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Since the age of 13, I can remember wanting to find just about any means possible to learn how to jump higher.
I can tell you from experience that it is a really good feeling when you are able to throw it down on the defender.
There are a number of jumping programs shown on the right, some better than others, some more expensive than others, etc. What does this mean in terms of my wushu training or any sports training for that matter where you want to have explosive power?
Okay apply this principle to the rest of your workout and notice your increase in speed and hops. NEXT POSTZox Program - Revolutionary New Mind Ways One of the big desires of any human being is learning how to develop our brains to a new level of ability and capacity, this is where Zox Pro comes to help. The NBA has outlawed a new shoe which, its makers claim, increases vertical leap by 3.5 inches. Whilst many might find APL’s performance claims a little far-fetched, it seems the NBA is taking them seriously. Prior to the ban, the $300 trainer had apparently attracted the interest of NBA players – including a raft of rookies, some of whom have tested them in non-NBA settings.
Greg has been working within basketball for 15 years, as a journalist, TV presenter, events organiser and much more. At Star Physio Perth we look after some of the best athletes in the world in a number of different sports. We are proud to offer the same service to all of our clients and the reality is that the same treatment techniques and rehab principles are applied to all of our clients. Watch the video below to hear Star Physio’s directors discuss the common injury ITB “Friction Syndrome” and the key role that conditioning and strength training in rehab has in getting it under control.
Do you want to cut your risk of injury almost in half and perform better at the same time? Do you want to reduce the risk of overuse injuries, tendon pain, joint pain and other pain in the body? The simple solution to reducing injuries in sport and in everyday life is to strengthen your muscles. Watch our Clinical Director at Star Physio Perth Dr Merv Travers explain why endurance athletes need to do gym work to avoid overuse injuries. Many endurance athletes such as cyclists, swimmers, runners and triathletes have developed their cardiovascular fitness over years of training. However, there is an abundance of evidence that suggests it plays an important role in optimising running performance and reducing overuse injuries. One of our Clinical Directors at Star Physio Perth, Dr Merv Travers, likes to ask his cyclist clients: “when was the last time that one of your training buddies said to you – ‘you know what your problem is on the bike? Much like running, research shows that adding strength training to traditional training regimens results in improved cycling economy and a reduction in overuse injuries. In triathlon, improved cycling economy means getting off the bike sooner and with more spring left in the legs to attack the run. If you want to ride faster, include conditioning and strength training as part of your training regime. Therefore, if you want to ride faster include strength training as part of your training regime. Star Physio Perth proudly works the Australian and WA Volleyball teams, and also with some of the state’s best athletes including state high jump champion Tom Brennan and of course our own ex-professional volleyballer, now physio Tara West.
From the overall assessment, we determine the starting point and develop a program to integrate with your other training, racing schedule and the other demands in your life. The absolute key to getting the most out of your programme and minimising the risk of injury and overuse injuries is the systematic planning of your training.
At Star Physio we have physiotherapists who are also qualified strength and conditioning coaches (Dr Merv Travers and Steve Jeffries) as well as physiotherapists who have double degrees in physiotherapy and exercise physiology (Brett Buist and Kate Luckin). Do you want to ride faster, be more efficient and reduce your risk of injuries on the bike?

Core strength and flexibility are also critical for maximising your cycling experience and we put all of this together in our 1 hour class. We also want to know that you are otherwise in good shape so that you can get the most out of each session. We offer morning, afternoon and Saturday sessions but we are also happy to cater for a group (minimum 5 people) and book a session at a time convenient to you at the clinic of your choice. I remember all of the hours spent in some capacity attempting ways to jump higher so that I could dunk a basketball. It means if you are diligent enough to train everyday you should mix up your training so that certain days you focus on a single explosive move like a standing jump where the second you contract you jump. For more reviews on martial arts shoes and equipment: Kung Fu Shoes, Taekwondo Shoes, Olympic Taekwondo News, Martial Arts Shoes, Martial Arts Supplements. We are often asked by our clients “but I am not a professional athlete, can I still come to your clinic for treatment and rehab?” The answer is obviously “YES”! A recent article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine identified strength training as the most effective way to reduce the risk of sports injuries.
However, it takes more than just a good engine to really attack your PB over a given distance or to get off the bike and run efficiently. It has been demonstrated many times that heavy strength training improves running economy and mitigates loss of stride length associated with fatigue when running at competition speeds. Your legs are too strong!’” Followed by “Do you think Sir Chris Hoy developed those pins just sitting on the bike?” When it comes to riding you can never be too strong in your legs.
In fact, when it comes to turning the screw on your competitors (or just your mates) improved leg strength has been demonstrated to improve a five minute max effort at the tail end of a three hour ride (from an average of 371 Watts to an average of 400 Watts). Many cyclists believe that they are doing strength training when they ride big gears up hills or in sprints.
At Star Physio Perth we can help by devising a tailored conditioning and strength programme that fits your individual training requirements.
At Star Physio we can help by devising a tailored strength programme that fits your individual training needs.
Jumping and power athletes have long understood how important strength and conditioning was in their programs to make them jump higher, but only more recently have we fully understood how important this strength was to prevent injuries, including overuse injuries, and rehabilitate jumping athletes with tendon pain and joint problems.
This planning process is called “periodisation” and it involves the cycles of exercises, training loads and rest throughout the calendar so that you achieve your optimal performance on the day you need it (so you can peak on race day, not six weeks later)!
That’s what your GPS, heart rate monitor, speedometer, power meter and all the fancy toys are for!
Their combined knowledge base and skill set from physiotherapy and S&C disciplines allows them to test and identify your specific areas of weakness. There, we teach the appropriate exercise repertoire for your needs and refine technique to maximise both the benefit and safety. Then Cycle Fit and Tri Fit conditioning classes at Star Physio are what you have been looking for! Our Cycle Fit and Tri Fit class incorporates specific lower limb strength exercises, as well as core conditioning and flexibility work as done by the best cyclists in the world. For this reason we require you to come in for a screening and review as well as technique education session with our physio and strength and conditioning expert. More than anything will be your dedication to a program, nutrition, rest and how strong your desire really is.
With bad information you can do your best when exercising, but you will never see the results you want, no matter how hard you try.
For example we may see the same tendon pain or overuse injury in a keen weekend gardener who has overdone things on the shovel, as we see in one of our IRONMAN World Championship (Kona) athletes who has pushed too hard while fatigued in an interval running session. In fact the data suggested that conditioning and strength training can reduce overuse injuries by almost 50%.
So if you want to run faster it’s important to include strength training as part of your training regime.

There is no question this sort of training has its place, but listen to Dr Merv’s response at a recent Triathlon WA lecture in the video below.
If you are serious about getting bigger hops, and getting jumping pain under control or preventing it, come and talk to the team at Star Physio in Perth.
Based on this screening, an individualised and targeted conditioning and strength programme can be created to address these potential sources of injury. Many of our clients perform their rehabilitation on-site at the Mosman Park and West Perth clinics as we have specific rehabilitation tools that are hard to find in conventional gyms. Star Physio is excited to offer cycle specific conditioning sessions at our West Perth and Mosman Park clinics.
In fact, I have played against enough elite competition over the years to know that there are a lot of athletes out there that far exceeded my jumping ability and I was at or near 42″ at one point.
Of course, game-winning shots are right up there, but dunking on someone for 3-point plays and listening to the crowd go nuts is sensational.
I don’t want to get too off topic here, but please always do keep things in perspective. Plyometric training acts on the nerves, muscles, and tendons to increase an athlete’s power output without necessarily increasing their maximum strength.
Therefore, if you are an athlete, the most effective way to reduce your injury risk is by integrating conditioning and strength training into your regime.
Strength training is not usually part of most amateur endurance athletes’ training programmes. At Star Physio Perth we can help by devising a tailored conditioning and strength programme that fits with your global training schedule in order to get you to the start line in the best condition possible and get you to finish line faster, without injuries.
Furthermore, they can coach you in the safe performance of the exercises and refine lifting technique putting you on the best possible track to reduce your injury risk and improve your performance.
Our physios have worked with some of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world and we offer our knowledge and experience in this area to everyone from the everyday enthusiast to the elite rider. I can remember one time in particular in a JUCO game in Baytown, TX when I put my knee right in the defender’s chest and threw it down on him and one of my teammates, during the game mind you, actually picked me up and hugged me while spinning me around in a circle because he was so impressed. Your dedication to improving how to jump higher is directly influenced by your level of desire. Plyometric training involves practicing plyometric movements to toughen tissues and train nerve cells to stimulate a specific pattern of muscle contraction so the muscle generates as strong a contraction as possible in the shortest amount of time – usually a focus on explosive power. There are best exercises that are called plyometrics exercises, these will develop your muscles to become faster so it's going to be a lot easier to jump. Power sport athletes have understood this for a long time, but only recently have endurance athletes begun to understand the critical role of strength work in their overall programme. We have long understood the relationship between strength and performance in endurance athletes, but only recently has the evidence emerged of the dramatic reduction in injuries in athletes by adding strength and conditioning work into a training program.
Read on to find out how conditioning and strength training can improve performance and help you run faster, ride faster, jump higher and reduce overuse injuries – or call us on 08 9481 1003 to make a booking.
Here at Star Physio Perth we design “data based programmes” that optimise the benefit for you and take the guess work out of gym training. Call our physios on 08 9481 1003 to start developing a training programme that’s right for you today.
For this particular exercise if your muscles are not conditioned to do 20 cleanly and QUICKLY.. They are free and free things are never as good as those paid for.After you have your exercises ready and know how to do them, get a dieting advice. Dieting is essential part of your training, do not skip it.Again, get an assistant or a good guide to learn plyometric exercises because they are an essential part of how to jump higher to dunk.

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