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December 21, 2011 by Julie 82 Comments Not only do I get so excited when I do a new circuit workout, but I get so pumped to share it with you guys! Today, after 20 minutes on the elliptical, I hopped off and made up a brand new cardio circuit workout that took me about 30 minutes to complete. Let me just say that the 30 seconds of rest between each exercise simply flew by and I felt like I was moving around like a madwoman.
I also liked this workout because it was a primarily cardio-focused workout and I didn’t want to do a circuit that worked my arms or legs too much since I just did workouts that focused on strength training on Monday and Tuesday of this week.
We did a pretty good job of going through the eggs in our fridge this week and only have one little guy remaining, but he should be okay through Christmas since eggs take a while to expire. Today’s morning meal included two fried eggs, served atop a toasted bagel with muenster cheese and raspberry jelly.
I downloaded the audio version of The Violets of March to listen on the drive home for Christmas.
There are many ways to train with the rope, but most people I know only know of one way: swirl the rope and jump.
Jump rope one leg at a time raising your knees as high as possible with each revolution of the rope. Same premise as the high knee jumps, except you SHOOT off the ground with both feet leaving the ground at once, bringing your knees to your chest. Start skipping rope, and your body will be greatly appreciative of your efforts, trust me. Thank you for a really good post on jumping rope and for mentioning that, if one is careful, jumping rope can be done daily. For those who are asking about what type of rope to buy, I bought and suggest the PVC High Speed Skipping Rope from Everlast. I jump roped for like 6 months now I find wearing a backpack with weights while jumping is a fun variation. Thank you for recommending "The Best Workouts, Fat Loss and Nutrition Info for Women's Fitness ". Jump ropes have been around forever, and you probably took a turn or two with them when you were a kid. Though it may sound simple, jumping rope does take some preparation and practice, and you likely won’t resemble Muhammad Ali right out of the gates.
Jump your feet over the rope and apart, then over the rope and back together, as if doing the lower half of a jumping jack. Warm up with light cardio and dynamic stretching, then begin this total-body strength and cardio workout that uses jump rope as the cardio intervals.
For advanced participants only, this workout requires bursts of Basic Jumping, going as fast and as hard as you can for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Escape Cross Training Jump Rope is the perfect way to incorporate jump-based routines into cross training programmes. DESIGN.Designed with passionate CrossFitters in mind, this ultra-thin rope is ideal for perfecting double-unders.
International SalesMost small items can be sent by carrier and we can also arrange for larger items to be delivered to most locations within the EU using a dedicated specialist shipper. Christmas break officially begins for me and Ryan tonight (assuming I am really productive today, that is) and I am stoked!
I will definitely be giving it a whirl when I’m at my parents house for the holidays without a gym!

I don’t have a gym nearby, and I could definitely do this at home while I am watching TV.
Tired of the same old monotonous workout that you do religiously day in and day out, until you get so tired of the boredom you just don’t want to workout anymore, period. First you jump with your left foot, then the next revolution you jump with your right foot. After the rope passes under your feet and is over your head, cross your elbows over each other at about the middle of your torso and jump through the rope as you would normally. Any method of jumping you choose, make sure the rope swings under your feet two times before you land on the ground. Pretty much you just start running while jumping the rope either with regular jumps, high knees, criss cross, etc. Get in a stationary position, and jump rope while moving side-to-side, forward and back, criss cross side to side, any angles you can incorporate which move your upper body around but keep your feet in the same general jumping vicinity. I change my workout routines pretty much daily so these aren’t set in stone, but as you can see, you can easily make a jump rope workout that fits for you very easily just by using these jumping methods. It is important to get a good quality plastic, or leather, speed rope, which runs about a whopping 3 dollars or so.
In my old routine I would run every mile & do windsprints the last two laps for 4-6 mile.
I’ve owned many ropes in the past, but so far the Nike rope has been far superior to any I have tried. A few months after my first child was born I took up jumping rope for exercise, mostly out of necessity due to her mother and I working opposite shifts.
I went to an all guy private high school and our football coach made us all jump rope everyday with 1 lb.
Im currently a personal fitness trainer and a collegiate sprinter and have been looking for different variations on jump roping as well as the pros and cons of it not only for myself, but for my clients as well. When I jump I just couldn’t make a perfect cross in the elbows, and my legs can’t jump through the awkward loop! But little did you know back then that jumping rope is one of the most effective fat-burning, endurance-building activities you can do, incinerating a ton of calories and boosting your metabolic rate for hours afterward. If your wrists are higher than that, the rope will shorten as a consequence and you’ll likely step on it or trip. Beginners should use a rope with a little weight to it for better control, such as a beaded rope or plastic speed rope. Place the rope to one side and use a moderately heavy set of dumbbells for the strength moves.
Use the two minutes of Basic Jumping to warm up, then do each move for the designated time using good form. Her sports background includes skiing, snowboarding, flying trapeze, yoga, competitive beach volleyball, dance, mountain biking, hiking and running, to name a few endeavors. The ideal rope for serious CrossFitters to perfect double-unders, due to its roller bearing handles and ultra lightweight rope. Our products are normally in stock and despatched to you the same or next working day, for next day delivery! I have a lot to say about the book – particularly the ending and my thoughts on Esther – and can’t wait for the discussion on January 4. Not only is that tiring, it gets boring and then you just don’t want to do it because you feel the boredom is not worth the benefit. These are very difficult and requires (and builds) A LOT of explosive power in the calves and quads.

These are awesome for balance and coordination, which of course are both essential in any sport. I don’t like leather ropes too much because they hurt like a bitch if you get hit by one of them. I bought a speed rope that is made out of rubber — looks like all the ones made out of vinyl. I have a bad knee, so any tension on a bike, eliptical and too fast on the treadmill are torture, but I just tried pulling out my rope and with the first try not too painful.
I took my daughter out in the yard with me and she watched me learn to jump rope and then work up to 45 to 60 minutes of jumping. As you improve, switch over to a lightweight PVC core, which is more aerodynamic and quicker.
Beginners should go through the workout once; intermediate and advanced participants can hit it twice. She is currently exploring the world of CrossFit in her home base of Connecticut, where she lives with her 2-year-old son, Alex. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way!
If you get bored of training with the magical leather or plastic rope, then you really got no business in the fitness world.
You really need to extend the elbows over each other to make the hole bigger for you to jump through. When attempting these, do not jump up as high as you can; you should only jump a little bit higher than you would on a normal jump and the swing the rope with your arms as fast as you possibly you can. It took some mental gymnastics to get through the boredom, but I jumped regularly for years. As a martial artist I appreciate the hand eye coordination it developes and doing 10 minutes of it burn the same calories as running a mile. You will be responsible for moving the product from that point and waste disposal of packing material.Optional Two Man InstallThis service is available for equipment that requires assembly or installation by more than one person. Get yourself a rope, and read this article and you will be in better shape than anyone not jump roping. Don’t buy those because the weight distribution is different and wearing wrist weights will transfer the effects of the jump rope to the right places with minimal strain as opposed to weighted handles. I continue to do that instead of windsprints and feel it is really awesome .It does take skill and I am totally addicted to this now. Goods are delivered, unloaded, unpacked (packaging is removed), assembled if necessary and then placed where you wish - this attracts an extra charge (please call for a quotation).
In the beginning I actually found it so fun I just jump roped for 25 minutes straight the first time and and couldnt do anything for a week because my legs were killing me.
I’m 55 now, and I frequently run, play tennis, basketball, ultimate frisbee and volleyball.
I warn any fit individual you will have to ease into jump roping as you do use totally different mucles.
We can only issue refunds if the Goods are in new and unused condition, with original labels and original packaging intact.

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