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You could look at the jump shot from a fundamentalist's POV and nit pick any great shooters.
You could also say they managed to attain their reputations and shooting accomplishments despite of those flaws in their forms. Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter.
The delivery hand is generally beneath the ball, in line with the master eye of the player for the aiming.
The positioning hand is at the side of the ball, holding the ball in place just after the player takes off from the ground, before shooting the ball at its apex.
There are other variations to handling of the ball such as that of NBA superstar Ray Allen, where both hands are involved in the delivery and positioning.
Whatever style a player adopts should be one that he or she is most comfortable with and is an effective weapon during the game. Done very frequently when it comes to one-on-one situations where opponents can be caught off-guard, not expecting the player to shoot but to pass or dribble.
Corner-stones of various forms of team plays, where players set up various screens for a set shooter, who upon evading the defender through the screens is able to buy enough time to execute a jump-shot. Frequently used at the low-post, where taller and bigger players execute this move towards the baseline so as to create space for themselves for an open shot. It’s extremely rare for a wing player to come into the NBA as a second-overall pick in the draft and not know how to shoot the basketball.
For the first two years of his career, Kidd-Gilchrist had what was widely considered the worst shooting form in the league.
When the Hornets debuted last night, Kidd-Gilchrist also debuted his new jumper, which is almost completely changed in every way.

I spoke with Kidd-Gilchrist prior to the Hornets’ preseason game with the Hawks last week about the work he put into his jumper over the summer. Everything about his jump shot has changed: the footwork, the posture, the hand-placement on the ball, the elbow position. If he keeps improving and makes that jump shot on a consistent basis, the Hornets might have themselves a quiet star in the making. For the jump shot, perhaps the most important shot in basketball today, learning first things first is necessary – if a basketball player expects to master the shot. As the arm is straightened, the wrist will snap forward – the straightening of the arm will naturally bring the fingers directly behind the ball for the release and follow-through. The basketball is brought to a position in front of the face centered between the left eye and the right shoulder, and high enough so that the player can just see his partner over the ball.
Proper wrist action – Many basketball players use only half of their wrist power because they fail to cock the hand so that there are wrinkles in the back of the wrist. In conclusion, use these basketball tutorial shooting tips and drills to improve your team's basketball shooting skills. I was taught it was wrong to do this but Ray still manages to become the top 3 point shooter in league history (most made in career). This could lead to side spin on the ball but this doesn't stop him from being a top 3 point shooter in the league percentage wise.
Jump-shots, or ‘jumpers’, as commonly known, are fast in execution and high in the height of release. The general posture of handling the ball is to have one hand for delivery and one as positioning. The ‘ready’ position is where the player bends his knees as well as bending his back by leaning forward.

Its quickness, speed, power and height allow a momentary advantage over the opponent, freeing enough time for the shot attempt without being challenged. This will add variety to the player’s skills, making him more unpredictable and thereby harder to defend. In a league where spacing and the three-point shot have never been more important, it seems nearly impossible, but that’s what Michael Kidd-Gilchrist did. He would have never made that quick-dribble shot in previous years, because he couldn’t. On Wednesday night, Kidd-Gilchrist shot 75% from the field and had 17 points in 34 minutes as the Hornets came back to beat the Bucks in overtime.
This basketball shooting skill is necessary for developing a great basketball shooting form. The ‘release’ position is when the player’s knees and back are fully straightened, with his arms fully extended. And that is why he got together with Mark Price over the summer and completely overhauled his jump shot. His footwork looks excellent, shuffling his feet to get them a shoulder-width apart and square to the hoop. His posture is much better, more vertical, and the clear difference is the elbow going straight up instead of bowing in.
As your team's basketball shooting skills improve, so will the success of your team on game night.

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