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The Upper Stage (Lander) should be deployed in Munar orbit, and should be capable of traveling to the surface of the Mun, back to orbit, back to Kerbin orbit, and down into Kerbin's atmosphere.
Note: It is possible to split this into two stages, 1 for the descent, and 1 for the return home.
Note: It is also possible to incorporate this stage with the landing stage, though it is not recommended. The Lower Stage (Launch) Should be big enough to haul everything above it into (or at least close to) orbit above Kerbin.
I will advise you that you get a drink of water next to you, because this may cause a lot of stress when doing so and a nice drink of water will cool you down. If you want to reach the Mun on the first swing around, wait until Mun rises just above the horizon. If you are, for some reason, not caught by the Mun, just make sure that your apoapsis intersects the Mun's orbit.
When you enter the Mun's sphere of influence, turn your craft around and apply retro thrust.
Because the Mun's gravity is substantially weaker than Kerbin, your orbital velocity will not be very high.

Once you are above it, kill your horizontal velocity until the yellow marker sits at the top of the Navball.
Begin a slow vertical burn headed east, and try to get a low, circular, equatorial Munar orbit. Aim for an apoapsis around 200,000 m, and when you reach it apply forward thrust to circularize your orbit. To get back to Kerbin the easiest way (as suggested by Scott Manley) is to burn prograde at the point in your orbit where you're moving opposite to the direction the Mun is going in its orbit around Kerbin. The effect of this maneuver is increasing your speed relative to the Mun but reduce your speed relative to Kerbin as you are burning in opposite direction to movement of the Mun around Kerbin.
Burn until you have a Kerbin orbit trajectory in the map view with a Kerbin periapsis below 20 km. If you are worried about coming in too fast, aim for a very shallow descent to aerobrake and bleed some of that extra velocity off. Assuming you included a parachute in your design, and it isn't ripped off, congratulations on your first successful Munshot. If you are orbiting around the Mun in the same direction as the Mun is around Kerbin, then burn prograde when you are between Mun and Kerbin, otherwise you need to burn prograde on the far side of the Mun.

This helps to easily get a Kerbin orbit with a the lowest point of orbit (periapsis) close to Kerbin. Once it does, begin a forward burn, and keep an eye on your map, as the apoapsis moves out towards Munar orbit. Can be counter-intuitive if you need to burn on the Kerbin side, as your Mun apoapsis will initially head away from Kerbin, don't worry about this and keep burning until the Mun apoapsis exits its sphere of influence.
If you are in Career mode, you get rewarded with more money salvaged the closer you land to KSC, but it's not easy!
9 to learn proper egress and parachute techniques in case of a sleigh malfunction on Christmas Eve.
If your Middle stage is powerful enough, you may be able to use this stage to get halfway into orbit, and use the Middle stage to complete the orbit, like the Saturn V.

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