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What does this mean in terms of my wushu training or any sports training for that matter where you want to have explosive power? Okay apply this principle to the rest of your workout and notice your increase in speed and hops. A number of different sports require you to jump kick as high as possible and maintain this position. Any vertical jumping program will show jumping training workouts that you can do to increase you vertical leap.  This site has a  jump manual review that goes over some of the jump manual exercises that you can expect to see inside the program. It means if you are diligent enough to train everyday you should mix up your training so that certain days you focus on a single explosive move like a standing jump where the second you contract you jump. For more reviews on martial arts shoes and equipment: Kung Fu Shoes, Taekwondo Shoes, Olympic Taekwondo News, Martial Arts Shoes, Martial Arts Supplements.
In order to do this, you have to improve your workout schedule and perform exercises that develop muscles for high kicks.

This helps your ankle and hamstring region and allows extra movement to raise your legs as high as you can effectively. A popular and well known opinion is that only leg muscles are required to jump kick higher but the fact is a few other muscle groups are used in kicking at a certain height.
Stretches such as the active hamstring assists in increasing the strength and height of your kicks. Increase the difficulty by rotating the leg in a clockwise direction to open the hip joint. Know that a high kick for every sport is different and requires an alteration in your techniques.
Plyometric training acts on the nerves, muscles, and tendons to increase an athlete’s power output without necessarily increasing their maximum strength. You just need to practice, give time and dedication and you will be able to improve the height of your ferocious kick.

Plyometric training involves practicing plyometric movements to toughen tissues and train nerve cells to stimulate a specific pattern of muscle contraction so the muscle generates as strong a contraction as possible in the shortest amount of time – usually a focus on explosive power. Maintain the lower back on the ground and hold the raised leg with both hands as you move them close to your nose. This will help reduce the chances of injury and will assist you in a high kicking sport like soccer, taekwondo and dancing. For this particular exercise if your muscles are not conditioned to do 20 cleanly and QUICKLY..

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