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November 5, 2013 by Nicole 10 Comments It’s been…forever…since I’ve posted one of these roundups.
When Karen from Kama Fitness suggested this workout to me, I was excited to try it out—an at-home workout using a med ball?
Q: Tell me a little about yourself–besides blogging at Kama Fitness, what are you up to these days?
Karen: I’m a small town gal who loves to be surrounded by friends, family and good food!!
Nowadays, I train clients part-time and still work my regular office day job (boo!) but totally enjoying every moment of blogging. I actually just discovered Fitness Blender yesterday when I was mentioned in the same tweet as them—how twenty-first century of me.
Difficulty-wise, they labeled this a 4 out of 5; based on that, I think I’ll stick to their 5’s next time I do a Fitness Blender workout. This particular workout is a 20-minute version that the Insanity folks put together for Self Magazine, and it’s a heart pumper. On an average day, I’m going to spend more than 10 minutes working out; but if I’m super busy or super not-in-the-mood, I love quick, intense workouts like these.
While we’re on the topic of online workouts, I wanted to share with you guys this six-week long at-home Pilates program from Robin over at The Balanced Life. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my ebook - The Beginner's Guide to Fitness in a Busy Life (worth $147) here.
When you search around the internet, you get endless options for choosing the right home workout program but you can’t try everything. Since you’re aware that it is Insanity Workout Review that will be discussed herein everything that follows, it would be of your benefit to learn that the views and reviews mentioned herein will not be biased at all, but rather presented as it is.
If you require a body emulating a professional athlete, it would be wise to go for Insanity Workout for 60 days. The fundamental principle of High Intensity Training is that exercise should be brief, infrequent and intense.
But it’s an quite different with insanity. You workout for 3 to 5 mins black then rest for a small time (just enough to gasp in air) and then again back to work. Not that Insanity workout does not add to your muscle mass, but it more effectively enhances the muscle definition.
The Intensity of Insanity is very high that the moments just before reaching the 30 second break seems never approaching. All the exercises are so versatile that you will find yourself working from your head to toe.
Insanity workout is so aggressive that the results will start to show up right after a week of regularly practicing it. You will barely find an insanity workout review that tells you that you can acquire full results right on the 6oth day. By now you’d have been pretty much aware that insanity workout will make use of your own body weight.
The varied exercises you’ll encounter in the insanity workout training are more of cardio centric initially. Do not get disappointed if in the beginning you find your joints exerting more and being stressed out more. You know the magical part about these insane exercises is that you do not feel tired, rather relaxed after completing them. It follows common sense to understand the need of following a good, healthily well off diet while you’re incorporating insanity workout in your lifestyle. While you’re performing these exercises on a regular daily basis, you find your determination increasing every passing day. As a crux, after completing the program, you find yourself being able to do almost any exercise, with any number of postures with ease equivalent to walking on a velvet carpet. If you’re wondering whether you’ll get rest days in the insanity workout schedule? While the rest of the world mourns the monday blues, you kick start your week with the Insane Fit Test. All the other days of the week (except Sunday, as aforementioned) would be the workout days. To be able to burn as many calories as possible, you need to do the insanity workout and you will also have to eat an optimum amount of food too in order to stay parallel to the strenuous workout. The segregation of your diet should be such that it includes at least 40% fats, 40% carbs and exactly 20% carbohydrates.
Well, comparing Insanity workout with P90X workout is more of like comparing black with the white.
P90X aims to build muscles since a lot of lifting of the weights is involved and workout is dependent on certain equipment. Once you commence insanity workout, you find yourself being a part of the Insanity Community. When you work out and start to see the results flourishing all over you, you cannot resist yourself from convincing people to get started with this insane workout session.
Just push yourself a little with some average intensity physical exercises before actually starting with the insanity workout. Prepare yourself a little before pushing the play button. The Insanity workout can leave you starving for breath in the first 2-3 minutes of commencement. Make sure you cover the floor with the exercising mat and have a lot of hand towels handy with you. STOP IMMEDIATELY when you feel discomfort in your chest due to instant rise in your heart rate. If you’ve stretched yourself till the last week, it is most definite that you’re worth the “I Earned It” T-Shirt. INSANITY Workout Calendar – organized into month 1 and month 2 to track your progress, set workout goals, and keep you motivated. FREE Online Support Tools – stay motivated with round-the-clock access to fitness experts and peer support.
A Chance to earn the coveted Insanity Workout T-shirt after you graduate and complete the Insanity Workout Program. Read more on the Official Insanity Workout Website.
The underlined point is, no matter where you buy the Insanity workout DVDs from, you can always get a good bargain but never underestimate the need of proper guidance and valuable advice you will gain by joining the online insanity community and using free online support at beachbody. Upper Body Resistance that offers you the insanely well-defined arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
Pure Cardio for letting you raise your heartbeat to a significantly higher rate, so that you burn the amount of fat which could justify the name of this workout plan. The Quick Start Guide takes you to a journey of the upcoming 60 days of your fitter and more flexible life.
FREE Online Support:You can have a live chat with Shaun T himself and his team for any assistance.

BUT YOU CAN AVAIL THIS WITH AN AMAZINGLY CHOPPED OFF PRICE BY PAYING IT OFF IN 3 EASY INSTALLMENTS!! Core Cardio & Balance This is a full-fledged sports drills to make you emulate the life of an athlete. And as a Special Anniversary Offer – Get a 45-minute INSANITY® abs workout condensed into less than 15 minutes!
If not anything else, the Insanity Workout program ensures to provide you with the ability to work out almost anything after successfully completing it.
Now, I leave you alone with your conscience to figure out if you’d choose Insanity workout and have the mirror reflecting your muscles being defined every passing day.
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Since getting really hooked on Pilates Plus, it’s been taking the place of most workouts I would have normally searched for online. I created Kama Fitness to help spread how easy it is to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle while still enjoying some beers on the side…ya know?? I mean, every workout I do, I always try to make it really hard for myself, but this one just kind of popped in my head even when I had no sense of thought and no intentions except hitting a particular muscle group. But I especially liked the alternating squat lunge exercise in this one (it burned!)—definitely going to incorporate that into future routines.
The first time I did (read: attempted) one of these workouts was a couple years ago when I was visiting my friend in Colombia. Not exactly the best combo of exercises for anyone with knee or joint issues, but all the jumping around definitely makes you work up a sweat. While I haven’t personally seen or done the workout videos, I’m a huge fan of Pilates and wanted to share. I'm Nicole, a group fitness instructor, healthy lifestyle blogger (you probably figured that one out by now) and Certified Personal Trainer living in Boston, MA. And more so, no matter what you try, it will take at least 6 months of your life to test with it.If you do choose to order some XYZ weight loss dvd, it will be a commitment of time, money and efforts. Even though, it is forewarned that it is one of the hardest fitness program ever put on DVD so make sure that you’re ready for this. Because Insanity training turns the table for whatever you feel about old school interval training.
You exercise with high level of effort and intensity to stimulate the body to allow for muscle strength increase and size. This is called Max Interval Training, as it keeps your body engrossed to its full extremes throughout the entire workout session. If you can do 10 pushes and crunches and be able to run at least a mile, for example, are considered to be pre-requisites for insanity workout. Or you’ve got kids back home to baby sit or if you have your lifestyle accustomed to cling to the computer almost until early morning. Insanity workout is only for those who are truly dedicated to lose weight and get their bodies in shape. You can expect a complete turn over after the very first month and many people think they do not require to carry on the workout any further. You will keep on seeing the results even after you’ve finished working with the insanity workout. And with this I feel happy to announce the best part about insanity workout; and that is, You absolutely need no equipment to do insanity training exercises. Then gradually as you start to gain endurance you commence with the strength oriented exercises. The feel good hormone – endorphin pops out while you do insanity workout and helps you to let go the pain and start enjoying the exercises[2]. Considering the amount of energy you will be investing while doing these exercises, following the insanity workout diet is sure to keep your energies balanced. Not that you can rest the entire day but just that on Thursdays, Shaun T will have an easy day with you on cardio workouts and aerobic exercises.
The 40% proteins are essential to buck up up your muscles and assist them in the repair process. It is more of bulk centric whereas the Insanity workout makes you more fit, flexible and your muscle definition becomes a lot more evident. The point is, when you come across someone who is either following insanity workout presently or is at least considering of doing it in the nearest future, you will be bound to see him with a different perspective and light. Doing this can win you an amazing T-shirt for yourself proclaiming “I earned it” – which happens to be the Insanity Workout caption. Also, it would be of an immense advantage to you if you do little bit of stretching here and there. Keeping yourself hydrated will be extremely important while doing the Insanity workout exercises. Imagine yourself wearing it if you’re tempted to skip off few exercises during the last week.
Plus, the Fit Test Tracker tracks your results as you watch your body transform before your eyes. Here you can buy them at a much cheaper price because people who bought it but could not use it (due to some reason or the other) and they are found selling these Insanity DVDs at such places. Therefore, in my opinion, always go for the official beachbody website for buying the Insanity Workout. Stay consistent in your workout schedule by telling you in a summary which all exercises to do on a particular day with the Insanity 60 Days Calender. Its short and crisp (a 10 minute read), because Insanity workout is about ripping your body and not reading. You can either share your experiences or get yourself motivated by chatting with all those people who have taken the Insanity workout challenge and are either undergoing it currently or have done it already. Shaun T takes you through each of his favorite ab and core moves at a furious pace—helping you in sculpting an amazingly tight, lean, toned six-pack. The personal trainer—who created the 60 day regimen billed as "The Hardest Workout Ever Put on DVD"—is back with a new program, Insanity MAX:30. But from time to time, I still love to try out routines that other websites and bloggers are posting.
The first superset (hanging knee raises and jump squats with the ball) was definitely the most challenging for me. I did endless amounts of research (and still do) on food, nutrition and exercise, and then eventually became a Certified Personal Trainer. I was a huge cardio bunny, but about a year and a half ago I ditched cardio and still haven’t looked back. I just remember after completing this workout that I had to share it with everyone on Kama Fitness—it’s unlike the other workouts I post which are all planned ahead of time. It wasn’t the hardest, but it’s a real-time video so you do it right along with the trainer, and they have a convenient countdown on the screen. You may be thinking, “It’s only a 10-minute workout—wouldn’t a break make it totally worthless?” but after the mountain climbers it’s a welcomed rest.

You’ll complete each workout four times during the week in the comfort of your own home, and will have unending online coaching support from Robin and The Balanced Life community.
You keep pushing the limits of your body until you realize the muscled body you gained in just a matter of good 60 days. You will put through extremely intense regimen but then, it has its own rewards as well. Insanity workout cuts down body fat to an approx.
But keeping the time frame under consideration, and also, the weight loss goal of insanity workout, it is a bit unlikely to notice a lot of muscle mass accumulating rapidly.
But the reality explains that the complete results will keep evolving even after the 60 days of furious workout. The logic is simple, the muscles are resting and require your time to let them grow and get better [1].
But before you get habitual of the pain, the continuity of the furious exercises will relieve you off the pain. Therefore this assures fat loss a lot faster pace and also a higher adrenaline level. All this leads to more muscle groups working out together. Trying to gulp in more energy into your system by trying at your end shall make you available with a lot more energies to spare while doing insanity workout. Not because sunday is a universal holiday day, but because your muscles would need rest to reflect the benefits you earned during the week long strenuous exercises. You will see for yourself, the extent to which you are ready for taking up the insanity workout. The workouts in the first month does not long for more than, on an average, around 35-40 minutes. You may as well follow your own diet, until it feeds you with the same amount nutrients as the Insanity Diet Plan. The rigor and energy required for Insanity Workout can only be served by the insanity workout diet plan mentioned in this Insanity Workout Review. Yes, there could be a plus with Insanity workout that it works to lose fat tissues, to a lot more quantity than you can expect it to.
If you try this supremely efficient workout session, after a while, you will feel that you can talk endlessly about the insanity workout whenever you happen to meet someone who is either doing or has already done it. This helps you get acquainted with being flexible while you have to perform some yoga exercises as a part of the Insanity workout.
However, it is advisable to drink only a small amount of water in each break; such that you are able to perform the exercises properly. I tried to take really short breaks between sets, so by the fifth round, I was struggling (in a good way!).
I weight train about 5 days per week, sometimes more (or less) and absolutely love a heavy lift! This routine didn’t leave me sore the next day or anything like that, but it was a perfect way to get a quick blast of fitness in on a day that I otherwise wouldn’t have done anything. Considering the exceedingly huge amount of sweat your are going to trip down, the only thing you will wish you had is a towel. But you will encounter more chances of expressing the rigor of these exercises while standing on the ground. All this just adds to your self confidence, which undoubtedly is a supreme advantage in itself. The difficult part here is that you will be doing these exercises so slow that you can literally hear your muscles scream for recovery. So now you are also aware of the daily time you got to spare for the weight loss plan you’re about to possess. Considering the amount of energies you’d be involving in this workout it is of utmost priority to eat these carbohydrates. Even though the goals are similar and are the products of the same company, still they are different like the poles of the Earth. Rest for at least half an hour after you’ve finished working out before doing anything else. However, I would want to warn you that this might involve a risk of scammers too and as far as possible, you should ALWAYS buy genuine products bought from genuine sources when it is about your health. Also, the Fit Test Tracker tracks your results as you watch your body transform right in front of your eyes.
For the first time, we’re extending our standard, 30-day money-back guarantee to a full 60 days’ offer. I also complete at-home workouts when I’m not feeling like a gym day, which are mostly bodyweight and light weight workouts. This forms the reason for the exercise to last and result in the fat loss you see after 60 days.
Bore this in mind and give your body and yourself the time required to fetch the desired results. The exercises mentioned in this insanity workout review will make you do some yoga poses and stretching too.
This boost helps you to bear the stress involved in the insanity workout, since otherwise you’ll fall crashing down on the floor begging for breath. However you must not skip checking out the quantity of carbs and fats and proteins the insanity workout suggests. If you fail to feel insanely satisfied with the results, you can send it back for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling. The program alternates cardio and strength days, and manages to hit every muscle on your body without making you shell out for fancy equipment.
All you got to do is, rigorously follow the Insanity workout routine from the insanity DVDs. Here's how it works: You go as hard as you can to keep up with Shaun until you absolutely max out and can't do anymore. But, throughout the 60 day period, you build up your stamina until you can handle the whooole half hour. From the squat position, kick your leg out keeping your leg straight throughout the movement. Tuck Extension Laying on your back, bring your shoulder blades up off the floor and your arms overhead and legs extended, not touching the ground. Using your core, exhale and come up into a c sit position with the knees in a 90 degree position, lightly touching the hands to the knees.
Push back into the full extended position with arms overhead and legs out , feet not touching the floor.4.
Power Clap  Starting in a squat position, explode into the air bringing one knee up and keeping the other leg extended.

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