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Question:  What would the QueryText syntax look like if I wanted to get all documents that have both FAST and Search? You need to create a Keyword Query Language (KQL) expression to return results for all assets in the Central region. You create a SharePoint app that displays a list of documents for a company that sells insurance policies. To answer, select the appropriate code segment from each drop-down list in the answer area. Grant eDiscovery users site collection administrator permissions on every site collection that contains discoverable content. You use Visual Studio to design a SharePoint solution for a company that sells wine to customers around the world. On the REFINERS tab, you can choose to limit returned results by adding preselected refiners to your query. You can specify that the search results that are returned in the Search Results Web Part should be limited to one or more values from the refiners. B: The Search Results Web Part shows the search results of a query that was entered in a Search Box Web Part. Use property filters to query the content of managed properties that are set to queryable in the search schema. Discovering keywords in different languages is crucial for anyone who conducts a wide-reaching business. WordStream’s Keyword Discovery tool works in all languages, even ones with foreign alphabets.
GenoPro, the world's leading provider of genogram software, called out this feature specifically as one of their favorite aspects of WordStream. Search engine campaigns in different languages are crucial for anyone looking to attract new visitors. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget.

Hi I have used cross site publishing feature of SharePoint 2013, In Content rollup pages data is coming for default zone(Authenticated user) but data is not coming for internet zone (anonymouse user). Hi ChrisWould it be possible to index a SP2010 sitecollection with SP2013 Fast and then use the CSWP 2013 on the SP2010 site. Developing for Office 365 – thoughts on use of custom master pages and web templates etc.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged search or ask your own question. Change query for the default search result page (osssearchresults.aspx) in SharePoint 2013? You need to configure permissions for eDiscovery users so that users are able to access all discoverable content.
Even if your website only applies to people in the continental United States and Canada, neglecting search campaigns in Spanish and French means neglecting potential customers. IT Director, Jean Claude Morin, wrote, "WordStream is helpful in finding foreign language keywords.
By logging and categorizing any keywords that result in a visit to your website, WordStream is constantly updating your account with new, relevant keywords. Will be interesting to see exactly how the lack of real time results plays with clients though - I've seen many scowls when this limitation to Search based information has been talked about!
Not only that, Google AdWords is the most competitive in English, so you may be impressed at low bid amounts and high ad position in other languages.
As keywords continue to come in, the software will even suggest segmenting languages separately because of the words' relevance to each other, even though you may not know the language. The keyword finder works in any language, even ones with foreign alphabets, as does relevance score and suggested keyword segmentations for the best optimization. Thus, the WordStream tool is constantly finding, associating and adding new advertising keywords in those foreign languages. On a technical note, WordStream handles well foreign alphabets, something important when dealing with a multi-lingual customer base." Read their whole story about how WordStream helped them to discover the roots of SEM inefficiencies.

Maybe we needed to add paging to the results, or we needed to use some value obtained dynamically through code (e.g. In most deployments, my guess would be that changes would be reflected within a few minutes at most if this is enabled (where previously you may have had an incremental crawl scheduled every 15, 30 or 60 minutes for a SharePoint sites content source. In addition to Promoted Result, we can also do a Result Block (example could be a block of 5 image results within main list of text links). There is a separate template to pick for the overall control and formatting of an individual item. Word doc, wiki page, PowerPoint file etc.) and so we have granular control over how each is displayed (and when). This shows the first 10 results which would display from running the currently configured search against the current index, without the need to save the web part after each change: Note that if you create your own query, then this preview pane is only able to show results when you are on the TEST tab. SharePoint 2013 makes it much easier to have this full control whilst still piggybacking onto the out-of-the-box web parts – meaning less work and more productivity. It’s not Managed Properties as far as I can tell, so although the list is long many options may not be hugely useful. This can be summarized: Query Rule Action Will affect CSWP results? It may not always make sense to use rewritten URLs in aggregations outside of the catalog pages, especially if you’ve implemented anything funky there.
Configuration may prove quite simple for some scenarios, but there is also huge amount of flexibility and so a certain degree of complexity comes with that.
Many advanced scenarios which make use SP2013 search capabilities (such as Result Sources, Query Rules, promoted results and so on) will be possible – knowing the details will help you identify whether the CSWP can be the answer to a particular problem or not.

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