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Knowing what keyword difficulty score you can rank for is an important element of your SEO strategy. Not only does it focus your efforts on getting results, it saves you loads of time from writing content about keyword phrases that might be too competitive for you to rank for. By targeting keywords within a realistic range of competition for your site you’re only producing content that has the best chance of being seen on the first page of Google and clicked on by your target audience.
The quick and easy solution is to use Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty Tool, which will tell you the level of keyword competition your site can confidently target as well as provide keyword recommendations. But for this post, we’ll show you the step-by-step manual process to find the keyword difficulty score you should target. Finding out what keyword difficulty score you should focus on starts with knowing what you’re already ranking for. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to view your position for various keywords that you currently rank in the top 10 for (Page 1 of SERPs). In our list, we can see that Alexa ranks in approximately the 7th spot for seo best practices, with 3,205 impressions over the last month.
Next, we will take the keyword seo best practices and search for it in Alexa’s Keyword Research by Query tool. Click on the Paid Traffic tab to view the Popularity, Competition, and Number of Advertisers for the keyword phrase.
This will also help you keep track of changes in the level of keyword competition you can handle over time. I got it of your useful information about competitor keyword as i know that from all your tips on Alex’s blog since long time. About AlexaFounded in 1996, Alexa has a rich history of providing deep analytical insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web. Reddit content is either user-generated or user-submitted.People of Reddit share cool stuffs which other people like you and I might like to read.
Google Keyword Planner hence fetches this data from Google; as it displays queries used by people all around the world to search anything. For an untrained blogger who is yet to start his blog, these might be just a bunch of complex numbers. But for a Hound Dog blogger, its gold mine of ideas for a profitable niche blog or the next big blog post. Now that I’ve given you the meat, let me give you the knife to cut it!At this point, I’m assuming that you have zeroed in on your next niche blog or blog post topic. Just for Fun, I’ll enter a broad keyword ‘PC Gaming’ in GKP and see how things come to pass. Though the keywords are related to our niche, these are the keywords you don’t want to be working on.
Google Keyword Planner was created using Content Advertisers in mind, rather than Content Publishers. The numbers in brackets inscribes the people currently subscribed to a particular subreddit. As you can see, the top 6 posts of buildapc subreddit have over 100 comments on each of them.
A discussion so rich is enough to find tons of keywords that you might have never heard about. Competition Tab in Keyword Planner shows Advertisers Competition; not be confused with SEO Competition. If I were to search for ‘PC Gaming’ on Google Keyword Planner, I wouldn’t have stumbled on a keyword as juicy and meaty as this one. You can write a complete eBook on this topic and giveaway as free download for email subscribers or sell on Amazon Kindle.
I’ll note down both the keyword ‘closed loop liquid cooling’ that I found on Reddit and ’closed loop water cooling’ that I found on GKP.

As we have ‘Competition’ tab in GKP that shows Advertisers Competition, we also have a tool (actually a Chrome extension) that’s displays SEO competiton. You just cannot go out; search for a keyword on Google and tell if you will able to rank for it or not.
As you can see, the Keyword Difficulty is 49% which tells us; the keyword has Medium Competition. Why not take 5 minutes of your life and know about the type of content that will increase your blog traffic. If you want to specifically target a particular country, look out for country-specific Google Search. You know what’s the time right now, don’t you?Time to update your Spreadsheet:Update your sheet with the keyword difficulty you have found for your keywords. However, if the Keyword Difficulty Score is painfully high for a keyword, it’s better discarding it. Wherever you roll your eyes, you’ll have a new keyword that can be utilized and ranked for.
Going to Reddit post’s conversation, I also got to know about various discussions related to a particular topic. You too can come with a similar bait concept trying to explain why people hate something in your niche and can expect to become popular overnight (I’m just being optimistic). If you’re genuinely a busy person with very less time for keyword research, you can use an exciting Keyword Research Tool called as Long Tail Pro.
Read this amazing guide where I explains how to find Long Tail and LSI keywords using Long Tail Pro. For my next blog post I was able to finalize 50 keywords that I will use just under 10 minutes.
It also has a Keyword Difficulty tool just like Mozbar provides; but as per my experience it happens to be far more accurate than Mozbar’s Keyword Difficulty feature. If you need complete information on SEO Keyword Research, Competition Analysis, Keyword Spying and Keyword Difficulty Tool; don’t forget to read this guide.
If I want 50 keywords, it will take about and around 50 minutes to find that many keywords on Reddit. But if you’re new and can’t afford a tool that costs $97 (one-time) Reddit is the way to go. Developing a list of good keyword opportunities can be both time consuming and challenging. Keyword targets that need to be integrated into new, or to-be-developed content marketing assets. Based on estimated search volume alone, there are several significant opportunities to acquire organic search traffic, IF you’re able to rank well for the list of keywords defined.
Successful application of SEO keyword research means matching content with the potential search intent of the user. In the above example, you can realize the following types of content marketing assets appearing prominently on the first page of Google search engine results.
If this was one of your or your clients’ strategic keyword targets, the key question would be whether you have a comparable content marketing asset that aligns with perceived intent in existing search engine results. What’s the potential likelihood you can develop content marketing assets designed to fulfill objectives of the searcher? How significant are the web pages and websites found in existing organic search engine listings, when considering SEO-specific performance indicators? Both SEOBook and SEOQuake offer free browser-based extensions that provide SEO-specific performance metrics associated with individual results, right in the search results listings (example below).
The goal in this analysis is to prioritize keyword targets based on the likelihood content created will rank for a particular keyword target. In one example, KoMarketing refined a set of keyword targets based on the fact that competition websites for a particular keyword set all had domain authority scores at least 15 points higher than our client’s website.

Understanding comparable SEO metrics found in existing search results should improve clarity of performance expectations. Coupled with defined content marketing objectives, you’re better able to prioritize keyword research and develop tactics with short-term and long-term objectives in mind.
Keyword prioritization seems simple in theory but is much more difficult in practice; particularly when dealing with a high volume of content (existing and new).
Welcome!Our goal is to present ideas, thoughts and opinions related to Online Marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social Media , and Content Marketing.
If you have questions or would like to talk with us about our online marketing services, call us at 1-877-322-2736 or use our contact form to get in touch with our leadership team. We will use this phrase as an example in determining the keyword difficulty we should target. We can use this score as a baseline when doing keyword research and developing great content. And start an excel spreadsheet with the keyword difficulty scores you find so you can get a sense of the best range to target. With a knack for syntax and passion for building connections, she drives daily content strategy to bring you the latest and greatest happenings within Alexa and the wide world of web analytics and marketing.
We love Alexa and best regards for all team working for Alexa from Komodo and Flores island Indonesia.
I’m supposing you know what Reddit is; hence let’s just give me a brief overview of it, shall I? In such situation it is important to know people’s reaction to certain things.In the headphone audiophile niche, people hate headphones from Beats by Dre. The objective was to provide resources and tactics for coming up with as many keyword phrases as possible around a particular topic. Once completed, B2B marketers face a different challenge: making certain the generated keyword list matches content marketing tactics as best as possible. It also means understanding the types of web pages and websites that appear in existing search engine results. You can apply keyword research to core elements of the web page and monitor changes for improvement in organic search performance over time. This in turn is based on SEO performance metrics of your client’s website, in comparison to already ranking web pages and websites. Further keyword research uncovered a more specific set of targets with more comparable domain authority scores. It is critical to keep as objective a perspective as possible, since pressure for performance and broader subjectivity certainly come into play. Hopefully this gets you started down a deeper path of keyword research for your organization’s web pages.
We hope to provide an opportunity to engage in discussion and insight related to our campaigns, online initiatives and research in the field of search engine marketing. Sticking to search phrases at or below this level of competition will improve your chances of ranking on the first page in SERPs and directing more organic traffic to our site. I’ll tell:Before that let me tell you the psychology behind Keyword Research Tools.Keyword Research Tools don’t generate data randomly! So Alexa helps you find keywords with a “competition score that is at or below your Site’s Competitive Power”.You start by creating a seed phrase related to a topic for which you’d like to create Content. The tool then generates a list of keywords based on what other folks often search for in addition to your seed phrase, as in Amazon’s “customers who bought this item also bought” recommendation feature. Also, we measure the competitiveness of each keyword in the context of how well your domain could compete on that term.

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