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Are you testing your vertical jump for the very first time, starting a new vertical jump training program, or just tracking your progress? If you have access to a training facility with a vertical jump measuring device, you can use that instead. John Wall tests his vertical jump with a Vertec before getting the number 1 pick in the 2010 NBA draft.
May 14, 2015 by Steve Sheppard Did you know you can train with kettlebells to increase your vertical leap? The vertical leap is used as a measure for athleticism among high school, collegiate and professional athletic programs. When training with kettlebells an athlete is not only developing strength and power in the legs but they are doing so using the specific motor pattern used in the vertical leap. The loading part of the vertical leap and the down swing of the kettlebell swing rapidly stretch the hamstring. Mobile athletes will be able to get into a more optimal position at the bottom of their leap, recruiting and utilizing as much of their hamstrings, glutes and quads as possible. If athletes have limited hip mobility and hamstring flexibility, as they sit back into the loading position they will be forced to either stop where their end range of mobility has been reached, or recruit mobility from somewhere else.

Check out the video below for more information on how and why you can use kettlebells to increase your vertical leap. It’s appropriate to implement kettlebell swings into athletes training programs once they have mastered the deadlift. I would recommend doing a high number of sets with no more then 10 reps at a time, so the athlete is not getting fatigued, which will negatively impact his technique. Whether you have ventured into the world of sports performance, or have spent a lot of time developing your strength, take advantage of kettlebell swings to help you use your strength more effectively during vertical leap test time. Great portion of these exercises involve stretching and keeping the pressure on the key muscles that make you jump higher. After the forward lunge you come back to your previous (standing position) and do a lateral lunge – to the side. I would be interested in averages of other physical aspects as well as the vertical jump height. The kettlebell swing, in particular, is a great exercise for many reasons, but today we’ll discuss how practicing and nailing this exercise can help you improve your vertical leap.
Getting mobility elsewhere, for example, from their back, is not going to have the same effectiveness as being able to stretch the hips and hamstrings further.

Some of these right here, are similar to the ones I’ve described on different pages of my website, and some of course are totally different. With your hands, bring it to your chest and in one motion, throw the ball as high as you can while jumping with your legs about 2-3-4 inches.
Dudley Allen Sargent, a pioneer in physical fitness and education, this test measures your standing vertical jump, but can also be used to test your one step vertival, two-legged running vertical jump and single-leg running vertical leap. If it is a pre-season camp, a combine, or even a collegiate exiting screen, the oh-so-familiar vertical leap is sure to show up to the party. It is necessary for an athlete to generate force extremely fast in order to leap off the floor. Keep in mind, deadlifting 500lbs is great, and it will give you a lot of strength potential, but moving a barbell slowly is not necessarily going to teach your hips how to move explosively.

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