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Footwork is one of those skills that is needed for just about every part of the game of youth basketball. If a player improves their basketball footwork skills, their game improves – footwork is the foundation for the rest of your game.
Here are just a few of the basketball footwork drills that will help you improve your footwork, and ultimately help you to become a better all around player. As long as you work hard and do the youth basketball footwork drills correctly, you will improve. Exactly What Happened 9:10 pm By GPetrin Exactly What Happened this Season? In this video, NBA guard Sasha Vujacic shows how using a jump stop provides balance and momentum as the player transitions into a basketball shooting motion. A superb resource for coaches and parents that want to get their athletes into great shape and give them a competitive edge.
The Grape Vine Drills (also called Karaoke drills) – This type of drill works on coordination and foot quickness.

Basic Footwork Drills – These types of drills are great for the younger players and also works on coordination and foot quickness. High Knees – A very good drill for strengthening the players legs and agility (very good for conditioning also).
The Pivot – The two most popular types of pivot drills are the Front Pivot (forward pivot) and the Back Pivot (reverse pivot). The Jump Stop – The jump stop is one of the most important footwork skills that all players need to be skilled with. Defense – The Step Slide, Zig Zag (retreat), and Running Backwards drills may be the most important defensive drills you can teach your players. There are plenty more, so don’t limit yourself to just these – but you must also understand that players need to get the basic footwork drills down before moving on to more complicated ones. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Using this technique will help your players create better shots off of the dribble or after receiving a pass.

Think about it, every minute of the game is played on your feet, so having solid footwork skills is critical to individual and team success.
Most footwork drills are not much fun for the players, but that’s the reality of hard work and dedication needed to improve your basketball skills. Footwork is one of those skills (like defense) that you will never see a player practicing on their own, or before a practice. Players will walk in the gym and start shooting, but it would be a rare site to see a player walk in the gym and start working on their footwork skills. So now we know the “F” in footwork doesn’t stand for “Fun” but once all the hard work is over, the skills you will gain will be well worth the commitment.

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