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A flat and level; going across and parallel to the ground rather than going up and down horizontal lines2(informal) I was so tired, I just wanted to be horizontal (= lying down). 1) Substitute $mx+ c$ = $y$ in the equation of the curve and equate the coefficients of the two highest powers of $x$ to zero. Mathematics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields. If $\displaystyle f(x) = \frac{1}{a^{-1} + x^{-1}}$, we can't distribute the inversion $x \mapsto x^{-1}$ to say that $f(x) = a + x$. Now note that as $x \to -a^{-}$, we have $f(x) \to + \infty$ and as $x \to -a^+$, we have $f(x) \to -\infty$. Now letting $x \to +\infty$, we get that $f(x) \to a^{-}$ and $x \to -\infty$, we have that $f(x) \to a^+$.
I am a little mixed up on the final function you arrived at, as it differs from the function arrived at below.

Interesting, I have to admit I am not clear as to why the function is manipulated in this way.
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Will setting lower TTL on name server (NS) records cause the TTLs on other records to lower? Given powerful low-level Clerical healing, how can sick, crippled or otherwise unhealthy people exist? Assume that this curve approaches to infinity as t tends to endpoint b, we write it as :$lim_{t \rightarrow b}[x^{2}(t) + y^{2}(t)] = \infty$Then, a line, say l, is said to be an asymptote of curve C, if the distance of line l from the point C(t) tends to 0 as t tends to b. To calculate horizontal asymptote we determine the limit as x approaches infinity, and to determine if there is vertical asymptote we calculate a value for $a$ where the function is undefined. Is it just that you used the distributive property to move the $a$ out in front of the function, if so, is there a reason for this in illustrating your example?

You can generally get it into a form where there is a polynomial (perhaps zero or a constant) plus a fraction where the degree of the polynomial on top (the numerator) is less than the degree of the polynomial on the bottom (denominator). The vertical line that is part of the image on the left looks longer than the horizontal line but when it is checked with a ruler on the right image it is proved that they are exactly the same length. The curve D can also be called simply an asymptote of C, when we want to take no risk of confusion with the curvilinear asymptote. This is also known as an asymptotic line, although it is not necessarily needed to be a line.

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