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Some of the most effective exercises can be done without equipment and simply use your own body weight.
Make sure to use your whole foot to jump, not just your toes, and try not to let your shoulders lean out beyond your knees, as this can strain and injure your back. Losing that last 10 pounds isn’t just about counting calories, because stress plays a big part in weight management. How to do it: Lie on your back, knees bent, with a resistance band across your hips, holding the ends tight with your hands on the floor.
How to do it: Step out to one side with your foot in parallel and your opposite leg straight. How to do it: Position exercise tubing under both feet, holding onto the handles, and standing with feet shoulder width apart.

How to do it: Lie on your back, one leg bent with foot on the floor, the other leg straight on the ground, and hands behind your head. How to do it: Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder width and bend your knees as if squatting. How to do it: Get on your side, propped up on the elbow with arm directly under the shoulder and feet with the body in a straight line, hand on your hip.
About Holly  Holly Cassandra Corbett is a freelance writer and editor based part time in New York City, and part time on the road. While regular squats are great, squat jumps offer a new take on the traditional — one that you're definitely going to feel in your quads. Get over the hump with this simple, 10-move routine from celebrity trainer Amie Hoff, who suggests repeating each exercise for one minute with 30 seconds in between, and doing the circuit twice, three to four times a week.

Using your obliques, lift the straight leg and at the same time, lift the opposite shoulder blade up and over to the straight leg. Keeping your elbows soft, draw one knee into the opposite armpit and back out, then bringing the other in to the armpit without stopping in between.
This workout not only decreases stress, but also raises your heart rate to burn body fat while at the same time challenging muscles. A powerful exercise cocktail that helps lower cortisol and increase muscle, which will help you keep the weight off for good.

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