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I know quite a lot of people who have started something great only to crack under the pressure. With the help of an infographic called How To Start A Start-Up presented by Funders And Founders, we get an overview of what the process will be like when we finally decide to start a startup. There are plenty of companies and brands out there that have started their operations with nothing more than a couple of dollars and a good idea. There’s a trick to starting a story that I can share with you and I got it from Ernest Hemingway. Sometimes when I was started on a new story and I could not get going, I would sit in front of the fire and squeeze the peel of the little oranges into the edge of the flame and watch the sputter of blue that they made.
Call it the truth, call it the controlling idea, call it the premise, what we need to do is think about what we want the reader to come away from the story believing. No idea and no situation was ever strong enough to carry you through to its logical conclusion without a clear-cut premise.
And because it’s your story, you can metaphorically grab the reader by the shoulders and shake them until they listen. We can use the archetypal characters from Archetypes that Make Your Story Resonate  to personify our story. So we have our One True Sentence, our Sentence of Doom, and our Archetypal Characters to personify both sides of the story.
Plot is a huge subject.  Writing Spy Fiction with an Unputdownable Plot  starts to help us think of a plot.
The One True Sentence is never explicitly stated in those books (although The Riddle of the Sands comes pretty close). So next time you’re star­ing at a blank screen, or the wall, or out of the win­dow, don’t despair. In this article, we will talk about the most important moment in a rapper's career-his initiation to the game.
You can see alot of aspiring rappers, with good flow, good content and good voice, but lacking the ability to play the game. Most of them have the understanding that if they're good at what they're doing, they will succeed.
The motives behind that strategy in most cases are the notion that he will saturate the market to such a degree, that eventually people will notice him.

It's always better to have 1 song with 1000 views, which you effectively promote, rather than having 20 with 30 views each.
Next time people hear your name, they would want to check out your content and if they see that one song with high number of views, they'll see that there is a certain desirability about you.
You see that the flow is good and the beat is the bomb, but the guy didn't put no effort in editing his vocals, adding some ad-lips, nothing. This however is the difference between people coming back to listen to your song again and checking it out only once, seeing that it's amateur made and just leave. This is vital, because once you know your style, while defining it, more people with similar style will gravitate towards you. It has to be something, which is going to make you different from the other rappers and which would grab the attention of the viewer.
The market is saturated by rappers who glorify money and people are looking for something other than that. Then for fuck’s sake join our community and start practicing with us, doing those events and challenges.
We are dedicatedly looking through all the tips submitted and pick the things we feel will appeal to our audience. It’s a shame because some of these ideas could make it huge if they were nurtured and brought to life.
Imagine for a second that you want to know what the process is when it comes to positioning yourself to getting everything started.
It doesn’t have to be a big deal, and sometimes you just have to have the imagination, creativity and dedication in order to get everything going.
What makes you want to grab people by the shoulders and shake them until they agree with you? The One True Sentence doesn’t go in the story, and neither does the Sentence of Doom.
Probably the Protagonist is on the side of Truth and the Antagonist is on the side of Falsehood. A rapper gets an instrumental, write the lyrics, records it and posts it straight up on youtube. By doing so many songs, he will eventually make that banger and it will get him the attention required.

You're giving the wrong first impression to people, ingraining a rather damaging perception of yourself. This immediately generates more interest for them and they get curious as to what you have to say. It's better to be patient and blow up like you should, rather than being impatient and just bubble in the background.
Maybe it's the controversy you will get yourself involved in, maybe it would be your insolent comments, maybe it would be your intelligence, or appearance. Before you start your public relations, you have to know from where you're going to get your money. If you don't want to mix with all that shady, manipulation money environment, you can write your lyrics and don't care about the music business. At one point, you would have to step away from the rhyme schemes for a while and get some knowledge on the game.
It is a quick way to help us find what people are talking about around the globe, what is about to go viral and, of course, what you think should be featured on Bit Rebels.
There are companies out there that have struggled for decades only to find a lucky streak of events and found their path to make it big. You should carve up your character with the utmost attention, get a reputation for a specific type of content, develop a USP(Unique Selling Point) and so on. The difference between recording your song at home and recording it in a studio can be as little as $30. Not knowing that, will simply make you ignorant to the opportunities you could have and missing opportunities is the shortest way to failure. Sometimes you just have to keep trying in order to find the true essence of what your idea is all about. Now we are getting somewhere, because if our story shows One True Sentence in opposition to a Sentence of Doom then it will have conflict – and conflict is what stories are all about.
But with a little bit of guidance, you might get over that threshold that is holding you back.

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