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Today I want to share something that has helped me so much to get a jump-start on my goals and begin to make progress. I have found one way to give me the boost and reminder I need to work away at these goals one week at a time — using my calendar! Take out your calendar (either digital or physical) and add all your baby steps to your calendar. Properly use your calendar during the week to remind yourself of what needs to be done and then do it! These are just a few examples, but I hope you see how this can really help you get going with your goals. When we sit there looking at our list of goals, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start.

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Then look at the number of chapters for those two books and figure out how many chapters you need to read each week to finish the 2 books each month. You will have to figure out how often to add the reminder, depending on how many people you have to buy gifts for.

But you will have to decide what kind of exercise you like to do, how long it takes, and what equipment you will need. I know that I have so many good intentions and really do want to encourage others through cards, but never seem to get around to it or remember to do it. Once the gift is purchased, write what you bought on your Christmas gift list, then place in a tub that is designated to hold the Christmas gifts you buy throughout the year.
Sometimes I like to just seek the Lord about someone that needs some encouragement and send a note to that person.

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