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Think of it like a high-tech fitness coach, guiding you through exercises and correcting your form until, eventually, you no longer need any assistance.
It’s when people can’t properly digest ‘lactose’ which is a type of natural sugar found in dairy products. Well now I know that you can avoid developing lactose intolerance by not making meals to inproportionate that contain more amounts of dairy. I also know now that balance is a huge part of wellness that is  because if you are are not balancing your dairy intake than you could develop lactose intolerance. I chose this issue because my aunt has it and having her so close as a aunt I wanted to investigate more about this issue. This is important because like my aunt had it I never really understood it.
For my Health Buzz I chose the topic to be How Physical Fitness Can Help With Your Learning.
From researching about this topic, I learnt that physical fitness can help your learning and that there have been studies to prove it. I chose to do my healthbuzz on malaria because my mom had it when she was a little girl in Vietnam and I wanted to know more about it. Malaria is caused by Plasmodium, a parasite that is spread when a person is bitten by an infected mosquito. Before, I thought that malaria was a disease that was only common in Africa and that it only effected very young children. I chose this topic because I thought it was interesting and I didn’t fully understand it. I believe Epilepsy is not fully understood by many and people do not understand the seriousness.
Alzheimer’s is the most common kind of dementia and takes 60 to 80% of dementia cases. I chose to research on Alzheimer’s disease because one night I was talking to my dad about my great grandmother who passed away when I was around 6 or 7. At the start of the process of getting Alzheimer’s, abnormal amounts of proteins are deposited, forming amyloid plaques and tau tangles throughout the brain. Since this has such a huge impact on your hippocampus, you start to forget how to do simple things like how to eat.
I used to think that Alzheimer’s Disease was just you losing your memory–something like amnesia. I chose this issue , I personally have experienced it and I didn’t fully know about it. Some of the main things I learnt about this topic is that pneumonia is most commonly not as serious as I had it. These images portray the different lung capacity from someone with pneumonia and someone without it. I choose this issue because I have seen some people have TS, and sometimes I wonder why this is. I learned that tics is a neurological disorder where a person has both motor and vocal tics.
Astigmatism isn’t deadly, isn’t uncommon, and isn’t an obstacle to block anyone from living their lives to the fullest. Astigmatism, to be more specific, is a form of bad eyesight where the eye doesn’t take in light rays normally.
When light enters your eye, it should refract evenly to create a clear view of what is around you.
Whether or not you have astigmatism is important to know as early as possible so it can be treated and it won’t get worse. If your doctor confirms that you do, indeed, have astigmatism, it can easily be corrected with glasses, contacts, or visual correction procedures (but this last one is only if it’s very serious and you’re an adult). Recent CommentsJohn Smith on Life Support – Elena DickinsonIn the business world, the majority of communication is aimed at persuading or informing others. While dedicating ourselves to an active lifestyle, many people often forget to exercise the most important muscle of all: the brain. Those looking to get an edge in—and out—of the gym are flexing their minds with neurofeedback. For example, the brain can get stuck in an anxious state and neurofeedback training enables it to shift into a calmer state for optimal function. Because neurofeedback enhances the function of both the brain and the central nervous system, it can help you tap into that elusive state of flow, one in which mind and body are seamlessly in sync (without any conscious effort), making it a natural for the sports arena where athletes must perform like finely-tuned machines.

Check back here weekly for new posts that tap into Q's stable of world-class trainers and experts to keep up with all things health and well-being. Normal people who eat dairy or a food containing ‘lactose’ then a small intestine called ‘lactase’ breaks it down enabling them to digest it properly, however, when you have lactose intolerance it doesn’t digest correctly and it does not make enough lactase in their small intestine. What I mean is that you can just suddenly develop lactose intolerance, you don’t have to be a specific age to just get it.
My thinking has changed also because before I thought that Lactose Intolerance wasn’t that serious or bad but now I know that it can really affect someone’s balance and health due to the side effects that can occur. It could happen to me because my skin is very sensitive and I suffer from allergies as well. 15 million people have eczema in the united states. Eczema has no cure, it has creams but right now there is no way to cure it. I chose this topic because I have been doing a lot of physical activity in school and I was curious to find out how much physical activity can benefit my learning. By doing this project, I am now going to start exercising more each day so that my stress levels are always low so that I am able to focus on my school work and be able to finish it. I chose this topic because my grandmother has it and it is painful for us to watch her decline. I was reminiscing on how she couldn’t eat so she had to have a tube going to her stomach and how she had nurses at her house at all times. This causes previously healthy neurons to stop functioning, loose connection with others and die. My connection to this issue as mentioned before is that last year I suffered from Pneumonia.
I think this is important to me because some of my family members have it too, and so do I. Scientists and doctors don’t know the exact cause of tics, but research suggest that, when theres a problem with how nerves communicate in the brain, the chemicals in the brain, that carry nerve signals from cell to cell. This can cause things to look differently than they would to someone who doesn’t have astigmatism.
However, if you have astigmatism, light refracts unevenly, so you get a slightly distorted image. The need to understand astigmatism is fairly important, especially if an eye doctor clarifies that you have astigmatism. Now I understand that astigmatism is basically the most common form of bad eyesight, which so many people in our world have.
Brain exercises keep the mind sharp and help you process information more quickly so you can be a faster learner.
Click next for some simple things you can add to your daily routine to train your mental muscles.
Essentially, you're aiding the brain's ability to self-regulate," neurofeedback specialist Evelyn Shapero, of the Brainfitness Centre in Los Angeles, said. Actually 65% of human population are lactose intolerant and how they got it is either at birth or just developed it for me, I developed lactose intolerance at the age of 10, I asked my other relatives that are lactose intolerant and they developed around the age of 10.
This skin condition is not rare and it could happen to any of us, and its good to know about.
I also chose it because I love to do any sort of physical activity to keep me fit and healthy. I don’t have any direct connections with it but I thought not many people would know all the facts. People with Epilepsy can have many different kinds of seizures, some can cause them to fall to the ground and shake uncontrollably while, others can just look like they are staring. This disease affects teens through depression when their loved ones don’t remember them. The damage is mostly focused on the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain that is essential in making memories.
With Amnesia, you forget things that happened to you in the past but you don’t forget how to do things that are essential for you to live. This main connection helps expand my learning, because it helps me truly imagine what doctors are describing when they explain Pneumonia. The main point is that pneumonia is most of the time barely noticeable and is just a little more severe than a cough. If you start having trouble seeing what is happening on the screen from the back of the classroom, have frequent headaches and eye irritation, find yourself squinting often, and fatigue, you may want to get your eye checked.

In conclusion, astigmatism isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and it’s not something you should worry about, because it’s something that can be easily corrected. As you get stuck in the same daily routines, your brain becomes idle in terms of growth and development. Exercise also helps with improving your memory and deterring away aging mind diseases like Alzheimer’s.
This will expand my learning because I can explain to my family how essential it is to stay physically active and how it is beneficial for our learning. This is the reason that Alzheimer’s is the 3rd leading cause of death in America, after heart disease and cancer.
They have also found that people with Alzheimer’s have abnormal amounts of protein, fiber and a chemical called acetylcholine in their brains.
One way my thinking has changed is how before I thought that pneumonia was so severe and something everyone should pay very careful attention to, but now I realised that commonly pneumonia is nothing to worry about and can be fixed with just a few antibiotics. Some people may have it so that what they see is only slightly blurred, and nothing looks too irregular, but others may have it so that they could feel dizzy with what they are seeing. What I learned personally from researching this topic is that it is important to understand about ourselves and our symptoms. Similar to how you switch up your workout routines at the gym, you need to switch up your brain activity to stimulate growth.
However, some ethnic groups have more people that are lactose intolerant, for example the dairy count in Italian cuisine vs. If teenages don’t excerise then they will have a hard time focusing on school work because they will feel stressed which won’t help them achieve what they are trying to accomplish.
In the 2013 population of the US 750,000 children (0-17) had been diagnosed with Epilepsy or another Seizure Disorder.
When he said this I was honestly so scared because I could see that his eyes were tearing up. At the last stage of Alzheimer’s, the damage is widespread and the brain tissue has shrunk noticeably. I now know that it is a lot worse than I thought and that people with Alzheimer’s really have it hard. This issue affects teens, because a type of pneumonia commonly called Walking Pneumonia is common in teens. Scientists and doctors think the genetic disorder means it passed on from parents to child or happens during development in the womb.
I have had questions about this particular subject, as well, and I decided to choose this topic to be my Health Buzz project. Looking it up and fully understanding it is much better for yourself than just shrugging it off and assuming that nothing bad will happen. This information will be usful for teenages so that they can be aware that physical fitness can help them with their learning so that then they can start exercising more. I was particularly interested in this topic because I actually have astigmatism, but I didn’t know very much about it. It can also be difficult for them to see things clearly, and it may be hard for them to catch up with daily tasks due to taking time to sort out what they are seeing. You may be diagnosed with something that is far worse than astigmatism, and if you weren’t initially fully informed, things could take a turn for the worse. This affects many teenagers with Epilepsy negatively because you can never predict when the seizures will happen.
Risk genes increase the likelihood of developing a disease, they are passed on from family members. It affects people of all races and backgrounds although more guys than girls have the condition. It’s important to get a better understanding about ourselves now so that we can choose what’s best for us in the future.
It is important to teens also because at this time it is hard to control the proportions or amount of food intake in your body, so it shows teenagers that being balanced with the amount of dairy you are eating matters to your health later on.

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