one of the investigators, as well as the wellness officer (a captain) from the SDFRD. To complete the isometric back endurance test, the participant is positioned prone on a bench with the anterior superior iliac spine at the edge of the bench.
The database was designed by the investigators specifically for WFI programs in accordance with the requirements set forth in the WFI second edition(5).
Future research should asses the efficacy of these exercise programs in preventing low back injuries. These relationships suggest that exercise programs for the prevention and treatment of low back disorders should focus on improving the endurance capacity of the back extensor muscles through long duration, high repetition and low-intensity exercise.

It’s also reasonable to recommend that future editions of the WFI incorporate an isometric back extension endurance test as a standard component of fitness testing. Work activities and the onset of first-time low back pain among New York City fire fighters. Endurance times for low back stabilization exercises: Clinical targets for testing and training from a normal database.
The reliability and validity of the Biering-Sorensen test in asymptomatic subjects and subjects reporting current or previous nonspecific low back pain.
Relationships between myoelectric activity, strength, and MRI of the lumbar extensor muscles in back pain patients and normal subjects. High-quality controlled trials on preventing episodes of back problems: systematic literature review in working-age adults.
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This Men’s Health -approved series of lower back exercises will build endurance—the first step to keeping your body pain-free. For the active workforce LBP is a common cause of sick-leave and long term disability and time out of employment (2).
Strong and mobile hips are vital to spare the lumbar spine, so stiff and weak hips are BAD! We rehab sedentary office workers with similar techniques but completely different intensity to our Olympic athletes. At West End Chiropractic and Wellness we have been helping patients with low back pain for over 18 years. Sprains and strains, including those of the low back and abdominal regions, account for most of the musculoskeletal injuries in firefighters(2).
In the third edition of the WFI, which was published after the present study was completed, assessment of core stability using the static plank test is also recommended(6). Arms are held against the chest with hands on opposite shoulders, while the examiner secures the participant at the ankles. Descriptive data (means and standard deviations) were calculated for each assessment variable.
Although the clinical meaning of these functional deficits in firefighters with low back pain is unclear, stakeholders are encouraged to address them in well-designed and targeted physical fitness programs. Atrophy and fatty infiltration of the lumbar muscles have been reported in those with chronic low back pain(10).
It’s important to note, however, that this premise has not been tested in clinical trials for the prevention of low back injury in firefighters or civilian populations(15). In order to improve the validity of this test for firefighters, normative data on firefighters from a wide variety of fire service departments are needed. A removable lumbar lower back cushion is included to support the lower back while inverting.
It’s almost like having a trainer working with you, or a therapist to help you perform physical therapy back exercises Best exercises for lower back pain the cost, that is. The likelihood of each individual experiencing LBP in their lives is estimated at anything between 59% to 90 %( 3). Following from this should be a Plan of Care to address weaknesses and existing risk factors.
Call us today to schedule  an appointment at (952) 500-8477 before your back pain gets any worse. The participant is instructed to elevate their torso to a horizontal position and the examiner begins timing as soon as the torso is unsupported. Isometric back extension endurance times were compared to a target endurance time and subsequently categorized as “normal” or “below normal”(8).
Moreover, altered activation patterns in various core muscles and spinal functional instability have been reported in those with low back pain(12,13).
Additionally, targeted exercise approaches are needed to address the functional deficits of firefighters’ back muscles.
Further, low back injury is the most common injury related to early retirement from the fire service(4). Finally, standard statistical tests were conducted to compare firefighters with and without a self-reported history of low back pain.
Finally, more research is needed to assess the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of exercise programs and other approaches in preventing low back injury, and to determine which specific exercises and approaches are most appropriate for firefighters. When the torso drops 10 degrees below the starting position, the examiner stops the test and time is recorded in seconds.

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