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Since the age of 13, I can remember wanting to find just about any means possible to learn how to jump higher. I can tell you from experience that it is a really good feeling when you are able to throw it down on the defender. There are a number of jumping programs shown on the right, some better than others, some more expensive than others, etc. Because bound is the best example of a change of direction continuous change of direction in your exercises is significant. Scissor hop (3 x 8 each side): Bound as high as possible, with your feet staggered in a lunge position. Ice skaters (3 x 8 each side): Begin to your left foot and hop to the right as far as possible with just your left foot. The key to a great work out to leap higher is that the exercises should be finished immediately with maximum effort. I also have spent lots of time comparing them to the principles and features whom I believe an excellent plan should have and assessing plans. Do you want to develop a massive 40+ inch vertical jump and be ranked among legends like Lebron James and Shannon Brown?
Having a massive vertical jump gives you a huge improvement over your opponents, and plus, it just looks f*cking badass. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be an NBA superstar to have a massive vertical jump. In fact, dramatically increasing your vertical boils down to a few core concepts which I’ll cover in detail in The Ultimate Guide On How to Jump Higher. Instead you want to keep your legs lean, muscular, and athletic which will keep you fast on the court and quick on your feet. The best way to build up your strength levels is to do exercises such as the squat and deadlift.
For example, having a strong pair shoulders and back to maintain a perfect upright posture while performing a vertical jump. Basic exercises such as the bench press (with proper form), barbell row, military press, and chin up are sufficient for building a muscular and functional upper body. Improved range of motion on strength exercises. Improving your mobility always translates to greater flexibility and a greater range of motion when performing strength based exercises such as the back squat. Here is a great video showing you some awesome mobility drills to increase your vertical jump. You can have the strongest body in the world but non of that matters if your underlying stabilizer muscles are crap. And to train your stabilizer muscles you need to be doing exercises like the one-legged squat which recruits stability muscles in the same way as a vertical jump.
Your core is the center of your entire body so everything you do is determined (by some extent) to how strong your core is.
So start doing direct core and ab exercises such as weighted ab exercises and plank variations to strengthen your core.

But that isn’t to say that nutrition should be ignored completely when training your vertical jump. Carbs – In order for your muscles to exert the maximum amount of force and energy when jumping you need to make sure that your muscle glycogen stores are all filled up. Fats – The #1 mistake I see people make with their diet is that they cut fats out due to the irrational belief that fats make you fat.
But if you want an exact step-by-step program developed by one of the leading vertical jump coaches in the world, then I recommend checking out The Jump Manual created by Jacob Hiller.
Jacob has trained everyone, from NBA superstars to Olympic athletes and has helped every single one of them dramatically increase their vertical. Be sure to check the program out since Jacob will even coach you ¬†one-on-one and believe me, there’s no better or faster way to increase your vertical jump than by being coached by one of the leading vertical jump coaches in the world. I remember all of the hours spent in some capacity attempting ways to jump higher so that I could dunk a basketball. The simple truth is, depending upon what degree of fitness you’re in already, you may have first increases who have any plan just because you do something different than that which your body is accustomed to doing. Successful workouts to leap higher are developed around complete body moves: 3 key principles, change of direction, and stretch reflex. Jump is an entire body motion, so why waste your own time doing hamstring curls, one combined motion.
You are going to be shifting to an up acceleration in an extremely brief amount of time from a forward motion.
The lone way to train a stretch reflex will be to train quickly with nominal period of time on the earth. For the reason that it appears everybody tends to call the exercise something distinct, I shall just give a short concept of the exercise description.
Great professionals have spent many years of testing and research to find what works for most sportsmen. The ones that contain these principles will ensure that you’re successful with the plan that you simply select. But this doesn’t mean that you need to be able to squat 500 pounds or have legs that rival those of powerlifters. I will cover more on this below but just know that these are 2 of the best exercises to strengthen your quads, glutes, and entire lower body which will equate to a much more powerful vertical leap. You should be hitting your calves directly with at least one isolation movement since the calves do play a role in maximizing your vertical. Also, having a strong upper body helps generate momentum by using your arms to push the force of the jump upwards.. I can not emphasize how important it is to have a strong and tight core if you want to excel at any exercise or sport.
You still need carbs for energy and you still need fats to keep your hormone levels in check. Check out this exclusive interview with Jacob Hiller on how to increase your vertical jump.

More than anything will be your dedication to a program, nutrition, rest and how strong your desire really is. To achieve success at any given plan you would need to dedicate time and consistent effort to it.
The transition between one hop to another must call for minimal period of time on the earth. I am hoping the tips in this article has helped you understand the best way to judge the attribute of a great leap perpendicular or higher bound system. Just make sure your knees are stable and you’re not wobbling around when you do the lunges. Calf raises should be fairly self-explanatory so I don’t think I need to include a video on how to do them here. When training, you break down your muscle tissues which sometimes develop scar tissue which can limit mobility and your ability to jump higher. The same goes for the vertical jump – if your core is weaker than your legs then your core can only transfer a fraction of the energy from the jump.
If you find this amount of protein hard to achieve by eating regular foods, then I suggest supplementing with whey protein. In fact, I have played against enough elite competition over the years to know that there are a lot of athletes out there that far exceeded my jumping ability and I was at or near 42″ at one point. Of course, game-winning shots are right up there, but dunking on someone for 3-point plays and listening to the crowd go nuts is sensational.
I don’t want to get too off topic here, but please always do keep things in perspective. Exercises to boost vertical jump need brief duration and attempt as well as high intensity. And if you don’t do a sufficient amount of mobility and soft tissue work to help repair those scar tissues, your vertical jump is going to suffer. Definitely don’t go on a low-carb diet when training for a vertical jump, doing so will negatively affect your performance and concentration. I can remember one time in particular in a JUCO game in Baytown, TX when I put my knee right in the defender’s chest and threw it down on him and one of my teammates, during the game mind you, actually picked me up and hugged me while spinning me around in a circle because he was so impressed.
Your dedication to improving how to jump higher is directly influenced by your level of desire.
Improving your motility will allow your body to recruit muscles better as well as improve coordination.

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