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Unlike other TV shows, its characters actually care about each other enough to do crazy things, like jump their battleships inside a planet’s atmosphere to deploy air cover.
If I captained those ships, I’d have done it a Season and a half ago out of sheer craziness.
This is probably one of the coolest and unexpected thing i have ever had the pleasure of watching. The North Carolina Tarheels loss a very tough game Saturday to the Texas Longhorns by way of a buzzer beating basket.

Even when you see someone driving with a clear lane towards you, you can’t help but step up and protect the rim. ESPN and the College Gameday crew invaded another campus, this time in sunny Tucson, Arizona for the Wildcats vs. UCLA star linebacker Myles Jack has been ruled out for the remainder of the season with a knee injury that apparently was suffered during UCLA’s Tuesday practice. In Germany they are really lazy with scifi dvd releases; wondering why people run azureus and the like.

It features soft to touch, cushioned rubber with aggressive pebble that provides supreme grip and durability while playing outdoors. In my annals of Sci-fi, I have to put that scene in realy around the top 3, I just can’t think of anything that was that exciting, had that much hanging in the air (plot predictability wise) and was just so DAMN beautiful.

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