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99% of the people in the search marketing world should already understand the importance of data, Google is helping that 1% with their new keyword feature inside Google Sitemaps. NOTE: For Chrome users, there is a way to do just that, but last time I tried the bookmarks manager was still so amature. I use the google translator, that’s why I added it as a gadget in my iGoogle home page! You can add Google Translate to iGoogle, but you need to open the iGoogle page then every time or go to it, focus on it and do your search.
In both case you need to open the browser, my iGoogle is my home page and translator is the top left gadget. And expecting the same kind of useful information keep sharing between us in the future also.
I’ll add that you can also enable automatic language detection by setting source language to auto. 16179887 on Ratchet and Clank – Into The Nexus ReviewEdmund Sessoms on Google Suggest Still in Labs…????
You may not think that your business lives and dies by Google, however this assumption is wrong.
As you may well know, Google has altered and changed its algorithm majorly over the last number of years to stop people keyword stuffing and spamming.
Having a site without doing research on keywords is ie driving in the dark with no headlights on. If you already have a large list of keywords, you can either put in those keywords manually or you can upload them as a CSV file to get an idea of how commonly those keywords have been searched for.
In addition to ranking better in SERPs ranking higher, longer blog posts also tend to receive more shares and likes on Facebook, Retweets on Twitter as well as other social signals. Google’s algorithm is starting to take these signals into account more and more when considering rankings.

We are seeing with our clients that over 55% of searches are now being done on a mobile devices and a great deal of this is for local searches.
All of these factors are in the daily life of an SEO Specialist in 2015, so maybe you need to  consider them in your Search marketing campaign. Das neue Tool „Keyword-Planer“ ist bereits im Google AdWords Konto verfugbar und ist wie gewohnt uber den Menupunkt Tools und Analysen erreichbar. Im Gegensatz zu dem bisherigen Keyword-Tool ist es beim Keyword-Planer nicht mehr moglich, das Suchvolumen nach den verschiedenen Keyword-Optionen wie beispielsweise „Passende Wortgruppe“ zu filtern. Im direkten Vergleich zwischen den beiden Tools sind die Suchanfragen im neuen Keyword-Planer tendenziell hoher, weil hier automatisch alle Suchanfragen einberechnet werden – also auch die mobilen. Social Media: Jeder zweite Schweizer Internetuser nutzt zumindest gelegentlich Angebote im Bereich der Foren, Blogs oder Online-Communities. Leaving the tab open is a good way, but hey it will get lost soon in the middle of all the other tabs.
At all rates, once you have it and wanna translate a word, just do Ctrl+L to move to the address bar, write your letters, e.g. This works in Chrome as well and is MUCH BETTER than the buggy translate extensions which don’t work.
Having a site that ranks well for highly-searched-for keywords helps so much its difficult to put a definite price on it. There are hundreds of studies suggesting that Google (and search engines in general) are more and more interested in long form content of over 1200 words or so and tend to rank it highly. While this is not exactly what they are saying there are loads of studies to show that this is the case. If you have any questions, or need help implementing any of the above, do feel free to contact us.
Nicht nur bei (Online Marketing) Agenturen, sondern auch bei Privatanwendern war das Tool fur die Recherche von passenden Keywords oftmals die erste Anlaufstelle.

Nach einem Klick auf das Tool hat man anschliessend drei weitere Interaktionsmoglichkeiten.
Allerdings moderieren wir die Kommentare und behalten uns vor, beleidigende oder offensichtlich fur die Suchmaschinenoptimierung abgegebene Eintrage zu editieren oder gar zu loschen. One good practice is to memorize and maintain it’s order in each Firefox window, say you place it in second tab.
It’s as simple as setting up your Google Business Page and building the right content on your site.
Nun hat Google allerdings verkundet, dass das Tool sowie der Traffic Estimator eingestellt und durch das neue Tool Keyword-Planer ersetzt werden.
Wer also bislang das Keyword-Tool vor allem fur SEO-Recherchen genutzt hat, wird in Zukunft auf das kostenlose Tool verzichten mussen. Then you could simply go Ctrl+2 and Firefox will take you to that tab, and you can do your translation. This will of course increase the chances of someone actually clicking into your site as opposed to someone elses.
Local SEO makes a difference and can deliver massively for a site locally if done correctly. This is something our development team have done for many clients and we are seeing the benefits more and more.
With upcoming algorithmic updates to local search and it becoming more vital in 2015, focusing on it as part of an SEM strategy will be a necessity for a lot of businesses. Allerdings konnen dafur nun die Ergebnisse auch fur Stadte angezeigt werden und nicht mehr nur auf Landerebene.

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