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Google Keyword Tool research should never be an after thought in the process of building an internet website, or even marketing anything on the internet.
Instead, just do your keyword research right the first time, apply your results, and work on optimization of the search engines. By now, you should have a pretty clear picture that the success or failure of a website can depend a lot on the keywords you choose.
How do you put a dollar value on searches coming from your keywords, and how do you tell who will buy?
How do you choose keywords that will get you traffic now and will grow your business later?
Keyword research is the process of brainstorming, researching and choosing which keywords to target on your website. 10215Being an important search engine, Bing offers a tool to help you get keyword ideas and suggestions related to the content of your interest. Bing Keyword tool can be found in the Report and Data section, together with other widgets available inside Bing Webmaster Tools, such as Page Traffic Tool, SEO reports and Crawl Information about your website. Since keyword analysis is an initial step in both setting up online advertising and trying to optimize your website to be search engine friendly, it is evident that this is a very important tool that provides you with data crucial for improving your business and sustaining the high ranking in the search engines.
What is important about Bing Keyword tool is that you get the help you need in order to find out which topics you should focus on. Additional filtering options will help you focus your keyword analysis on a specific target group.
Select the starting and ending date for the period during which you want to conduct the keyword analysis. If you want the search results to be strictly related to the phrase you have specified in the first field, you will have to check the box “yes” next to the field that says “Strict”. Finally, you click on the button “Search” to get the results from the organic search at Bing. The first results you are going to see are the ones that fully match the keyword or a phrase you have entered. This information is very important as it helps you discover current trends which can have a great impact on your content. The keyword research analysis can be exported in the form of a comprehensive report, which may be useful if you need the data to be analyzed by the professional team within your company or in case you want to consult another agency with suggestions on optimizing your content based on the current data.
Finally, watch this video to see how to use Bing Keyword tool to conduct a simple keyword analysis that can help you with optimizing content on your website or your blog. You can take our word for it, or you can do more research than the FBI, either way, you’ll discover that our manufacturing facilities in the USA have more Independent Certifications of cGMP than any other in this market.
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ClipArt ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida.
For those of you unaware, there are 3 types of phrases when it comes to keyword research—short tail, medium tail, and long tail.
Short: High Competition Keywords (searcher has a vague idea of what they are searching for). Medium: Competitive Keywords and takes time for results (searcher has a general idea of what they are searching for). Long: Low Competition can using rank the quickest (searcher knows what they want and usually is ready to buy).

The longer the tail, the easier it is to rank in Google and the other search engines for that particular keyword phrase . I know that rankings are a bad measurement as they are so variable – depending on personalization, location, Google testing new algorithms, etc. From there multiplied traffic by average conversion rate, and that by average conversion value, and then dividing revenue by cost to compute the mean efficiency rate (MER) which is the metric that drove all decisions around keyword opportunities. I ended up using the Chitika one as it was in the middle of the other models I had available.
Rank 6 returns an estimated traffic of 1582 and $2055 Rank 8 returns an estimated traffic of 1668 with $2166 A lower ranking 8 vs 6 returns more traffic and more money?
The example from the spreadsheet that you pointed out doesn’t make sense because the data is fictitious. February 16, 2012 By kevin Leave a Comment Many keyword tools make the claim they’ll have you weaving gold from hay in 10 minutes.
Using only this dead center keyword, you launch a Google Adwords campaign to a targeted landing page. What you do with all these targeted keywords is another story, but you know have a list of actual searches people used to find your services.
If you’d like to find your bulls-eye keyword then check out the bottom of my post here. Google to this day is the King of the Internet Search Engines and should be viewed as the authority in Search Engine Marketing. Even though the tool is free and limited as to the information that you will get it is essential that you at least check it occasionally. Internet businesses can grow a lot faster than brick-and-mortar businesses, which actually makes planning that much more important. With an Internet business, you could lose so much momentum by having to start over again or correct things like navigation or main keywords that it could cripple your entire website overnight.
In order to access the Bing Keyword tool you have to sing in with an existing Microsoft account or you can sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools. The goal in both cases is the same – to analyze the search volume related to a certain topic you are interested in which can help you alter the keyword or the keyword phrase if necessary. Once you research a certain keyword, you will find out whether that is the term you should include in your optimization process. If your online activity is targeted at a specific county or a region, it is advisable to conduct a search focused on the area of your interest.
If you leave the box unchecked, you will see the total query volume in the results with additional suggestions provided.
Trends will help you analyze whether a certain keyword is being more popular when it comes to the searches, or if the percentage of the number of searches is dropping.
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And as we all know, the more we rank for multiple search phrases in our industry, the more we’re going to see qualified leads coming into our website.
It will show you the keyword opportunity based on your current rank (and associated estimated traffic) subtracted from the estimated traffic associated with a number one spot ranking. The estimated traffic is based on the Chitika model – Traffic estimates based on all available models are available in a different tab.

This one requires a little more work on your end but will show you an estimated revenue opportunity in addition to the amount of traffic you can gain. Then go and get the [exact match] keyword volumes associated with the keywords you’re tracking (or keywords you want to rank for).
I’m writing about it now, hopefully will be finished with the post soon :) Really good stuff here though!
The post is correct in saying paste to A3 the actual tab says post data to G3 – I know I am a Consistency Nazi, not tryin to call accidents out, just helpin!
All of the data inputs (keywords, ranking data, and GA eCommerce data) are from different sources. Set broad matching in Google then let Google’s system find what it deems to be related. One of the best ways to reach customers the very moment they need you is with pay per click advertising.
He has generated thousands of leads in his career and has built managed or consulted in over 120 successful online marketing campaigns. Using Google’s Free Keyword Tool is a must for every Internet Marketer if for no other reason to better understand how Google Search Results are achieved.
Using Google Local can help your business grow in your community but, without the proper Keyword Tool you may find yourself struggling to find what searchers are searching for. However, depending on the browser you wish to optimize your website for, you should choose one of the two tools. The data included in the analysis are from the previous six months so you are sure of the data being current and valid. If you have not limited the analysis only to the phrase you have provided, Bing Keyword tool will also suggest additional keywords based on the phrase you have entered.
Long Tail Pro cuts through the chase and quickly points you in the direction that will have the most impact on your campaign. To give any meaningful insight, it needs to be combined with keyword volume (usually from the Google KWR Tool) and your current rank for the keyword. Maybe I am not familiar with the models included, but for the keyword “type of wine” , does this make sense? The Free Google Keyword Tool is simply the single most crucial part of understanding the leading search engine methodology when it comes to search results. You can also narrow down the results when it comes to the language using the suggestions available in the dropdown menu. This may give you new ideas on keywords or it may influence you to expand your topic to include additional terms due to the numbers you see in the table that signify the number of searches. If you’ve entered ecommerce data, it will also show how much revenue you can gain by attaining a number one ranking. If your site isn’t mobile than these people click the back button and go to your competitors.

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