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So, we’ve added two new features to allow jumping and hill climbing to be customized per game.
By default, these properties will be set so characters behave the same as they always have.
This property can be used to adjust the angle of slopes that a humanoid can climb up allowing developers to create un-climbable cliffs, walls or other barriers to player movement. This property can be used to adjust the height that a humanoid can jump, allowing developers to remove jumping, allow dynamically adjustable jump height based on character stats or raise the jump height (as if on the moon or such).

Now, the jumping power and maximum climbable angle for characters can be fully customized to provide default behavior unique to each game and character.
Creators can set these properties once for all characters or they can be set individually to allow characters to behave differently, perhaps due to upgrades or character levels. While this may be appropriate for some games, many game creators have been asking for a way to let them set how humanoid characters behave in their worlds. Some creators looking to disable jumping all together, while others seek to simulate low gravity moon physics, some have expressed a desire to use unclimbable high hills to direct characters down certain paths.

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