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I mean, we’re not taking into account what type of athlete, their overall program, the individualism of the athlete, the sport-specific demands, and all sorts of other stuff. If you want to be your most athletic self, it’s pretty rare that having a big old gut is going to make you into a better athlete.
When it comes to sprinting and jumping the muscles of the posterior chain (the hamstrings, glutes, and spinal erectors) are your big movers. Make training the posterior chain a priority through box squats, deadlifts, power cleans, snatches, glute-ham raises, and sled dragging and you’ll see your hops go up.

When jumping it’s important that you practice a fast eccentric and as rapid a change from the eccentric to the concentric as possible.
The act of improving your jump, through training for power, dropping fat, and improving your biomechanics WILL make you a better athlete.
The next thing you wanna do is sign up on the right to get the simple program I use with my athletes every day to prime their nervous system, teach the MOST efficient movements, and add explosive power. We cannot guarantee that space will be available on the trampolines at all times.Vertical Jump ParkWhether you’re planning your next party or looking for a night of straight-up fun, Vertical Jump Park is the place to be!

Learn how to jump higher by applying scientifically grounded principles.The #1 Best Vertical Jump Training Program For 2016The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is my #2 pick. Thanks for visiting!I was recently asked a question regarding athleticism in adults and competitors that I thought was pretty interesting.

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