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If you’re revamping your website or launching a SEM campaign, the quality of your keyword list will play a significant role in your overall success.
When you optimize and advertise using popular keywords and phrases that are a good fit for your site, you increase your chances of obtaining traffic and converting it to leads and customers.
There are a number of free tools that can help you evaluate keywords, but a great way to get started is to think about your typical website visitors, their needs, and how your site fills those needs. Start high-level and identify the user groups that visit your website.  Include different types of prospects, current customers, media, potential employees, and other groups as needed.
Now for each user group, think about the terms they may use when looking for information on the web. Remember, people don’t always search using the exact terms that describe your product, site or industry. Continue this exercise and build lists for other user groups you want to find your website. Type words or phrases into the tool and Google will deliver the estimated monthly search volumes along with related keyword suggestions. The Marketing MO planning app is your behind-the-scenes Chief Marketing Officer, a comprehensive resource that will improve your overall business, whether it’s a consulting practice, start up, or mid-size company. First, Google controls the largest share of the search market so why not go with the 600-lb gorilla. If you operate in a commercial sector that crosses numerous business and industries, Google will hand you a list of a few thousand keywords used by its patrons. There are a couple of ways I test the strength of a keyword to deliver good SERPs for my client. The site owner, intuitively, selected hearing aids as his primary keyword but couldn’t understand why his bounce rate was over 80%. Use a term extraction tool to identify which keywords and phrases are strong with search engines. The software is actually an AdWords metrics tool that identifies bidding ranges of given keywords for AdWords placement. AdWords functions much like a stock market with investors bidding up the price of keywords, just as investors bid up the price of stocks. Then, as your business grows, you can add more of the most-used keywords and go head-to-head with the cost-cutting big box stores.
Welcome to the ineedhits Search Engine Marketing blog, where we share the latest search engine and online marketing news, releases, industry trends and great DIY tips and advice. Keyword research is the foundation to any SEO campaign, so in this post I’ll cover a simple way to perform keyword research for your website using Google’s free keyword tool. The Google AdWords keyword tool has been developed by Google to give PPC advertisers an insight into different keywords that could be useful in setting up a PPC campaign. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend just entering a few simple keywords you would like to rank for and using the tool to expand this list. Once you’ve got 3-4 basic keywords, ensure the ‘use synonyms’ box is ticked and click on ‘Get keyword ideas’. You’ll want to focus on the global monthly search volume column, which shows the average number of monthly searches for each keyword on the list.
Now obviously the huge keywords like florist or florists are going to be very hard to rank for as there will be a large number of sites competing for such a generic keyword. By ranking highly for a group of long-tail keywords, their combined traffic volume will hopefully equal some of the more difficult phrases. By the way, if you’re looking for a complete SEO solution, ineedhits has some great SEO packages which offer guaranteed ranking results on Google! In SEO, one of the first objectives is to define relevant niche keywords – keywords with acceptable amount of traffic for the website and with low quality and quantity competition. The AdWords and AdCenter change history reports provide a great documentation trail, but they don’t tell the whole story. Whenever I am asked to audit or manage an existing PPC account, one of the areas I often find lacking in sufficient context is the inventory of negative keywords and in this column, we’ll take a look at how negative keywords can grow out of control and a simple documentation framework for managing them more effectively.
I am guessing that just about every PPC campaign manager is well aware of the importance of negative keywords and how they reduce unproductive ad impressions, clicks and cost. Because it is so easy to find and add negative keywords, negative keyword lists tend to get bigger and bigger over time. One problem with this sort of sloppy management is that one misapplied negative keyword can instantly kill legitimate impression and click volume. One of the challenges with managing negative keywords is a negative keyword may apply solely to a single keyword in your account, it may apply to a group of keywords, or it may apply to all of your keywords. This means you need to deal with each potential negative keyword individually and make a decision which keyword or keywords it applies to and how to apply it inside to your account.
You not only have to make this decision for every negative keyword you want to add, but you have to keep track of your decision, so that you don’t find yourself re-examining your decision every time you add a new set of positive keywords. As you can see, the more negative keyword you, add the more management overhead you have to deal with them. One of the problems with managing negative keywords is that as soon as you add them to your account, you lose track of their association with the positive keywords or search queries they pertained to in the first place.
The purpose of this campaign is to attract people who need help with addiction and are looking for drug rehab facilities in Texas. Selecting out just the negative keywords, in this hypothetical case, you now some words that are completely unrelated to what you do, (nursing homes, full time work and hillsburg ave) which may be campaign level negatives and universally used to block and search queries that contain those words.
The next step is to expand your list of possible negatives using synonyms and stemmed versions of your proposed negatives.
Now that we have a list of negatives  and a list of reasons we are interested in these keywords, we are ready to add them into the account.
As shown below in the AdWords Editor interface, all you can see that once you load your negative keywords into your campaign, is your list of negative keywords. So the next step in this process is to finish up the documentation of your in Excel or even within AdWords Editor. In this Excel worksheet version of this documentation, the primary goal is to create a simple context for the selection of the negative that maintains the association with the original type of query that let to the negative keyword. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Matt Van Wagner is President and founder of Find Me Faster a search engine marketing firm based in Nashua, NH. Its been a little while since I last posted here, mainly because I’ve been busy studying Drupal an excellent open source content management system. Perhaps a more clear explanation would be, that Hittail helps you discover unique search queries that are generally less competitive, but almost always more targeted to your product or service. The main difference between normal keywords and long tail keywords is that long tail often appears more like a sentance. Well if you haven’t done any search engine marketing before, most people often try to achieve top status in the search engines for terms that are one, two or three words long at most.
Hittail, helps make the transition easier by allowing you to directly import them from your Hittail account, directly into your Adwords account.
Just like any analytics package you need to install a small Javascript snippet at the bottom of your HTML page source. Another nice feature I found was the ability to easily see what keywords you were found for and from what search engine.
You can also see the long list of keywords obtained over a short period of time in this view. In summary, Hittail is probably most useful for those in the search engine marketing industry. So if your looking to expand your keyword list or find more targeted traffic to drive to your website. Find out how software can do top-notch keyword selection for you with HubSpot's free 30-day trial! Today, most business purchasers looking to buy a product or service start the process by using a search engine to find vendors and product information.
It is usually more difficult to get ranked on the first or second page for popular searches.
Start by thinking about the 3-5 words that you think people will search on to find your business or businesses like yours.
Here are two tools that allow you to enter one word (like marketing) and get a list of related search terms as well as the number of times people search for each term. Googles Keyword Tool is a little bit different because it does not give you the total number of searches, it just tells you if the search activity is low or high on a 1 to 5 scale.
Google Keyword Tool allows you to find keywords related to your website or a competitors web site.
For a really advanced tool that combines a lot of data from a variety of sources, you can use the SEO Book Keyword Tool.
You really want to boil it down to a list of the 3-5 most important individual words, and then a list of the top keywords and phrases that you will use on your website. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better experience. If your business can only service a particular area, or you have shop front locations you should consider adding these locations to your main keywords as additional keywords on your list. If your site has web analytics installed you can see which keywords people are currently using to find your site. If you are an Australian business, with Australian clients, make sure you have selected Results are tailored to English, Australia (see screenshot below point 1). Run through your existing keyword list, entering your keywords one at a time (see screenshot above point 2).
Once you get your first list of results you have the option to sort and filter the results in a number of ways. For the most relevant results you should select Exact Match and sort the results on Local Search Volume. Which ever match type you use, make sure you use it consistantly for every keyword you enter into the tool.
Once you have completed this process for each of the existing keywords on your list, and each of the new keywords revealed by the Google keyword Tool, you should have quite a decent list of potential keywords. However, if he does not have a page dedicated to tooth whitening, he should not attempt to optimise his contact page for the tooth whitening keywords – as the content of the page does not support the keywords, there is no relevancy. Another way to cull some of the keywords from your list is to drop anything that is too broad, which usually has such a huge amount of competition that you may never rank for it. There are a couple of ways to get an idea of the amount of competition there is for a particular keyword.
It is important to note that both methods only give you an idea of the number of competing sites (those of which are savvy enough to have the keyword in their title tag anyway) – however, it cannot reveal the strength of those sites. Researching the strength of the competiting websites is probably beyond the scope of a do-it-yourself guide, but it involves inspecting each of the top 30 results to asses how well optimised their site is and how many links, and the quality of the links they have to the ranking page.
If you have a number of keywords relevant to a particular service or product, you should group them together as a visual aid for mapping the keywords to a page. Once you have grouped all related keywords you can map them to the relevant pages on your website by Adding a page column to your spreadsheet and noting the URL for each group.
Hopefully by now you will have a great list of around 20 keywords to optimise your site for.

If you are not sure about how good your list is, I’d be happy to give it a once over and give you some feedback.
David O'Donnell Hi, I’m a freelance digital marketing consultant based in Perth, Western Australia. SAM is a kind of software that automates niche website building and certain aspects of SEO. The automated features of Super Affiliate Machine will kill your website before it even launches. The sales pitch for SAM was quite mild compared to some other scam products out there, but there was a typical a€?rags to richesa€? and a€?fire your bossa€? pitch which appeals to folks in desperate situations. The coolest thing was that SAM actually manages your WordPress site within dashboard of SAM. The $47 launch price wasna€™t bad, but the normal $147 for only 3 WP sites is way overpriced. This a related concern worth mentioning: At a one time fee, I find it hard to believe they will maintain the software for long. The first sign of BS was when the presenter said a€?nothing gives you a bigger advantage in google than expired domainsa€?. The thing which will absolutely destroy your website, new or established, is putting spun content on it. As probably THE most important aspect of actually converting visitors into sales, the subject of how to write content that sells is not even touched upon. Would you still be reading this if I had just grabbed content from some other dude online, put it through a meat grinder, and haphazardly pasted whatever came out the other side?
This doesna€™t even take into account that Google hates spun content, and copying content from other sources without giving them credit, even if ita€™s spun, is copyright infringement.
In combination with the poor keyword choices and bad SEO advice, I really think that this software is setting you up for failure.
A feature I was looking forward to in Super Affiliate Machine was the keyword research and domain finder. However, after watching their keyword quality indicator in action, I have to totally disagree with what they consider to be good keywords and good domains! Not only is that not grammatically correct (and he doesna€™t even change it), but ita€™s going to be extremely difficult to rank for a keyword using another websites brand in the title.
The two keywords labeled as good keywords, stop smoking resultsA and my stop smokingA make absolutely no sense. These are all fantastic blog post topics, and things that people will really search for in Google. Stop smoking with hypnosis was most likely labeled as a€?bada€? because ita€™s high competition. Products like Super Affiliate Machine perpetuates the idea that there is some way to automate the niche site building process. Ita€™s taken me over 4 years to achieve this equilibrium, and I outsource a lot of the work. Ita€™s my opinion that therea€™s absolutely no way that the websites you build with Super Affiliate machine will rank, make money, or be around for long. The people looking at Super Affiliate Machine (and similar software) want passive income, and they want it starting next week.
If you really want passive income, you can later outsource the work you dona€™t like (or cana€™t do) when you have a better idea of how to make money with niche websites. After finding your review a couple days ago I continued to research and stumbled onto it….
They did some heavy promotions in the past couple weeks, so I think most people on the internet have seen it!
I started my own business on the internet in 2010 because I wanted to start every day with a relaxing cup of coffee instead of going to a regular 9-5 job. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and list the first words that come to mind when you think about looking for your product. Since Google currently dominates search, the Google keyword tool might very well deliver all the information you need. If you’re using the list to optimize your current website or a new one, select a smaller core group of keywords to use in your site architecture, headers, content, links and body copy. When tackling any new marketing task, have confidence that we have your back – with the structure and detail you need to get things done right.
That is over 50 million hits on a very narrow, industry-specific subject, but it makes a good point. The diversity of opinions offers up another point: there is no one way to select the perfect set of keywords.
However, by using several helpful tools you can gather empirical data, test the results for your site and tweak your keyword list to increase site traffic and, simultaneously, deliver a more highly-qualified buyer – knowledgeable, motivated to find a solution and willing to pay for that solution.
Your search terms are too sector- or B2B-specific and, as a result, the search terms don’t drive much traffic. Narrowing the list down is a crucial part of the development of an effective list of 10-15 keywords. The site offered a free consumer download, articles, product reviews and other helpful information for people conducting research on an upcoming hearing aid purchase. This will enable you to uncover strong terms that aren’t being used, even by stronger sites. Add the most promising candidates to your existing list and incorporate them in your site’s meta data, description tag, alt tags and title tags where appropriate.
Learning from my experiences and adventures in tech topics and running websites, I seek to spread tech tips, solve tech problems and help webmasters succeed since 2004. The flip side is that it also provides a great insight into keyword search volumes and related terms which can be used as the foundation of a basic SEO campaign. The country and language you choose here will influence the search volume numbers which are displayed after entering your keywords. The first is by entering a few general search terms associated with your website, the second is by entering a URL and pulling keywords from that page. My advice is to scroll down the list until you can find some lower volume “long tail” keywords. This helps your site to get decent traffic volumes without the struggle of ranking for the most competitive search term in your industry!
Matt's passion for online marketing began at university and has proved invaluable in steering product development and marketing initiatives at the company. While they do summarize what’s been changed and when, they do not provide insight, or explain why any particular change was made. On top of that, PPC managers often copy and paste negative keyword lists from one ad group or campaign to another and from one network to another, without much forethought, which increases the number of these large, bulky keyword lists you need to manage. Your positive keywords and your negative keyword lists live in different areas within your campaign structure and can’t be viewed at the same time. The other queries that are not directly related to your offerings for this ad group, but they may be applicable for other ad groups. Including the plural and singular versions is important, especially with AdWords, since negative broad match doesn’t expand its matching to stemmed versions. The context of why you selected them is lost unless you document it yourself either in a spreadsheet or using comments within AdWords Editor. He is a member of SEMNE (Search Engine Marketing New England), and SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization as a member and contributing courseware developer for the SEMPO Institute. I have also been playing with Goals and Filters in Analytics and I’m waiting on some data to build up before I report on that, but for now I thought I would reveal some information on a recent experiment with a tool called Hittail.
This is important because less competitive terms are far cheaper to bid on from a Pay Per Click perspective, but also easier to rank highly for in terms of search engine optimisation. Obviously people like to ask Google questions as if it were a oracle of knowledge (which it is, lets face it). This is because there is often a larger amount of traffic to be obtained from these sources. Traditionally many scoure their Analytics (like Google Analytics) package for unique keywords. Unlike an analytics package however, the weight (or size in kb) of the file is quite small so it shouldn’t be an issue from a page load time performance perspective. If you are bidding on terms internationally, say in different countries this could be really useful. Particularly those in the Adwords management field as this will save you a load of time discovering and optimising accounts. Adwords management and optimizing is very important otherwise your just loosing time and money.
How can you make sure that your business is found when these people are looking for you or your competitors? If you are not on the first or second page of search results, it is almost like not being there at all. Usually more searches occur for marketing than for online marketing and both of those terms are searched more frequently than small business online marketing. Because people know that marketing is searched more often than small business marketing, more people are trying to get onto the results for marketing and it is usually more difficult to get highly ranked for the more frequently searched term. Then use keyword tools to understand how often people search on the terms related to your business. But, it has another useful tool that allows you to put in your website (or a competitors website) and then it will analyze the site and spit out keywords that are related to the site.
Go through each row of the spreadsheet and score each search term on how relevant to your business it is in a new column called Relevance. What we are looking for are terms that get a lot of searches and are very relevant to your business. If you optimise your site for just the keywords that are obvious to you, without research, you are setting yourself up for failure.
If you don’t have Excel, you can use free alternatives like Open Office or Google Docs. This will include the main services you offer, the names of the top products you supply and any terms you believe would be relevant to see your site on the first page of search engine results for. Most of these visitors would leave after a few seconds when they realised that you could only service Perth. Also add both the plural and singular versions of your keywords, they are separate in the eyes of the search engines, and in number of competing sites. In keeping with the principal of using on free and straight forward tools, I suggest you checkout Google’s External Keyword Tool.
Keep the Use synonyms option ticked (see screenshot above, point 3) – it will reveal more keyword ideas.
In your spreadsheet you should make a note of the Local Search Volume for each of the keywords you add to your list – so it is important to keep the match type consistant for comparable data. You only want to optimise each page for 3 or 4 keywords max or you will end up diluting the ranking ability of each. If the dentist has a page for each of his main services (checkups, whitening, veneers etc) he could optimise each page for a handful of the best keywords for each of those services.

He would have to either plan to create a new page dedicated to that service and keep the keyword on his list (recommended), or drop the keyword from the list.
You might be in a better position to asses this, once you have completed week 3, having assesed these factors on your own site. Get onto your developer, or make a note to make a page for those keywords when you have a chance. They are selling you a dream of building a portfolio of money-generating niche websites but the reality of actually achieving this is not possible with this product. They do show a demonstration video of the product in action, and how the software builds niches websites in a just a few minutes. The guy in the vid does a further demonstration of how to use the software with a bit more detail than the sales page of Super Affiliate Machine. This is not unique though, as I can do this in ManageWP and manage 50+ WordPress sites for a few hundred dollars per year from their dashboard. From the demo videos, it seems to be pretty fast and although I disagree that it will be of use to anyone, it certainly does what it says. Not only will listening to these guys get you started on the wrong foot, but some of the advice could harm your current campaigns. Many times they are not relevant to your niche or filled with a low quality backlink history and other baggage. You can throw down a few hundred dollars on a 4 year old domain with a PR of 3 and still have less success than a brand new domain with a good amount of blogging and social activity.
From both demo videos (sales vid + vid above), you can see that content is automatically added to the website based on our keywords. There are many other things that come into play, like doing a bit of competition research before buying a domain.
They are extremely low competition, high interest, grammatically correct (or near) keywords that could be used for an alternative quit smoking website. However, stop smoking ulcersA also has a lot of potential to market remedies and at the very least, get a hungry audience onto your website.
They want you to think that there is a secret out there that makes building an online business easy, instead of hard. In fact, as an owner of over 60 websites, I know that ita€™s virtually impossible to maintain that many. Spend a week build a really good website rather than a trashy one, and enjoy the results it gets.
But the truth is that building legitimate, stable income that way just isna€™t going to happen. Learn how to find good keywords, write content that sells, and rank in Google without tricks or loopholes.
It takes longer, and requires that you sit down to learn, but isna€™t that the way with most things in life?
The trouble with their style of promotions is that they rarely mention the details of content creation that I’ve covered in this review. With One More Cup of Coffee I hope to help other people learn online business and achieve their own goals. You know the insider jargon, you know your target market, you know your products or services so start with a list of the search words you’d use. This tool identifies strong keywords on an existing site that’s been indexed properly by search engines.
So, a search of “digital cameras” reveals that your little site is on page 34 of SERPs, and when was the last time you drilled down 34 pages searching for anything? Look for keywords that haven’t been bid up in price but still pull a good quantity of traffic each day. And could you please tell whether the spread sheet is manually formed by you or got from using any tools?
With Google powering a majority of searches worldwide, it’s also fair to assume that the numbers are quite accurate. These may be 3-4 keywords in length, but reduced competition on these phrases means it’s much easier to get your site ranking well.
A more insidious problem of poorly-managed negative keyword lists is a slow, death-by-degrees decline in performance that is much harder to spot.
Matt writes occasionally on internet, search engines and technology topics for IMedia, The NH Business Review and other publications. The problem is, most of your competitors are often seeking to be found under the same term making it harder to achieve a top 10 ranking on the desired search engine.
Often this involves a manual process of exporting these keywords and then reimporting them into your Google Adwords account. In the attached screen shot you can see google with different domain GTLD (Global Top Level Domains). If anything, I have discovered that many people are searching for travel related phrases, which has inspired me to continue blogging about my travel and I have also found a lot of people arrived on my site, while searching for content management system related questions.
Anything that can save you a few dollars in online advertising spend is a good thing to me.
You need to make sure you rank high in the search engine results, for as many search terms as possible, and hopefully for many of the terms that are searched for more frequently. This part of the tool is useful if you dont really know where to start on finding keywords.
To analyze the results and make them useful for your business, you need to figure out which terms are the best ones for your company to focus on. For instance, small business online marketing is a very targeted term for our business, but it gets fewer searches than just marketing. You should use the keywords in the page titles, URLs, meta data, and the text on the page itself. Ranking well for multiple, commonly used keywords in your market can bring your site a huge amount of targeted traffic. For every product or service there are potentially thousands of distinct keyword combinations that a user may enter in a search engine. However, you generally do not want to optimise for single keywords, irrelevant, too broad or overly competitive keywords. Very basically, exact match only counts for when people use the term you entered exactly as you entered, phrase match return results for when people search for the term you entered with extra keywords around it and Broad could be any keyword Google thinks is related to the term you enter. If you have a lot of core services or products that warrant more than 20, that’s your call. Come back to it the next day and make sure that all of the keywords in final list are actually relevant and attainable. As a gun for hire, my arsenal includes freelance SEO and SEM, and providing free online marketing service reviews for businesses who want to know if they're getting value for money from their existing SEO contract. I feel they could have done more to educate the buyer, but they did better than most in this area. He actually recommends the software, but I disagree with him that it will help anyone be successful online. A one time fee for website management software is always a scary thing because they either need to keep growing to get new members in to pay overhead costs or ditch the software and launch something new. Buying an expired domain that you can actually use requires a decent amount of research and knowledge to know what youa€™re looking for. I havena€™t seen a PLR article rank in years.A They also fail to mention where those images are taken from. If you are building a website to last 10 years, whata€™s a week of work to set yourself up with a strong foundation?
It does take some time to find out what works for you, but if you stick with it, you’ll see success in whatever you do…regardless of your age! Eventually they’ll team up with other marketers to launch another product, and talk about what a great success SAM was.
A quick examination of the results of term extraction always reveals some interesting data. The first step toward ranking high in the results for the most common terms that people search for is to have the right keywords as part of your online presence.
For example, I would give the term small business internet marketing a score of 5, while just the term marketing would probably get a 3 score, and the terms lead crystal, lead singer and lead acid should all get scored as a 1. Use the sorting functionality in Excel to sort the search terms from the largest number of searches at the top to the lowest number.
Using the two scores we now have, we can create a column that gives a total of the relevance score and the volume score. The more variations of common keywords your pages rank for on the first page of search results, the more traffic you will receive. If that doesn’t make sense, you can read more on keyword matching options here or just try each of them and see the results for yourself. You can research as many as you feel necessary and optimise the additional when you have more time and experience, having done the first 20-odd.
Using images without the correct licensing or attribution could get your site served with a DMCA notice and taken down. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Once again, before you opt for a long-tail, test it on all major search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Inktomi. These are all related to the word spelled l-e-a-d, but are not related to the word lead as I mean it, which is as a sales or marketing lead.
Create a final column called Total Score and have it be equal to the sum of twice the relevance score plus the volume score.
Ultimately, selecting the right keywords takes consideration of the intent of the visitor using each particular search term.
Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!
The way I like to think about this is for the people searching on that term you are scoring, how likely is it that they will convert to a customer when they visit your website.
A score of 1 means your business is not relevant to the person searching, a score of 5 means it is the perfect business for them. For example, if your list contains 300 search terms, the top 60 in terms of number of searches would get a score of 5. In the image below you can see what terms became the ones I should focus on for my example.
Why would you need an auto website builder to so that you can create a websites in seconds? Often the most relevant terms have the highest volume, but there are usually some interesting findings as well. For instance, for me the terms contemporary marketing, search engine marketing company and sale lead all got a 3 for a volume score, but because of their high relevance, they are in my top 30 search phrases to focus on.

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