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In case you haven't picked up a jump rope since elementary school, you might want to rethink the classic childhood play toy a€” jumping rope is one of the best ways to burn calories, boost athleticism and get in better overall shape in a short amount of time.
Drive your left knee toward your chest, then immediately bring it to the ground and replace it with your right knee while swinging the jump rope around.Try and focus on keeping your body as tight as possible and keep your arms close to your body to keep your shoulders from tiring out too quickly.
Start in a plank position with your feet on a box or elevated surface with your hands on the floor in front of you.
Start in a downward dog position and walk your feet toward your hands so that your shoulders are above your hands. You will start with 5 reps of the one leg squat for each leg, then you will do 5 slow reps of pull ups, and at the end you will do 4 minutes of high intensity interval cardio with the jump rope. Push your hips back, keep your back straight, weight on your heels and your shin bones vertical to the ground. Ich mochte den monatlichen mit nutzlichen Informationen und spannenden Artikeln rund um das Thema Workout kostenlos erhalten.

Lower your forehead down toward the floor as far as possible, then raise back up to the starting position and repeat. Squeeze your abs and push through your shoulders, then lower down to your elbow on one side, then follow with the other side. This was my first time doing this exercise with a kettlebell so going down on one leg would have been too challenging. The first interval will be the 10 second rest interval and the second will be the 20 second work interval.
Just like they sound, double unders require you to get the rope under your feet twice in one jump. These are a very advanced form of jump roping, so if you can't do them at first, don't worry! If this exercise is still challenging for you with just your own bodyweight, then don?t rush to add weight.
Keep practicing while focusing on keeping as tight as possible and keeping your arms by your side as you swing the rope around, and you'll get them with time and practice.

Check the end of the video for my tips on how to do this exercise if you are a complete beginner.
I am also using my Pull Up Bar and Jump Rope from Ultimate Body Press which you can check out here. Make sure that your muscles are contracted and then push off of your foot and drive up pushing your hips forward at the top. If you are leaning towards one side, it means that you are not contracting the muscles in your leg enough.

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