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For the last 60 days I’ve been going through what many people would call HELLa€”and I would not disagree with them.
That said, it was worth every single drop of sweat because now I can easily say that thanks to Insanity, I’m in the best shape of my life. When I finished P90X nine months ago, I wrote a post sharing my results that inspired a lot of people to change their lives and give P90x a shot too. A few weeks later, disappointed, I started over again – only to give up just 2 weeks after that.
But, instead of thinking about why I had failed over and over again, I began to think about why I was so successful the first time through.
I had clear goals that I was working towards, like specific body fat and weight loss, as well as numbers that I wanted to reach for particular exercises (e.g.
I was writing down everything and tracking my progress every single day, which is recommended in the program. I had a lot of people holding me accountable, since I mentioned it on the blog and to a number of my friends.
All of the workouts are very cardio-based, which is the main difference between Insanity and P90X. With P90x – some days you do a cardio workout, other days you might do weights, stretching, yoga, etc. If you want more info on how these two products compare, feel free to ask me in the comments of this post.
Secondly, you don’t need any equipment beyond what you would need to run around the block. With P90X, you take a fit test on day 1 and another on day 90 to see how much you’ve progressed.
Start with your hands together over your head, and simultaneously bring your hands down while bringing one of your knees up to touch.
From a standing position, put your hands on the floor in front of your feet, jump your feet back so you’re in a pushup position. In a push-up position (except with your elbows resting on the ground and hand clasped) you take one of your legs and lift it to the side and forward towards the shoulder on the same side.
As far as body fat percentage, I know I lost a lot, but I have yet to get a true reading because my at-home BF scale is very unreliable. Besides trying to prove to myself that my first round of P90X was not a fluke, and wanting to get back into the shape I was in before, I had two major things that really kept me going throughout this entire 60-day journey, which I did want to quit several times. I’ve learned so much about diet since starting P90X, and both programs come with a nutritional guide that will definitely educate you if you need it.
I forgot where I learned this analogy from, but it helps me to remember to eat well, especially when I’m working out a lot. The coolest part about this particular diet is that one day a week (just one!), you can eat whatever you want. It sounds like the dumbest thing in the world, but the science behind it in Tim’s book is great. Insanity is faster-paced and I think I could go another round or two with it without getting bored, but luckily there’s a new program out there that I have already purchased. I just wanted to be honest about the links in this post, so feel free to go through my affiliate links for Insanity if you’re interested. If you do purchase through my link, let me know if you need some motivation to get started or someone to hold you accountable during your program, and I’ll do my best to make sure you get where you want to be. I really love it when you come out and become more transparent just as this post does – it makes it easy to connect with you more.
There is a HUGE developments within those 60 days and this exercise proves further the importance of consistency in whatever we do. I’m doing my best to contribute to this community because I love Pat and his work and because he has inspired me a lot in my blogging career. I just read the 10 comments on this post as at the time of posting it and you don’t have a single comment aside this one trolling me – Now, tell me, who is the troll in both of us? Ifeta, there is so much success to go around be happy for other peoples successes, no matter how small they may appear. The simple fact Pat feels improvement in his health and body is enough for anyone to congratulate.

Ifeta – I tried to email you, but your email that you put into the form bounced back.
There are some really helpful people on there if you have any questions or need any support. I am currently 6′ and 240 and want to tone up and gain more muscle in my back and shoulders. It actually did a lot for my back and shoulders, a lot more than I thought it was going to do for me. I’m glad you are posting this kind of information because many people consider you a role model in business.
Thanks Casey- I think my wife and I both have the motivation to keep the results we’ve worked so hard for the past 60 days. Hey Pat, since you are a beachbody coach now, do you have any information on there shakeology product? I notice some knee bands in the pictures and I’ve heard Insanity can be crazy tough on your joints — did you or your wife find that to be the case?
As far as sustaining, I think as long as I eat correctly I could keep the same physique, although as I said in the post I plan on moving onto other programs and progressing even further! As far as your “I make 5000$ monthly” crap is considered , you SAY you have been hired for a writing gig from where your cash comes apparently , and your webpage gives tips on other random things like affiliates lol ! FYI : If your hormonal self read my comment on the last post then I have clearly mentioned that I will start a site soon !! So before you think yourself as a hotshot in this community let me tell you that you just come over like a desperate hungry troll after every post is published here and announce how much you love it !! Keeping track of your progress is a big part of any workout program, especially P90x and Insanity. My name is Marcus Ochoa and I am a Diamond Independent Beachbody Coach from Commerce Michigan. Marcus is a true team player, the support he gives, and the training he has plugged me into is way more than I expected. I even convinced one of my idols, Yaro Starak from Entrepreneur’s Journey, to finish his first 90 days too, as you can see here. In the first 30-days, they range from 35 to 45 minutes per day, and in the last 60 days, a DVD never goes over an hour.
In a push-up position, you simultaneously speak your feet wide while you go down for a push-up, and then reverse. I’m hoping to get a professional to measure for me in the next few days (at the local gym).
Some of you even emailed me and sent me tweets to check on my progress, which is just awesome. My wife, April, participated in the 60 days of Insanity with me, the entire time, and she rocked it! She was my biggest motivator and always picked me up when I was too lazy to workout, and she always encouraged me to keep going when all I wanted to do was stop. Generally speaking, if a person wants to lose weight, he or she must be smart about what they eat. If there are any issues with me commenting here I think Pat will be the one to address it, not you. Encouragement and support by Oni or anyone doesnt need to be heading down the gay comment path. Can you please send me an email through my contact form so I can discuss with you in private.
I think you just need to get toned up and I can see the picture that you are definitely getting tone up. I’m training for a Muay Thai instructor test in September and was looking for a supplemental workout on my off days. Physical exercise and a good diet are so important to keep your mind active and productive.
So many people quit, sort of like New Years resolutions, I’m gonna quit smoking, and so on. Now if only I could grab a bat and get on the field like you in your profile picture, I can REALLY test the results of this workout, hehe.

Did you feel like you couldn’t sustain things after P90X and your body went back to what it was like before?
I started wearing the knee bands about half way through, based on a recommendation from a number of different people.
She tried P90X but it was a little too much weight work for the kinds of results she wanted.
From what I’ve seen, you would have had similar results without that truly insane workout!
Was really interesting to read ur points on why u were motivated and ssuccessful first time round because you reallydistilled motivation down into its core elements. I am a runner and regularly do programs to increase my run times and speeds but I can NEVER do the same program twice. But here’s my question — did all this exercise do something weird to your hair? By keeping track of the amount of weight you used, and the number of reps you’ve completed with good form, you will be able to track your progress and this will also be able to make a note on if you need to use lighter or heavier weight next time you do the workout. If you'd like to earn some extra money while getting healthy and back in shape, then you've come to the right place. This time I have committed myself and I chose Marcus as my coach after researching many other coaches.
Plus, because you’re moving so fast and hardly have any time to think, it goes by even quicker.
Plus, the people behind the instructor also take a lot of breaks too, which is very encouraging because it makes them seem like normal people who get tired, just like me. It just looks like you are trying to get traffic rather than contributing something thoughtful. Every time you will comment with that email address the picture you attached will be shown as you gravatar. I attended an event for the I Have a Dream Foundation, and Insanity-creator Shaun Thompson was there. And I’m looking forward to the fall when all three of us can throw down in a P90X:MC2 challenge!
And what are your thoughts on sustaining this killer Insanity physique for the medium to long term ?
My knees weren’t hurting at all, but it was recommended to put them on before each workout to prevent long-term injury, because the workouts definitely put a pounding on the knees. My whole website on fitness motivation is centered around accountability, excitement, goal setting and tracking, they really are so important!
I think it’s good to switch things up (complete a program and try a new one) Not doing so, could be one of the reasons it seemed hard to complete P90x the second go around.
In the first set of pictures, the before has this neat little hair on top of your head and in the second one — holy cowabunga! Also remember that I said keep track of the number of reps you completed with good form, it doesn’t matter how much weight you lift or how many times, if your form is bad you are wasting your time and also risking injury.
Feed it crappy fuel, and the car isn’t going to perform like it should, or even perform at all.
But why not keep Pat’s blog an encouraging community, and keep the focus on Pat’s posts, sharing what we got out of it? I think tims books are good to a certain point because he is already stick thin and there is a line between stick thin unhealthy and healthy. Will you just have to keep working out 6 days a week at the same level or could you adapt a more moderate approach? The better you feel about yourself the better you feel about your surroundings and the more positive things you attract in your life! You dont need to be stick thin to be healthy some weight on the body is needed to maintain balance but being toned is also a plus. My wife promised she would do it with me but after the first workout she couldn’t handle the intensity of the weight excercises.

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