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Buenas, hay un post en el apartado de Ejercicio que trata del Insanity Workout, en el los usuarios ponen los videos online y las tablas de orden, los voy a copiar aqui para que todos lo tengais, aunque por supuesto, el credito es para estos chicos currantes BillieJean y Matiaaaaas entre otros, que son los que ponen los link a la pagina de vimeo para que no haya que descargarlos. Despues de haber perdido un monton de kilos, estoy muy blandta para el bikini de este verano. Making lists, cashmere blankets and snow boots, just a few things I’m loving in January.
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You have heard all the hype about Insanity Month 2, how people are dropping dead after trying the first workout, and now you are feeling a bit nervous about whether or not you will be able to even do it!
I know the feeling…First take a deep breath because you notice how shallow your breathing is right now?
I will admit, that Insanity Month 2 is the hardest workouts that I have ever done in my life.
But the reason I shared that story is so that you can know that its never too late to climb back up that mountain top even after you have fallen from it! A Workout That You Can Do Anywhere – With No Equipment Or Weights Needed And That Promises To Give You The Hardest Body You’ve Ever Had! Well, we don’t know about you but the promises made by personal trainer, Shaun T – creator of Insanity Workout – seem pretty hard to swallow. So, instead of short bursts of high intensity training with reasonable periods of rest in-between, what MAX Interval Training is, is maximum intensity exercises (and we really are talking maximum intensity), interspersed with short periods of rest. Elite Nutrition Plan – because you don’t seriously think that you can truly change the look of your body without fuelling it correctly, do you? The Dig Deeper and Fit Test – stage #1 for everyone, so you know exactly what your current level of fitness truly is.
Cardio Recovery and Max Recovery – a stage so often overlooked, but one that’s essential for true muscle growth and toning. Core Cardio and Balance – a clever addition to the program that gives you a much needed “active rest” between months, before you go even more intense the next month. Free Online Support Tools – speak with others who’re using the same program and read about everyone’s results. Insanity Workout is not for the faint hearted, but neither is it beyond the realms of anyone who has a reasonable level of fitness. Suitable for both the guys and the gals, Insanity Workout is aimed at the real person on the street – not someone who has acres of free time to be spent working out down at the gym.
Shaun is a personal trainer who works with Beachbody (the company with whom Insanity Workout is co-produced), and is extremely well-respected in the world of fitness.
Considering we really really wanted to slate Insanity Workout, it makes it even more incredible that we think it’s a fab product.
This ultra-effective home fitness program doesn’t require the use of any weights, expensive home gym equipment, or costly gym memberships.
The Insanity program includes 10 hardcore DVD workouts, the Elite Nutrition Plan, a copy of the Fitness Guide, the Insanity Calendar, and free online support tools. Insanity Workout Review – Can You Really Get Insane Results With This 60-Day Workout program?
Of course the first week is hard for many people, but because you will begin to see near instanteous results, this spurs most people on to continue with the program. I should also mention brielfy that Insanity is similar to the P90x Workout Program which you may have heard of. As I mentioned already there are 10 Workout DVDs in the program that will help you to increase your total body conditioning, but you also get some bonuses. Plyometric Cardio Circuit (42 min) – Some calories cardio training that will definitely make you sweat.
Insanity Workout Calendar – This Calendar tells you exactly how to use the DVDs by laying out your complete workout schedule very clearly. Fitness Guide – This is a quick step guide to help you get start with Insanity really quickly.
Elite Nutrition Plan – This guide will help you get through the 60 Days by helping you to eat the correct foods which will give you the fuel you need to burn through your workouts. Okay, I told you right in the beginning that I went through this whole program before I wrote this Insanity Workout Review.
I took your advice and started up with Shakeology when I started doing Insanity the second time and I think it really helps because I’m doing a lot better this time.
You’ll get a pretty comprehensive diet plan with the program, but if you want a sneak peek, click here. Well, your scale and your reflection in the mirror should be telling you whether or not it’s working. I do a lot of traveling for my job and Insanity is great for me becasue I don’t have to pack a bunch of gear to do it. If you eat right (and they give you plenty of instructions on how to do this), you shouldn’t NEED any kind of protein or recovery shake.
Hello, I just started doing Insanity and I”m really getting into it but I was wondering what am I supposed to do when I’m done? Espero aguantar porque no se si ahora mismo tengo la condicion fisica adecuada para llevarlo a cabo pero quiero intentarlo!
Me he descargado todos los videos e iba a empezar el lunes, que mejor que hacerlo con mas gente!!!!

Like any horrific workout program you have to complete a fit test to begin with and record your results. I’ve watched those commercials at stupid o’clock (while up with a baby) thinking, really? If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Insanity Month 2 – Will I Die??? You were taking breaks all through out the workout, you could taste blood in your mouth, you had a constant side ache, and for some reason your groin and calves felt like they were giant bruises…Remember how nervous you were on that first fit test?
A lot of it probably has to do with the My Insanity Meal Plan that is customized to absolutely SHRED fat and fuel your muscles! Its going to be hard, really hard actually…but you just completed 30 days of Insanity…You really think that month 2 is going to be the end of you??? Using max interval training to allow you to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour (what!) and get the body you’ve always dreamed of in only 60 days! Read onto find out exactly what we discovered when we went digging deep into what Insanity Workout is all about. Cleverly presented with 10 DVDs to walk you through everything you need, Insanity Workout covers everything from an initial assessment through to cardio power, resistance, core muscle work, nutrition plans, fitness guide and even online support tools. This is an awesome addition to the program, and makes you realize that you’re not alone in your fitness efforts. Okay, if you’re a crisp and burger munching couch potato then you probably won’t be able to dive straight into the program, but if you can run for the bus, walk the dog and cope with the odd bit of gardening then there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t gain a huge advantage by following the insanity workout program.
From his school days playing baseball, football and running track events, through to gaining a BS in Sports Science, working for pharmaceutical companies, being a dancer with Mariah Carey and becoming a fitness instructor – this is a guy with more experience than you can shake a stick at!
Unlike many similarly marketed fitness programs, Insanity Workout is a fully rounded fitness and well-being regime that covers every aspect you need to reach your goals. What a relief – and means that this is a suitable exercise program for people from all walks of life.
This means that you can not only have an awesome body yourself, but you can help others to reach their goals as well. This makes it essential for those with any previous injuries to follow the initial fitness assessment before commencing the program. Sure – you’re going to have to work at it, but for those who want a home based, equipment-free workout regime, then this is possibly one of the most positive products to hit the market in a long time.
This power-packed home DVD workout by Beachbody and Shaun T is designed to transform your body from regular to absolutely ripped in just 60 days.
In fact, Insanity has been on my radar for a while now and I have no regrets about spending time investigating it, trying it myself, and writing this Insanity Workout Review.
Not only that, but the first month of Insanity really prepares them for the second month and once the 60 days are up…be prepared for people not to recognise you!
You can also track your progress and get that awesome feeling of satification when you look back over previous weeks and see how much progress you've had in such a short space of time. You can simply follow the recommended dietry plan or you can get some great inspiration for your own recipes. Some people need a lot of rest after doing the workout, while others are good to go after 30 minutes. So let me share my own experiences with you before I tell you about the experience of some of my clients.
I’ll say that a lot of people who were significantly overweight have gotten into good shape with Insanity. I’d say don’t overdo it, but you may want to try bringing a little more intensity to the table and see if you can find that good burn! If you’re ready to really give it your all, you can lose quite a lot of weight in 2 months.
I definitely don’t recommend it for prepubescent children, but it would probably be alright for a 14 year old. Keep in mind ita€™s all about the cardio and building lean muscle, if you want a program that focuses a little more on strength training and muscle building, check out my P90x review!
That said, I do drink Shakeology every day and feel it’s a great compliment to the program. Some people need a rest and that’s why they do it at night, other people find it energizes them for the day.
They should lock me up in the mental ward, as long as I get too bring my Insanity Workout DVDS LOL!!! Lo importante es ir poco a poco, dicen que es duro, pero es cierto que si te hace falta parar a descansar, pues paras.
This may sound like fun but I can assure you it isn’t and yes it is quite normal to want to get into bed and pretend you have never heard of the Insanity workout when the man push ups begin. Focus with me on taking in nice slow deep breaths because I am going to show you that you have nothing to worry about in Insanity Month 2.
From discovering your level of fitness, through to nutrition, support, lots of motivation as well as guiding you through exactly the exercises you need – Insanity Workout doesn’t miss out a thing. Plus the 60 day, 100% no-quibble money back guarantee means that in essence you can try it with no risk whatsoever. By utilizing an advanced training technique known as MAX interval training, the Insanity program delivers maximum results in minimal time. This training is not for the beginner, people with joint problems, or the faint of heart.

What this means is that during your workout, you really go to your limits without long breaks and this allows you to burn off a serious amount of calories. The program is designed to help you to get the kind of fitness and weight loss results that would typically take you a year in only 60 DAYS.
If you want to know which is the better program for you, check out my Insanity Vs P90x comparison. A Yoga mat and a heart rate monitor is all you really need, most of you will probably have these and if not, they are small investments to make which will really help you shed those pounds. Now I am a fitness coach and I went through the whole program before writing this Insanity Workout Review. Your ever-improving fitness and the weight that you lose will get you addicted to Insanity and will make you go through this program again and again. Lost about 17 pounds give or take, and my endurance, strength and confidence are way way up now! Anyway, this is the real deal right here for anyone looking for a good workout program that works! It helped me lose over 20 pounds in just a couple months, and this is actually a pretty typical experience with the program.
If you mean after you’ve done the full program, I personally recommend waiting a while and doing it again for even better results!
Although, he really needs to stop flirting with me so blatantly during those power jumps, it’s really starting to get awkward now.
If you really want to push yourself for the fit test have your other half count your reps or film it for a you tube video for your blog. However, it is perfect for everyone who wants a hard workout that will give you great results for the effort you put in.
Isanity Workout is the complete opposite of normal interval training where you have short periods of high intensity and long breaks. I will be going into more detail exactly what sort of results Insanity gave me and my clients shortly. A lot of people repeat the whole program after a short break and find they do much better the second or third time around! Shaun is the creator of the Insanity workout which I will be doing every day until my holiday. Looking back at how nervous you were going into day 1, would you say that you kinda let the “insanity” of Insanity get inside your mind and psych you out a bit?
And in the end, getting awesome results in exchange for a little hard work doesn’t sound insane at all, does it? It will help you burn fat, gain fitness and endurance, and make you feel more confident. It's certaintly not for someone who is simply looking for a light stretch in the morning, but it sure will help you shed those pounds faster than any other program if you keep up with the schedule.
The nutrition guide will help you get the optimal combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates.
If you get a pirated copy, your DVDs will lack some of the features or maybe not work at all. As some of you may already know in 80 days I will be landing in Vegas with only a few teeny tiny triangle bikinis and a couple of bodycon dresses in my Lulu Guinness carry on.
Many of my Beachbody Challengers have gotten amazing results with Insanity simply by following the Insanity Workout Schedule. You are faster, you have more endurance, you know you can push yourself past the limits that your mind tries to put on you.
It is not a muscle building program specifically, but a happy consequence of becomming slimmer and fitter is that your muscle definition will be greater without leaving you looking like Mr. Your first day starts with measuring where you currently stand and you will repeat this test four more times across the program. I decided to chop them into two workout schedules so it would be easier to print, and put on your fridge!
So, this is not the only Insanity Workout review that tells you how hard this program is. The Insanity Workout Program is the first program where I saw the participants on the DVD drop and take a break. So the program is great for the mildly trained person and you can do it over and over again, always staying at your maximum capacity and growing each time.
Small recovery disk that lets you get your air bag in your lungs so you can kill the next workout. I'm here to serve you and help you!12 Comments: ?By Jennifer Skiles Luce 10 Oct 2013Just stared this program. How do I get the t-shirt once I complete the 60 days?By Jennifer Skiles Luce 10 Oct 2013Just stared this program. How do I get the t-shirt once I complete the 60 days?By Jennifer Skiles Luce 10 Oct 2013What do people do next after they finish the 60 day's?
You've got to see these top reviews on Amazon, they actually tell you in which order you should go.

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