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For some it happened over  time—like the forming of a callous. For many, however, they grew up in unhappy households that inherit such an unfair emotional estate. If you are aware of this and it bothers you, do please find a way to break the misery habit. Stand in awe of everything around you and in you. You are a walking, talking, breathing manifestation of wonder! Hug somebody who needs it, say I love you a million and three times, give a kid a thumbs up and an old lady a high five. Each and every conscious moment presents an opportunity to shed the heavy cloaks of the past and unveil the true beauty which lies beneath – you.

It’s no secret or coincidence that a lot of stand-up comedians suffer from some sort of depression. Aside from the massive ego trip of totalitarian countries with their penises and rulers we—you and me—we can have moments where we overlook that to study the awesomeness of flowers, the curves of old cars, the joy we get from waving at strangers on country roads and smiling at folks who seem to have a perma-grimace. Brown, full-time gardener, recovering pessimist and a writer of thoughts who knows they’ve just gotta be put to use. They will save you from the drag that can most definitely be adulthood time and time again. It’s the daily proverbial positive affirmation that you read or say that inspires you to be your groovy, lit up self.

The waves you create will travel far and wide, and come back around again either to be adjusted or made stronger.

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