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Don gi?n la v?i th?c an t? nhien b?n khong th? nao h?p thu du?c 1 lu?ng l?n calo trong th?i gian ng?n, chua k? d?n h? tieu hoa c?a b?n ph?i i ?ch tieu hoa 1 lu?ng l?n th?c an lau ngay s? b? qua t?i va sinh ra nhi?u b?nh nguy hi?m v? du?ng tieu hoa. Muscle Mass Gainer du?c thi?t k? b?i Labrada, 1 thuong hi?u tien phong trong nh?ng nghieng c?u s?n xu?t cac s?n ph?m cao c?p nh?m m?c tieu tang co, gi?m m?, d?t pha nh?ng di?u g?n nhu la khong th? trong linh v?c tang can. Muscle Mass Gainer cho chung ta 1930calo va 84g protein khi  pha chung v?i 1 lit s?a tuoi nguyen ch?t. Muscle Mass Gainer cho chung ta d? dang h?p thu 1 lu?ng l?n calo va protein tang co co ch?t lu?ng cao nh?t v?i 1 mui v? tuy?t nh?t. Muscle Mass Gainer co th? du?c s? d?ng nhu 1 b?a an thay th? (MRP) hay 1 s?n ph?m ph?c h?i sau khi t?p, no ch?a nhi?u nang lu?ng v?i protein xay d?ng co, carbonhydrate, creatine va nhi?u thanh ph?n du?ng ch?t quan tr?ng khac trong do co Vitamin va khoang ch?t. Muscle Mass Gainer Ch?a 17g BCAA (Branch chain amino axit) giup b?n ph?c h?i t?t sau t?p luy?n, va tr? nen to hon, kh?e hon, nhanh hon.
Muscle Mass Gainer la m?t s?n ph?m tuy?t v?i danh cho nh?ng v?n d?ng vien tr? mu?n gia tang kh?i lu?ng protein va ch? s? calo d? tang can va co nhanh nh?t, hi?u qu? nh?t. Muscle Mass Gainer de Labrada fue creado por un gran grupo de investigaciA?n y desarrollo por parte de Labrada para brindarte un gaanador de peso de una forma rA?pida.

An nhi?u ma khong h?p thu cung tr? thanh 1 v?n d? ph? bi?n d?i v?i nh?ng b?n kho tang can, thi luc nay Muscle Mass Gainer la su ch?n l?a tuy?t v?i cho m?c tieu tang co, tang can nhanh. No th?t s? la 1 bu?c d?t pha trong dong s?n ph?m protein shake mang v? cho b?n 1 di?n m?o m?i, 1 kh?i lu?ng co b?p m?i. You're now following Gainers in your eBay Feed.You will receive email alerts for new listings.
Hon th? n?a v?i thanh ph?n va t? l? dinh du?ng t?i uu s? giup cho nh?ng ngu?i choi th? hinh h?p thu t?t nh?t, tang co, tang can hi?u qu? nh?t. B?n co th? s? d?ng s?n ph?m nay nhu 1 b?a an luc b?n doi, nhung d? d?t du?c k?t qu? t?t nh?t b?n c?n u?ng 1 l?n vao bu?i sang va 1 l?n khac vao th?i di?m sau khi b?n t?p luy?n th? hinh ho?c th? thao xong (day la 2 th?i di?m vang d? b? sung, co th? b?n c?n nhi?u ch?t dinh du?ng d? ph?c h?i). Tang co n?c hay tang m??Th?c t?, tren th? tru?ng Vi?t Nam ch? d?m du?c tren d?u ngon tay nh?ng s?n ph?m tang can th?c s? theo dung nghia c?a no. N?u vi m?t ly do nao do b?n khong th? an nhi?u, ho?c h?p th? kem, cach b? sung dinh du?ng hi?u qu? & khoa h?c nh?t la qua nh?ng dong th?c u?ng dinh du?ng, s?a tang can. B?n co th? dung vao b?t c? khi nao b?n c?m th?y doi, thay th? b?a chinh, dung vao cac b?a ph?, tru?c khi t?p, ho?c t?i tru?c khi di ng?.1.

Chung toi s? lien h? v?i b?n qua di?n tho?i d? xac nh?n thong tin don hang, d?a ch? va th?i gian giao nh?n hang.2. S?n ph?m du?c nh?p kh?u d?u co “Gi?y phep luu hanh t? do t?i M?”, da qua ki?m duy?t thanh ph?n va du?c phep luu hanh c?a C?c V? Sinh An Toan Th?c Ph?m – B? Y T? Vi?t Nam.
S?n ph?m dung hi?u qu?, tuy nhien khi check ma v?ch b?ng ph?n m?m di?n tho?i thi ra nu?c xu?t x? la canada nen minh chua hi?u l?m, r?t mong nh?n du?c gi?i dap t? phia cong ty. V? xu?t x? c?a s?n ph?m thi do cong ty m? (ch? s? h?u thuong hi?u) MuscleTech la Iovate Health Sciences Inc co tr? s? chinh t?i Toronto, Canada.

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