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Perform the workout for a particular amount of recurrences, have a break and then perform it again. I am very lucky to finally stumble upon this program which helps me increase my vertical jump by 9 inches in about 12 weeks. Thus, the fact that you have to toil on exercises to jump higher in order to boost your vertical just makes sense.
Begin at an end and set out as tough as you are capable of with 1 foot whilst firing the other leg to the air.

I just like to share my experience with those who have the same problem as I truly understand the frustration.
Do not be worried about messing up since it just proves that you are putting effort into the exercise. I have been looking for ways to improve my vertical jumping for more than a year before when I realized how important it is to go to the next level. Be certain that you do not put your weight on your heel since this gets rid of the drill’s effectiveness.

This will shift your concentration to the regularity of the workout for higher jumps from the hurt on your legs.

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