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I personally guarantee the lessons I've learned about gaining weight and building muscle can save you months (even years) of wasted time and effort. Not only that, it's the same system that's helped hundreds of my personal training clients to gain weight and build muscle faster than they ever thought possible! And you're good and ready to start seeing eye-popping gains in just a few short weeks from now, this will be the most important message you ever read.
For years but never seemed to get any where, so I searched the internet for some info and that's when I found your site and reading what you had to say made a lot of sense. So I downloaded your program and never looked back :o), I find going to the gym more enjoyable now as i'm only there 30-45 mins which also means I can get there more often too. It takes advantage of the seven irrefutable laws of science and physiology behind rapid gains in weight and muscle growth. These simple eating changes combined with your new workout routine will dramatically help you pack on more muscle in the next 60 days than you have in the past six months.
Gained 20 Pounds In 6 WeeksShawn, I just wanted to say that I am about to go into week six of your program and I have gone from 136 to 156. Gained 35 PoundsOn a personal note, about two years ago my appendix ruptured inside of me and I was given a 40% chance of living through surgery. Tim JonesYour ebook seven things you must do to gain muscle,weight and increase strength is excellent. Gained 15 PoundsMy flat bench has increased from 80 lbs to 110, Incline bench from 40 lbs to 90 lbs and my decline bench press from 40 lbs to 90 lbs.
Gained 24 Pounds In 10 WeeksShawn, you've been able to simplify all the scientific research of mental, physical, and nutritional information regarding weight gain, and condense it into a very clearly explained program. If this was the case, we'd all be walking around with 21-inch arms and 230 pounds of solid muscle.
The good news is; this weight gain system was designed by a bodybuilder, but it's not just for bodybuilders. They're teachers, parents, business owners, lawyers, doctors, high school students, college athletes, and more.
But the gains I was making each week outshined the gains I was making in years prior to learning the secrets.
I'm going to instantly save you thousands of dollars and 16 years of experience on what doesn't work.
Within minutes of downloading this eye-opening information, you'll probably get a little angry— not with me— but with yourself, once you learn all the things you've been doing wrong that have actually prevented you from gaining weight this whole time. You don't have to spend all those years or shell out the $500 dollars figuring this stuff out like I did. I've condensed everything you need to know into a common sense, step-by-step plan you'll benefit from immediately.
Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to say YES, I want to sweeten the pot and give you the following special bonus gifts for acting right now . This 6 page special report contains the absolute vital steps you need to take in order to gain the most weight in the least amount of time. And in the next 4 to 8 weeks, you'll use all the tips, tricks, tools, and secrets to pack on at least 20 pounds of solid muscle mass. Click on the secure link below and order with your credit card or check online and you'll be downloading the ebook in just a minute.
A 6-page special report that cuts through the BS and gives you a weight gain checklist you can use to gain weight faster!
And also, 2 more free "surprise bonuses" that are worth the price of my course, many times over! There's no shipping and handling charges and you get the download link to the ebook and bonuses within minutes after purchase.
1) The fastest way to order "7 Things You Must Do To Gain Weight" is with a credit card via our secure online form. You can also order online with your checking account or PayPal using this same secure form. If you're not completely thrilled with the Hardgainer's Bible, just let me know and I'll promptly refund every single penny of your investment.
Fitness Lifting is here to offer you all of the name-brand, top-quality supplements at absolute rock bottom prices!! The purpose of this blog is to help those skinny guys out there who can’t gain weight no matter what they do. If you’ve ever been called skinny, weak, pencil neck, little or puny — bookmark this blog because help is on the way!
They are asking me about studies and training techniques that I’ve never even heard of, lol.
Pretty much everyone I know who has tried to create a varied muscle building diet where they eat constantly changing meals each day ends up quitting. It’s great to have a fancy meal plan with tasty recipes and complicated meals, but a huge part of your success hinges on you actually being able to follow your program. So I propose you do this — break your task into smaller weekly goals and then focus only on what you have to do today. So, what you would have done in 6 months time, you can probably do in 4 months but there is actually no magical formula. Click here to Download the ebook The TEN Commandments of Weight Training absolutely FREE of charge.Its a 29$ Value but your Free Today! WANT TO GAIN WEIGHT AND BUILD GOOD BODY Not rated yet I am 24 yr old, my weight 117 pounds, i am very slim. The B pull up Not rated yetThe B Pull up, more correctly called the V-Pull up works out your abs, arms and chest all in one.
Strength training and muscle building are confusing topics because they are not one size fits all. This is especially appealing to men who desire a look that goes from geek to Greek – god, that is. Greater muscle definition is an esteem-building result of a fitness regimen for women as well. We also know that spot training is not going to produce results without an overall body workout that combines weight training with a cardio regimen. Despite this, for those on a regular fitness drive, the incorporation of various alterations in the routine can produce quicker muscle gains. This is particularly attractive to those who find that they need fast results, maybe because of an important upcoming date like a wedding day or to those who are on a bodybuilding track. The basics of how to get big muscles fast should include a written log of your fitness plans, to track your progress.
In addition to this the assistance of a weight trainer may be very valuable in achieving your desired result. You may not even realize you’re performing an exercise incorrectly without the assistance of a trainer!  Further down the road, they are able to target your exercises to meet your goals.
For anyone who is interested in learning how to get big muscles fast, there is some debate as to the number of reps and sets that are recommended to achieve the desired result. Although the issue of 2 to 3 forced reps beyond a set of 10 has been discussed, it appears as though this may only activate slow-twitch muscle fibers.
These twitch fibers don’t do much in contributing when you’re trying to find out how to get big muscles fast.

Each specific weightlifting exercise should be at an overall tempo of 5 seconds to the top of a lift and another 5 seconds to lower the weight.
To get ripped muscles, use heavier weights with less reps and allow the body to recover a day or two before going back to the muscle group.
To maximize a muscle’s appearance, a variety of compound exercises to address the overall muscle group is recommended. After a workout, snack on protein within an hour of exercising to prevent catabolic breakdown which blows any gains made and results in the release of free radicals. Interestingly, neither a low-fat diet nor a low-carb diet is beneficial to those who are looking for quick muscle definition.
Although many are out there, only whey protein and creatine seem to produce fast muscle results.
While incremental progress is the norm and is recommended, here are our tips on how to get big muscles fast. Everyone in the GYM is asking what I'm on and I tell them all to go out and check out your website.
In fact, this one small change in your routine is the SINGLE most important thing you can do to gain muscle and guarantees a killer workout every single time!
I knew I could still help more people end their frustrating fight with being underweight and skinny. During my weeks of recovery I was put on a liquid diet and as a result I lost about 20 pounds. Since reading your information, I have gained 35 pounds (I now weigh 145) and I am well on my way to my goal of 170.
I have just got to the part when your talking about reps and sets and so far I have learned a ton. I have already increase my lifts (weight Wise) and have gained 15 pounds, while losing inches in my waist. And now they don't have to spend a ton of money on worthless supplements or live in the gym all day to get results.
It includes my exact training routine, the exercises I did, and the number of sets and reps I used.
If you're not completely thrilled with this guide — for any reason (or for no reason at all) — simply let me know and I'll send you a lightning-fast refund — no questions asked!!
Thereare plenty of good routines, basic or otherwise, which you can use to make progress.
Know what to leave out of your training.Sometimes knowing what not to do is much more difficult than what to do. There are many good, general workouts to select which will be appropriate for any stage of your training.
Learn and apply what you know and learn.Some people train without learning very much about what they are doing. It's two weeks into the new year and you should be well on your way to building more muscle.  If not, what is the hold up?
The purpose of this blog is to help those skinny guys out there who can't gain weight no matter what they do.
On the other-hand, most of those I know who have been successful in building muscle (and losing fat for that matter) end up eating the same boring things each day to achieve that success. In fact, you shouldn’t be switching anything until you have a good strength foundation and some solid reasons to switch. Don’t let others discourage you from YOUR plan, YOUR goal and ultimately YOUR success.
Most of us want things quickly and even when it is something like gaining muscles, we look forward to quick ways to gain muscle. So, ensure you are having a diet rich in eggs, beef, fish, poultry, lean meat, legumes, kale, spinach and other fresh vegetables which will contribute to your muscle build quickly.  It will give you much needed energy to keep going and gain muscles. These offer much needed proteins to our body which are the building blocks of building muscles.Creatine is available in powdered form and can be consumed everyday. Countless people have used Weight Training tips to Build Muscle and transform their bodies.
Let Sean Nalewanyj take you by the hand and teach you exactly how to pack on pound after pound of lean, solid muscle weight in the shortest period of time possible. Remember Muscle fibers do not grow in numbers{ hyperplasia} but grow in size {hypertrophy}.We do not have to train 7 days a week and 3 hours per day !! What you have to do is grab onto a bar as if you were …Click here to write your own. These types of programs are designed based upon individual needs and must be tailored to each person. I lost 10 pounds from being sick and within 2 weeks I have regained that 10 pounds using your program, and I plan to gain 20 more. Most of these are neither deep secrets nor are highly innovative, but are those which have produced good results for many drug-free trainers when applied with reasonable effort. Start if you haven't, start again if you've stopped.Reading, studying, thinking and planning about working out can be good, but sometimes, it's just procrastination in disguise. Most times, it's better to have, at least eventually, some idea of why you're hitting the gym for these workouts. Tell me something about training I don't know." Yet often these people don't train consistently enough or regularly enough, something which for all but the most gifted, is essential to progress. Leaving out unproductive exercises, or certain principles and techniques, may sometimes be what you need to improve your training.
As good as these may be, the workouts that are always the best, the most result producing, are the ones which may begin as a template but which you eventually modify, adapt and change so they become even more suited to you.The best workouts are the ones which become your own. In bodybuilding, you better have been born a virtuoso with enormous genetic potential if you are to have any success with that approach. Now, when you add the element of switching foods each day you make it exponentially more difficult and ultimately doomed for failure. But if you are wanting to cook some long drawn out recipes on a daily basis, it just won’t happen unless you have a personal chef. This holds true for gym acquaintances, coworkers, friends, family and especially internet know-it-alls.
You can stand by keeping your feet wide apart to the length of your shoulders.You can bend your knees till your butt smoothly touches the floor area. To grow muscles quickly, it is recommended to try shorter but intense ones which are more effective. Just follow the above rules and gaining muscles quickly will be an easy task for you.
Withoutdrugs, without special supplements and without spending countless hours in the gym!Get rid of Your Skinny Body right now. If you get this concept the rest of the article at the end of which you will have a complete Muscle Building Plan will fall into place."Master the Big 3 of Muscle Building Diet, Weight Training and the {Magical} Rest". Because there are no other variables!We will go together as to how to create a plan for you both for eating and training. A Muscular Body is a Choice and not a Chance.Your efforts in the gym will only be compensated if you eat the right quantities of foods in the right proportions and at the right times.
It is no surprise that people have so many questions when it comes to muscle and strength training. It can only be complementary to your program that the big guys at the gym come to me and comment on my incredible gains over the last 10 weeks!

Goals, objectives, reasons-call them anything you like, but if, as an example, you know you want to gain ten pounds in six weeks, this energizes your training and gives you something to shoot for, keeps you focused, rather than the vague, "Gee, I guess I'll work out today." Strong desires and motivations help immensely in bodybuilding, or training for any purpose, and are far superior to drifting. This consistent, regular approach to training sometimes requires several years to reach goals. Leaving stuff that never works for you out of your workouts is a positive principle, not a negative one. Others learn quite a bit, yet never seem to apply or understand what to do or when they need to apply what they learn. With the knowledge of the best exercises we can outperform those bodybuilders who probably over train.The Weight Training Exercises section will take you by the hand and create a specific Personalized plan for you.
If you want to see massive growth in shortest amount of time possible then you have to discontinue all other forms of work you do which uses lot of energy.Do you perform athletic activities regularly? Majority fail due to lack of application.I have provided you with the best Muscle Building Tips, but its up to you to put them to work.
Don't struggle with poundages which are beyond you to handle at your current strength level.
It's better to see nutrition & training as allied, married, inextricably together, partners which instead of twin masters, are two connecting pathways to help you arrive at your bodybuilding destination. You can always learn more; you can always learn to apply more of what you learn to your bodybuilding. Well, actually this is tough but you can certainly speed up the process of gaining muscles. The results will amaze you."The real fun is on the playing field - Go and have that killer workout now". How much weight lifting should I do to build bigger muscles?There are two main ideas out there about how to train to build muscle. Beware of following a professional's workout, or training so hard that you can't recover or, even worse, you injure yourself. Otherwise, you're like the centerfielder in baseball who only cares about his hitting, not his fielding, or vice versa. One group believes the key lies in high intensity workouts that are done for short periods of time.
Common sense is essential for longevity and success in bodybuilding, so use your head and train with appropriate effort, not a killing effort, for what you are trying to do.
With a high intensity workout you would work out about three times a week and in each workout you work your muscles to failure. The other group believes in period training where you do light training days followed by medium training days and do one heavy training day a week, working out everyday.
How can I build muscle without using weights?Using weights or machines is the fastest way to build muscle because you directly control how much weight you are using. If you aren't worried about producing muscle fast then you can use body weight exercises, like push ups and squats, to work your muscles.3. How long does it take to see results when building muscle?Most people who are doing muscle building or strength training are doing it to build visible muscle. Endomorphs who have a bigger frame and rounder body will gain muscle rather fast, but they will need to burn off a lot of fat before they are visible. Mesomorphs who have a naturally muscular body are going to see results the quickest and ectomorphs are going to have the hardest time with muscle growth.4. Can building muscle mass slow down weight loss?During the process of building muscle you will likely see weight loss stop or even see your weight increase.
However, once you start building muscle it will actually help your weight loss efforts because muscle helps you burn calories faster. Is it dangerous to take muscle building products if you have diabetes?People with diabetes need to carefully monitor their protein intake and many muscle building products contain large amounts of protein. For this reason, people with diabetes need to be very careful with any muscle building products. They should discuss using them with their doctor to figure out how to safely incorporate them into their diet.
How do I mix up my muscle building workouts?There are many ways that you can mix up your muscle building workouts. Mixing up your workouts will help you to avoid plateaus because you will keep your body guessing and your muscles reacting to the workouts. Some ways to mix up a workout include changing exercises, increase the weight, using different lifting methods and varying the number of repetitions.7. How to make muscle building drinks?Protein power drinks are made using protein powder and other ingredients like fruit, milk or even plain water.
How long will it take for me to go from building muscle to burning fat during a workout?When you are working out you are burning calories, which essentially means you are burning fat. You can also try High intensity muscle building workouts if you have been volume training.9. How much should you run to build lean muscle?Running to build muscle isn't about how long you run. If you are running distances and running for a long time then you actually will stunt muscle growth.10. How often a week should you do ab exercises when building lean muscle?A good guideline for training abs is to work them out two or three times a week.
Additionally, for a good workout that gets results your abs should be engaged during the whole workout.11.
Are full body workouts the best for building muscle?A full body workout is not necessarily better for building muscle, but in many cases it is the best option. A full body workout allows you to workout in a short period of time and also makes it easier to avoid over training or getting burnt out.12. Is whole meal bread good for building muscle?Any type of whole grain or complex carb, including whole meal bread, is good for building muscle.
What happens to fat when you start building muscle?The short answer is that nothing happens to fat when start building muscle.
Some fat may be burnt as you start to increase your metabolism through building muscle, but generally it stays put, sitting on top of the muscles you are building unless you are also doing cardio exercise to burn the fat.14. What is the best muscle building sport?There are a few sports that are actually great for building muscles. What is the best HGH product for building muscle?The best HGH product is one that is affordable, easy to use and are effective over a period of time. Many different HGH products fit this description, so as long as you find one that is safe and meets these requirements then it should be a good choice.
How do I build muscle over 50?If you have never worked out before or you have not really focused on weight lifting then the best advice is to start slow.
If you want to lift weights, start with light weights and increase the weight as you become more fit.
Don't do the same workout every time or your muscles will adjust and you won't get results.17.
How do I build muscle over sixty?Over 60 your metabolism has slowed, the muscles weaken and building muscle becomes more difficult.

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