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There was a stage in my life where who I was had everything to do with what I had, didn’t have or what I was doing or not doing.
Have you ever wondered how life would show up for you when you firstly decide to jump rather then waiting for life to show up so you can?
The job was something I completely just walked away from which was hard because I had debts, mortgages, lifestyle that I believed was managed by a result of my income. With some skill, and a little luck, you can get some really great pictures out of a session.
Scott lives with his wife, daughter, and a menagerie of animals in Belchertown, Massachusetts.
Rather than putting importance on things externally I took time to connect with what I felt internally. Although I was good at what I did it was all about the money at the end of the day which was giving me a false sense of security.

At first there was so much in the way that had me holding onto the things I had in my life. You know all the stuff we believe we can’t live without… The lifestyle, the money, the car, the house, the job! The first part of this was letting go of those things I didn’t love or had attachments to.

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