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Poles: Standard padded steel poles which come when enclosure is bought, specs are different and depends on enclosure model.
Assembly is easy enough as manual will provide great insights on order things should be done.
The JumpSport Stagedbounce Trampoline’s design is considered a winner by all, and the JumpSport name is always associated with two things, quality and safety. The rectangular design means better bounce, and even greater safety, and the extended net offers is optimal for more experienced jumpers. The massive net is 100% UV resistant and offers great protection from the sun, and the pole caps are also made of UV resistant materials meaning that they will not corrode and deteriorate like those found on many other trampolines on the market. The JumpSport 10’ x 17’ StagedBonce Trampoline is made from the highest quality galvanized steel meaning that it will never rust or breakdown. The shock absorbing frame, and the flexible poles also add a degree of protection that is not found on most other trampolines.
High quality two times backed net, plus overlap system mean that this is one of the safest trampolines on the market. The huge rectangular trampoline means greater bounce, making it perfect for cheerleaders and gymnast. High quality frame guarantees years of rust free fun and safe entertainment for the entire family.

Voor eindgebruikers gelden de garantievoorwaarden volgens de algemene wettelijke voorwaarden. Schrijf nu een productbeoordeling en maak kans om een 500,00€ waardebon of een terugbetaling van uw totale aankoopprijs te winnen.U heeft de keuze!
Schrijf een korte recensie (noodzakelijk) Laat hier uw recensie na over het aangekochte artikel. Whether you are looking to get back in shape, or want to tone your physique, The AIBI Fitness Trampoline provides a challenging workout that meets you where you are. Follow fitness professionals as they take you through beginner, intermediate, and advanced trampoline workouts on fitness DVDs! Starting with a warm-up, it progresses through cardio, core and strength routines, concluding with a cool-down and stretch. Full of innovative features combined with fantastic quality and bounce height, JumpSport 12 ft.
This is one of the best available trampolines on the market, and is easily one of the safest as well, the extended overlap system that the net incorporates, ensures that there will be a low risk of injury.
This is the perfect trampoline for gymnast, cheerleaders, and anyone else looking for a fun and safe time on the trampoline as well.
Met uw productbeoordeling helpt u andere klanten bij de eventuele aankoop van dit product door uw ervaringen te delen.

It uses smooth, low-impact, nearly silent elastic cords, opposed to jarring, squeaky steel-coil springs. On most trampolines, the net is entered through a doorway that has a zipper or Velcro, and in many instances children simply forget to close it leaving a large gap that a child can easily fall through and injure themselves. The JumpSport 10’ x 17’ StagedBounce Trampoline offers an overlap technology in which the children must slide through an overlapping area of the net to ensure no areas will be left open. On top of this the net also offers a two layer system technology for optimal bounce back, no other trampoline other than JumpSport Trampolines offers this technology, making this one of the safest and top performing trampolines on the market.
JumpSport design gives this trampoline six arched legs for greatly increased stability and confidence.
And if you really need for semi-gymnast`s you can always choose rectangle shaped model of PowerBounce trampoline. Model 220 has a 33.5-inch diameter jumping area (881 square inches) and a 4-inch skirt to protect you from getting tangled.

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