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I am very lucky to finally stumble upon this program which helps me increase my vertical jump by 9 inches in about 12 weeks. Genetics plays a large role in how much height you can add through training, but the training itself will help you in ways you can’t measure in inches. Three exercises to improve your vertical jumpJumping high requires two things: strength, and explosive power. THE BOTTOM LINEImproving your vertical requires work on lower body strength and explosiveness, both of which can improve performance in any sport requiring the use of your lower body—not just basketball. Let's be real, if you play basketball, whether for fun as a past time activity or are aspiring to be a pro player, learning how to slam dunk is the best thing that you can do out there on the court. Once you achieve your target in the vertical jump, the next step will be to perfect the actual dunk. If the ball keeps bouncing off the rim, you are not jumping high enough or you are either releasing the ball too soon or too late.
Of course when you're talking basketball and someone's vertical, you're probably thinking about dunking. You'll be more confident in your ability to score, defend, rebound, and do whatever else, so you'll perform better overall. An increased vertical leap isn't just beneficial for basketball players, though, any athlete can benefit from a better vertical. So, now that you know some additional benefits of increasing your vertical, here's how you can increase your vertical jump to dunk better, play better defense, and outrebound your opponents. One of the best vertical training exercises is simply to find a rim that you can dunk on, but have to put some effort into dunking. There are a couple of things that can make this form of vertical training even more effective. Some benefits of a weight belt as opposed to ankle weights or weighted vests: The weight is around your waist, your center of gravity, so very safe.

There are a ton of vertical programs out there, and every one of them will help you improve your vertical. As with the dunking exercise, one way that that can help any program to increase your vertical would be to add the Hypergravity Weight Belt to your program. Plyometrics are actually a form of vertical training program, but any good one should include plyometrics, so I wanted to have a small section about it here. Vertical training shoes can benefit any program, whether it's for vertical, speed, or whatever, they can help increase the size and speed of the benefits of the program. Athlete Nutrition can be a very important aspect to improving any of your athletic abilities, including increasing your vertical. I know it didn't go into a great deal of detail here, but hopefully this page helps you to understand the different methods available to improve your vertical leap.
Take your vertical training to the next level with sports supplements to make your training more effective. Basketball dunking has been the foundation of admiration for the basketball fans for all time. This is for the reason that the basketball athlete has to work out and improve his bigger muscle group, which is the legs, in order to have a better dunk. The fat that jumping needs strength and agility of the leg’s muscle set is an elementary and very logical and apparent. The great thing as regards to it is that these workouts can be performed even outside the exercise room.
Sometimes, shoes can boost the self-confidence, which in turn increases inspiration, agility, and then the performance. I just like to share my experience with those who have the same problem as I truly understand the frustration.
The easiest way is to stand by a wall to measure your reach, or how high you can touch with your arms fully extended and your feet on the ground. Stein recommends starting off with box jumps for explosiveness, and two basic strength exercises: squats and lunges.

You can also add weight to your strength exercises in the form of dumbbells, a medicine ball, or kettlebells.
Presented by Vertical Efficiency, we have put together a little sampler of teaser tips to help you on jump quest. At times, dunks may even establish the outcome’s name of an exciting and competitive game. These workouts may be very basic and may be done even when you are merely standing in a bus terminal while waiting for your next ride.
I have been looking for ways to improve my vertical jumping for more than a year before when I realized how important it is to go to the next level. This year, the University of Memphis’ DJ Stephens recorded a running vertical of 46 inches, the highest ever recorded in the NBA. Instead, practice to perfect your dribbling, lay ups and general workouts before moving on to dunking. This is the reason why a lot of basketball athletes today are aiming to attain the ideal dunking abilities in order for them to flaunt or show off. And in order to have a higher jump and a better basketball dunk, here are a number of helpful tips on how to jump higher to dunk which can be of good assistance to you as a basketball athlete. The difference between your reach and the highest point you touched when you jumped is your standing vertical jump height. For example, add enough weight during weeks 8-10 so that you can only do 8-12 reps per set, then progressively add more weight until you can only do 4-6 reps. Some of the most effective workouts you can use to increase your vertical jump are jumping rope, squats, weight training targeting the calves and most importantly, plyometric training. Remember that the other hand you are not dunking with provides the balance you need while in the air.

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