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The TRUTH is, you’re better off making your own weight gainer shake from scratch rather than relying on a store-bought weight gainer. As you know there are a TON of food choices today… This makes it confusing when we have a specific goal to GAIN WEIGHT. Contrary to what some people believe you can NOT just eat a bunch of random food and successfully gain weight. And in order to gain this muscle, there are certain foods that you should eat, and certain foods that you should AVOID.
I got an email today from Gabriel Lopez who has be using the Weight Gain Blueprint program for the past few months. Just got an exciting email from a Weight Gain Blueprint user named Gabriel Garay who gained 40 pounds using the program. So I got an email out of the blue from someone who saw the program and wanted to interview me about building muscle. But over the years in my personal training business and with my own experimentation I have found some critical elements that have helped make significant muscle gains possible even for hardgainers.
So, I’m going to give 3 important tips here so you can start building lean muscle mass faster and easier.
Make sure that 95% of the exercises you perform regularly in the gym are big multi-joint compound exercises.  If you are looking for workout routines to build muscle this is the most critical element. Supersets work different muscles groups in one set.  Like one set of upper body paired with a set of lower body exercises, or a push pull superset.
Though it is easy to dream of a huge muscular body that would scare anybody, it is not easy to get big muscles fast. In absence of training equipment or gym, you can invest a small amount and purchase dumb bells, adjustable weights and exercise bands. A commonly asked question by people trying build muscle is how fast can it actually be done.
Your training age is how long you’ve been lifting weights and engaging in weight training, either as the result of working out or as part of your daily routine (eg.
For women muscle is still governed by testosterone levels, but since women produce less testosterone other muscle building hormones play a greater role in the female body. Everyone has basically the same genetic coding, but there are minor differences in the coding. If you used to have lots of muscle when you were younger or before an injury, then you can regain that muscle faster when you start training again. Consuming protein supplements and Creatine (a chemical found in red meat) will help you build muscle faster.
Looking to sign up for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or personal training sessions? Want to burn more calories and trick your body into burning more calories without thinking about it?
There is research to suggest that high intensity workout routines over 60 minutes can trigger excess catabolism. Right exercises in right proportion will determine the size of the muscles and the duration taken to build them. Consult a good physical trainer to guide you through the exercising process or go online and check out on the websites for instructions on how to use the dumb bells, weights and other equipments.Muscle stimulators are another option that can help you grow big muscles fast. Try adding good calorie food that consists of all the nutrients essential for the growth of the body and cell repair.
1 to 2 lbs of muscle per month if you are weightlifting daily, but there are a number of factors that affect how fast you build muscle, listed below, which will make you gain muscle faster or slower. Alpha male personalities tend to make more testosterone (in theory you can even become an alpha male with time if you make active efforts to become more confident and your brain will increase your testosterone levels as the result of rewiring of your system - this is harder to do as you get older as such things become hardwired in your brain while you are a teenager). Cortisol thus plays a bigger role for women, but too high levels of cortisol hurts bone density.

Don't read too much into genetics because sometimes people can defy the odds through conditioning. So if you are an athlete and get injured and lose 30 lbs of muscle you can regain that muscle at a much faster rate than a normal person because your body remembers the muscle being there and will build it at an accelerated rate. Fortunately, there are some safe tried and tested ways that are guaranteed to make you muscular quickly. To build up big muscles fast you must remember few points.The first and foremost is the diet, supplements and a set of exercising equipment.
Avoid excess of fats and drink plenty of water and natural liquids to flush out the toxic deposits and remain hydrated.
Thus for women its better to use short but intense bursts of weightlifting to get the benefits. Most people (roughly 68%) by definition are genetically average so the chances are likely you're pretty average. Its possible to gain 20 lbs of muscle back in only a single month if you have the muscle memory, because your body has a mechanism for restoring the previous homeostasis. I’ve been working out since September 2011, but have seen a ton of results since starting your program. Secondly you require an experienced physical trainer to help you out with the right exercises. Add to the mix well laid out workout routines to build muscle and you will be sure to get muscle fast. Nourishing your body with good supplements is required to balance the energy consumption and the calorie deterioration due to severe exercises and work outs. High quality and nutritious carbohydrates that will get you packing some pounds include whole meal bread and pasta, wild rice, sweet potatoes and vegetables. You can either use supplements if you are aware of their functions or eat a healthy and balanced diet to substitute the calorie loss. Carbohydrates like white bread and white sugar should be best avoided or consumed after workouts as they are digested by the body very quickly.Protein is composed of amino acids, which you need to build muscle.
Eating more frequently is bound to have better rewards than eating say two or three large meals in day.
You should eat slow burning carbohydrates before you workout and fast burning carbs after the workout. The logic here is simple; slow burning carbs take much longer to be converted to glucose which means that your blood sugar levels will be consistent, giving you enough energy to train for longer and endure more.
It is also crucial to alternate the exercises you do, and to use a variation of exercise as this is more effective. This is doing workouts as powerfully as you possibly can for an hour, three to four times a week.
You need to have an appropriate rest time in between workouts and also generally at the end of the day. Overall, it is important to rest your body through sleep for not less than 7 hours in a day. Water helps the kidneys flush out toxins and helps circulate nutrients to muscles all over the body. Whey is an excellent source of protein, and creatine has been shown to help build bigger muscles.In conclusion, these 7 tricks are bound to get you some muscles really fast.
You need to have breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, dinner and a bed time snack; in that order. Eating frequently keeps the blood sugar stable, reduces any cravings and gives the body a reliable and steady source of fuel. Each meal should be balanced with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and a serving of carbohydrates and fats. Combat this by having a bottle of water everywhere you go and drinking when you get thirsty.

Most workouts for the major body parts need to start with basic and multi-joint strength workouts that allow you to lift more weights overall. These include squats for the legs, overhead presses for deltoids, bench presses for the chest and barbell rows for the back. They allow you to lift heavier on the exercises while you are still fresh and have energy to stimulate muscle growth better. However, you have to get the body moving in a way that allows the pounding of the heart and sweat pouring.
As much as cardio is good for weight loss, resistance training is a crucial element that should not be dismissed.
However, muscle does not grow during the workout, they grow during the resting periods between workouts. The key is to work out your muscles then give them time to repair by getting enough sleep and rest.Finally, do not be intimidated or assume whenever you see someone else using more weights than you. The building of muscle has nothing to do with the amount of weight lifted, it depends on how far you are willing to push yourself. While some methods are just fads, there are a good number of tried and tested techniques that will ensure that you gain muscle mass sensibly and naturally.
This involves not only avoiding junking and snacking, but also not skipping meals or being too picky with your food. Gaining muscle mass and staying lean are thought to be non-concurrent, but in essence you can gain muscle while still maintaining good shape.The key is to eat a balanced diet, especially one that has high quality calories. This not only gives your body what it needs to grow, but also acts as a source of energy for the body during and after workout.
It is also important to add weight gradually, and to closely monitor body fat levels to ensure that they remain within the recommended level of 10 percent for men.For the body builder, a diet that is rich in whole protein is recommended, especially low saturated fat proteins like cheese, eggs, chicken, fish and lean beef. You also need complex and fibrous carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice, whole meal spaghetti and whole grain bread. This is to ensure that the body has an abundance of calories so that muscle tissue is not used for energy during training.The diet should also be rich in essential fats. While sodium increases carbohydrate storage and improves the muscles’ receptivity to insulin, it also increases your water retention and could lead to hypertension.Another trick to gain muscle faster is by reducing the daily total amount of calories consumed by 20% one day and increasing it the following day by 20%. How this works is that your metabolic system is duped into re-adjusting itself, and hence burns fat faster leaving calories for muscle development.
You should work out your entire body as this produces the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine that encourage muscle growth. Excellent exercises that build the whole body include dead-lifts, squats, pull-ups and rows.To develop the upper chest, incorporate bench presses, and dumbbell presses into your workout routine. Dumbbell curls not only strengthen the biceps but also increase their mass, while squats like the standard squat and Belgian squat are ideal for the hamstring and quads.Cardio should be avoided.
As much as it is somewhat incorporated into workout routines, cardio has aversive effects for those who desire to build mass. Cardio is ideal for burning fat, and hence limits muscle growth.It is also important to space your repetitions. The need for patience during this body transformation cannot be overemphasized.Rest is equally as important as working out.
For this reason, it is recommended to work out not more than 45 minutes a day, and to ensure that you sleep uninterrupted for not less than 7 hours every night.These three tips and tricks on how to build muscle mass have enabled thousands of bodybuilders to naturally improve their bodies.

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