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The NAF Shining Star Award for the month of November has been given to 12-year-old Florence Finzi from Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Nicky Florence, lead coach for the Gloucestershire Junior Academy, nominated Florence for the NAF Shining Star Award “I have been coaching Florence for about a year now and I have been extremely impressed by her dedication and commitment to working on her riding and her ponies' way of going to improve her performance in showjumping.
Florence has been a member with British Showjumping since 2011 and has been riding since she was 7 years old.
Florence was pleased to learn that she had been awarded the NAF Shining Star “I got involved with the British Showjumping Gloucestershire Junior Academy because of the great coaching opportunities that were available to me. Tracey Lloyd, Marketing Manager for NAF commented “Florence is a great example for those pony members who have not come from an equestrian background nor previously not been involved with ponies or horses.
The NAF Shining Star Award was introduced when NAF became a British Showjumping Business Partner.
Working with Catherine has helped me build core strength and gain control over my flexibility and use muscles I wasn't even aware I had!
Catherine teaches Scaravelli inspired yoga Workshops, Retreats, Holidays, Teacher Training Courses and annual Immersion Courses for teachers and serious students. If you would like to know more about Catherine’s weekly yoga classes at the best yoga centres in London, Triyoga (Camden, Soho and Chelsea) and The Life Centre (Notting Hill)  please visit the Classes page.

Not one to run rocks underwater, bounce around on a trampoline, or hit the gym, John John Florence has never embraced any form of training.
So in an effort to build legs the size of Laird Hamilton, John John has taken to racing incoming shorebreak in the south of France. Florence is a determined and committed Junior Academy member and she has been awarded the NAF Shining Star because of the improvement that she has shown during her time as a member of the British Showjumping Gloucestershire Junior Academy. She is enthusiastically and intelligently completing her log books for her ponies, showing an educated understanding of her training and an ability to be technique driven in her riding. Florence is relatively new to affiliated showjumping and the Junior Academy system, but despite this, she has started out very successfully and has already completed her 1* and 2 * Pony Performance Award and is actively working her way to completing her 3*. I have to thank everyone who has been helping and supporting me, especially Nicky Florence. The award is for members of a Junior Academy who have shown a great deal of commitment, progression and outstanding behaviour along with their riding ability and much more. I feel taller and more stable in myself after our week together, and I believe it will be the foundation of a developing yoga style I will adopt and continue to practice.
After having followed a classical and modern dance training course in Geneva for 13 years, Florence danced in a Swiss company.

Matter of fact, he’s never even lifted a barbell in his life (err … that may or may not be true). She then devoted her time to teaching dance, which she did for 9 years as a freelance teacher and as part of the cultural activities at the University of Geneva. But as he grows longer in the tooth, like many of us he’s found that surfing alone isn’t quite enough, and gravity must be fought tooth and nail. Florence has a passion for Pilates as this technique works on the different parts of the body in a conscientious and intelligent manner which was on a par with her expectations. Florence joined the Swissbody Team in November 2006 and became a member of the teacher training staff of the Swissbody Pilates Academy in 2009.
She regularly follows workshops and advanced training courses with Susan Pepper, Jennifer Paynter, Bertrand Raison and Markus Siegenthaler.

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