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The vertical jump test is one of the most common fitness tests used to gauge an individual.
The vertical jump is one way people can clearly see and compare how much your legs can perform. The Vertec device is a vertcial jump test equipment that uses many small flags that are connected to a pole. The administrators will then subtract their standing reach from the height of the highest flag to get the jump height. There is also a vertical jump test mat (or a jump mat) that can be used for measuring how high a person jumps. The mat is an electronic device that measures the height by using the time it takes the jumper to land back on the mat. An older and less expensive version of the mat comes with straps that are connected to the jumper’s waist. The distance difference from the starting point and the further point the strap goes is the jump measurement.
Stand up straight next to the wall and reach up with your dominant hand and touch the wall. If you are doing a jumping program, you can measure once a week or every 2 to 3 weeks to see how your progress is going. Scoring this jumping test gets the distance you jumped by comparing the height of your reach from your highest reach at the highest point of your jump. You can use a calculator to subtract the 2 heights or if you don’t want to use a calculator you can just measure starting from the standing reach up to the highest mark.
When it comes to the jump test norms studies and observations of the general populations have come up with averages for the jump scores.
One of the things to know when preparing for the test is that there are a number of variations available.
With knee bend – majority of tests will let you bend down before jumping up to get that extra spring. Squat jump – unlike that which allows knee bending, squat jumps force you to start from a squat position. Different number of steps – compared to the standing start you some tests will make you do a specified number of steps before the jump. Running start – this allows the athlete to run (any number of steps) and jump as high as they can. One leg – this is one of the more rare ones, but some situations use them when they want to assess the jumping power of each of the legs individually. Most athletes realize the importance of the vertical jump in sports like basketball and volleyball, but having a strong vertical jump is actually important than many realize for all types of athletes.
When you perform vertical jump exercises to increase the strength and flexibility of your leg muscles, the Vertec from Jump USA provides you with an accurate measurement tool that allows you to track your progress. Vertec is used to monitor vertical jump training results by many high school and college coaches in a variety of sports.

Athletes in a variety of sports are often surprised by the improvements they see with minimal vertical jump training.
There is no better way to determine if your vertical jump training is working and what your athletic capabilities are than measuring your vertical jump regularly and determining when there are improvements and where adjustments need to be made in your program. Vertec will provide you with a versatile, accurate method of measuring the effectiveness of your plyometrics program.
The vertical jump test, also called the Sargent jump test, is a physical fitness test that’s often used to determine power in the lower body. The main goal of the test is to measure how high an athlete can jump which is based on their explosive lower limb power.
The jump height of athletes is one of the measures often used for rating basketball, volleyball and even football players as it is a factor in how well they can perform or be matched up against other players. For this reasons professional teams and their scouts take the vertical jump scores of athletes very seriously and it is one of the main components in professional athlete assessments like the NBA and NFL draft combines.
By far the simplest method to administer the vertical jump test, all one needs is a measuring device, a flat wall and a marking device usually in the form of chalk. Standing beside the wall, the athlete marks their strong side’s fingertips with chalk.
With the standing reach measures, the athlete can prepare to jump from a standstill position as high as they can.
The measurement of the athlete’s vertical jump result is obtained by subtracting their standing reach from the highest mark they achieved on their jump.
The Vertec vertical jump equipment device comes with its own instructions and basically uses flags that the athletes tries to tap. As the jumper stands on the mat and jumps, the mat times how long the jump is, computes the height based on the time and shows the result in the remote handheld monitor.
One of the difficulties with comparing vertical jump test scores administered by different people is that there is a lot of variability with how the test is performed.
Note that a number of YouTube videos show athletes jumping on boxes and measuring their vertical jump. Scoring the vertical jump test is made by measuring the distance between the athletes standing reach, which is the highest point their hand can reach while they are standing up straight, against the highest point their hand reaches when they jump. The longer the distance between the two heights the better the jumping ability of the athlete.
For average jump heights of men, women, and athletes (basketball, volleyball and football), check out out jump test results and scores article.
While the chalk method is the simplest, it is also prone to error since the athlete stretches out to touch the wall. For athletes it takes on a whole new level because it can make a difference between getting a spot on the team, a scholarship or even getting drafted higher.
Sure you can make the athlete lift using their legs like in squats or leg presses, but how much of that translates into the sport. This type of jump measurement device is what you’ll see in the NBA and NFL draft combine jump test.

They then jump upwards and the mat automatically records some statistics including the height of the jump and the power.
Most of the time, depending on what sport you are being assessed for, the jump test will be relevant to your sport. The first is to test for rebounding and quick second jumps, while the last one is to see jumping ability for when you drive to the basket.
This takes away the extra momentum and compressed energy you get from bending your knees before jumping. The vertical jump demonstrates athletic ability based on the measure of their explosive strength and their vertical jump.
As an example to the importance of vertical jumps to evaluating athleticism, the NBA relies on the vertical jump test from several tests to determine the potential success of individual players.
The Vertec has become a standard measurement tool for its accurate measurements that are easy to read.
Devoting some time to train your legs to build strength and improve balance can have a significant impact on your vertical jump. Plyometrics are often the exercise type of choice to increase vertical jump, agility, balance and speed. When done, they stand straight alongside the wall and raise their hand straight up and touch the wall at the highest tip of their hand.
This jump requires that the athlete does not take any steps and just jump up from where they are standing.
The box jump compared with those listed above gives results that are significantly higher because the jumper always pulls their legs up to land on the boxes.
Typically, you stand in a specified position, bend your knees, swing your arms and jump straight up.
Before determining how to increase vertical jump, you need to know what your starting point is. The tape measure will show how high the jump is based on how far the rope has moved from the original standing position. This takes away any momentum that they can get from using extra steps, which is why this score is often lower. The NBA records this as the Maximum Vertical Jump along with the standstill jump mentioned above. Using this method and comparing it to any of the results from the other jump tests above will be misleading.
The Vertec vertical jump tester is a versatile and accurate tool that will measure your vertical jump within ?-inch throughout your training.

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